Online Asian Dating – The Pros and the Cons

Here’s a quick exercise you can use if you’re trying to figure out whether or not to get involved with asian online dating.


  • If you’re shy, asian online dating is a lot easier than approaching a complete stranger.
  • There is a large number of choices available online. you are able to chat with a lot of quality females from the privacy of your living room.
  • Save your time. You can communicate with many different singles all at once, at a time that’s convenient to you. With instant messaging services provided by some Asian online dating sites, it’s never been easier.
  • If you are using a paid service, you’re confident that the other person communicating is single and available. You can be assured that the other party is interested in finding a partner. You can’t possibly find this situation in the real world.
  • The cost of asian online dating is relatively cheap. The monthly cost of an asian online membership is way cheaper than buying a woman a couple of drinks or takingthem out to a movie or an expensive dinner.
  • You have already know the other party inside out before both of you agree to go out on a date in the real world. Having more information makes the first meeting less stressful.
  • The sense of accomplishment each time you log on to your asian online dating site. Either you have an email from an interested member or a wink sent to you by an attractive member. Or you can chat with a few members that you desired. Unlike in real world, you won’t always get what you want.
  • If you start talking to someone and it just isn’t clicking, it’s much easier to terminate the relationship than it is face to face.


  • People are still somewhat embarrassed to tell friends and families they’re using a dating service, let alone an online one.
  • People don’t always tell the truth online, although that applies to the real world as well.
  • It always seems to be more men than women in any online dating site.
  • You get to know the personality of the person you’re talking to but you don’t get an idea if there’s any physical chemistry between the two of you.

Once you put it all down on paper, you’ll notice the pluses far outnumber the minus. If you’re on the fence about this decision, take the time to write down the pros and cons and and you’ll come to a similar decision.

Below are some of Asian online dating site that you can check out.

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7 Killer Online Dating Secrets

Online dating is the best thing that’s ever happened to guys since the invention of
girls. Here are the 7 killer online dating secrets that will help you score higher in the eyes of women.

1) Be Subtle Without Mentioning Sex

This is especially evident if you are using instant messaging. Case in point: Asian dating scene. I know that it is common to talk or tease about sex topics during IM sessions in other western online dating sites.

However you must step off the gas pedal when it comes to Asian women. Asian women are more reserved especially Chinese women. Click here to know more about Asian women.

2) Establish Trust

Since most of the online dating sites does not need to verify your identity, you have to establish trust between you and the other online party.

Most of them certainly detest talking to creeps and perverts. Your job is to establish and create trust early in your email interactions.

You also need to disarm her assumptions by engineering your online profile and
all of your communications so that she learns to trust you.

By talking about your memories of past work experiences with friends or your travel experiences with your family to show instant family/social proof.

3) Avoid Obscurity

Many guys in the online dating scene disappeared without having anyone sending them a wink or email. You want to know the reason?

Because they all say the same thing.

And by doing and saying the same things as others, you are most likely to blend into them– massive blob of boredom and invisibility.

You need to learn how to be different. You need to stand out in specific and mysterious ways in order to attract their attention. Hot babes are always bombarded by thousands of guys.

create anticipation in your profile
here is what NOT to do in your profile:
• Do not lay all your cards on the table – that ruins the whole game for them!
• Do not list her to death by giving her a long list of your likes and dislikes,
• Do not try to make her understand you — yet.
• Do not try to prove anything to her
• And most of all, do not be obvious about yourself.

Make sure you stimulate her curiosity by feeding her a bit of your story but without giving away the plot and ending. Women love mysteries

4) Controlling The Game

Don’t believe what women SAY they want.

It’s NOT what they want that triggers them sexually or emotionally.

Women want someone they can admire, someone they can look up to.

This is called sexual intrigue, where the tension of inequality must exist — the excitement that you have something to offer them that they don’t have, that they can’t get on their own.

5) Pick A Powerful, Sensual, Mysterious Online Name

This is true for other online dating sites. However in Asian online dating sites like,, and Filipino, you will be given a member’s id number instead of a online moniker.

6) Understand women

The secret here is that by showing how you adore women but not sucking it up to them like the rest of the guys out there.

7) Try it out!

Don’t be afraid to test out and continue to find better ways to achieve your online dating success.

Chinese women in ChnLove

For the uninitiated, Chinese women are growing to be more affluent than their Asian counterparts. We are going to reveal the truth about Chinese women in At first glance, is a mail order bride service run in mainland China.

Many will state that Chinese women lack of English is a problem to crucial communication.

However has anticipate this problem and has provide free translation service for the Chinese women to break the language and cultural barrier .

Every lady profile is carefully selected and verified

Truth about Chinese women
chnlove chinese girl There is a common misunderstanding that Chinese women are mystical and exotic as protrayed in the Hollywood movies.

However due to the growing affluence of Chinese economy, many are highly educated and also proficent in English.

Most of Chinese women are basically elegant and schooled in traditional Chinese virtue both in the modesty and sensibility.

Contrary to western culture, Chinese women are taught to respect decisions made by men.

Chinese women are also famous for their gentle demeanour and unwaving faithfulness.

If you are seriously seeking a long-term relationship with a sincere Chinese woman, it will be worthwhile to take the first step right.

You should choose a trustworthy dating and marriage site like as there are 30 best marriage agencies of mainland China cooperating with ChnLove. sign up


Click here to sign up free in

Click here for steps to show you how to sign up free in

Click here for inside details on photo gallery and video profiles of Chinese members updates

Recently when I logged into my member’s profile, I was pleasantly surprised and shocked.

Under admirers the “Who’s interested in me” column, I saw new filipina ladies have show their interest in me. This show that member’s profile are authentic and real.

Imagine opening up your members profile and lots of them are interested in you.

It is a great feeling and ego boosting.

I am truly honoured by their show of appreciation.

Once again it proved that Filipina ladies are passionate towards relationship building.

Here’s the most updated on the number of Filipina ladies that show interest in my profile

Most recent member that has “Show an Interest” was on 12 march 2008 admirers admirers admirers admirers admirers
Click here to sign up as a free member in

Click here if you want to see more proof of members showing interest

Filipino FriendFinder Free Members

The pros and cons of a Filipino FriendFinder free member gallery

In today post, we will dig our heels into Filipino

We are going to expose the disadvantages of being a free member of  Filipino

If you have read my thorough review on Filipino, I have always advocate to try out as a free member.

No risks, nothing to lose and everything to gain to sign up as a free member.

However there are definitely some privileges paid members have over free members.

In case you might not know, when you see some of the members’ gallery photos, you will be tempted to click on their photos and find out more about them.

To my dismay, free member in Filipino are unable to see the larger images of members unlike in

These has a significant impact on your ego as you normally like a close up view of the member that you like rather than seeing some thumbnails.

All you see is some marketing hype that says:

“You must be a premium member to view detailed profile information. As a Premium member, you can:

  • View as many photos and profiles as you want!
  • Send email to anyone, any time (rather than “hoping” they come to you)!
  • Get noticed first! Be on the top of search results!
  • Perform “power searches” which let you narrow down your search to exact city – even by last visit date!

Who cares? erm… maybe not

Another disadvantage: 

Talk about being a lucky guy. As you might not know, as a free member you cannot email those members that you are interested.

It’s like trying to drink a cup of honey with both your hands tied up.

Only those gold or silver members that allow Standard Members (free member) to send them email.

Back to me being a lucky guy, an opposite sex member approach and email me. We were able to communicate freely and I am still a free member.

Read about how to write attention grabbing headlines in you profile here

However as a free member, you can have a fun time chatting up filipina in the instant messaging.

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