KoreanCupid.com Review Part 1

If you are interested in dating Korean girls or looking for cute Korean guys, KoreanCupid.com maybe the place for you. Korean Cupid has a large database of Korean singles and personals living in Korea. Let us look at Korean Cupid in a more detailed level.

Signing Up in Korean Cupid

KoreanCupid Signup As usual, most of online Asian dating sites provide free registration. Korean Cupid has a easy three step registration process.

  • STEP 1 – Membership Registration
  • STEP 2 – Questions About Yourself
  • STEP 1 – Questions On Your Ideal Match

KoreanCupid Registration Step #1

KoreanCupid Signup Step 1

You should enter a valid email as you need it to activate your KoreanCupid membership account. There is no nickname or handle to choose from as each KoreanCupid member is known by their membership number.

KoreanCupid Registration Step #2

KoreanCupid Signup Step 2

In step #2, you are going to enter your personal bio data. You must complete every single selection. This is rather time consuming and some of the selection really get on your nerve. Is my Chinese star sign really that important? Some of the selections should be deferred after the registration process to be done at your own pace.

KoreanCupid Registration Step #3

KoreanCupid Signup Step 3

In step 3, there are some important points you need to take care of in order to maximize your chances of finding someone.

  • Choose a heading for your profile
    You need to select a catchy and original heading for best results. It is good to ask a question like: “Are you a fixture or a variable?”
  • Describe yourself
    It is very important that your profile contains a detailed self description so that other people can find out all about you.Consider the following in your self description:

    • Describe your physical appearance
    • Describe your personality, hobbies and interests and how you enjoy to spend your time
    • Talk about other things if they are important to you…maybe your job, your family, your religion, where you live, your education, your pet, your plans for your life
  • Describe who you are looking for
    You are asked to complete some questions about your ideal partner. By completing this step, you can check the compatibility rating of other members and get automatic notifications of members meeting your specific requirements.

By having a detailed description of the type of partner that you are looking for, you will maximize the chances of people that you are interested in contacting you.

If you do not have time to complete this now, you can always leave the default settings.

Now that you have completed, let’s see some of KoreanCupid women members.

KoreanCupid girl member 004  KoreanCupid girl member 002 KoreanCupid girl member 003 KoreanCupid girl member 001

Most of Korean girls come from Korea and they are eager to make new friends around the world. Some of them are trying KoreanCupid with an open mind, while others are looking for their Mr Right or soulmate. Get yourself started to the way of traditional Korean culture.

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Arablounge.com Review Part 2

When you have signed up successfully, you will be logged into ArabLounge.com. Frankly speaking, there is nothing much to play around except to look for members who are online.

arablounge online members

arabic girls

Most of Arablounge members have family roots tracing back to Arab countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq. There are also plenty of members who has ethnic background from Lebanese-American, Palestinian-American.

There are options for filtering Arablounge singles profiles to your liking. Should you wish to do so, you can either search solely for Egyptian women or Saudi Arabia women.

If you see a symbol flashing “Online Now” arablounge chat online now below a member profile, you have to become a platinum member in order to chat with them.

Many Arabic women who have joined are seeking different things; some are just here to meet new friends, some are lonely, separated or divorced looking for someone to take care of them. Some are looking for LTR (long term relationship), some are looking for a partner that knows how to have a good time!

arab singles Single Arabic Women
There are also Lebanese singles that live in the UK and United States.  ArabLounge is truly a mixture of exotic Arabic culture with modern outlook. You have to find out for yourself which type of minority group that suits you.

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