Instant Vietnamese Brides For Chinese Men

In recent times, Chinese matchmaking agencies have discovered that Vietnam has become the top destination for Chinese men looking for a Vietnamese bride. This is the reversal of trend where China is seen as an “exporter” of China brides to Asian countries.

Why do Chinese men choose Vietnamese women as their bride?

There are a few major factors that makes Chinese men favor Vietnamese woman over their native born China girls. The biggest consideration is that Vietnamese women are submissive. Below are some of the key advantages:

  • affordability of a Vietnamese wedding
  • Vietnamese women are attentive
  • Chinese male – female sex ratio imbalance -shortage of Chinese women for Chinese men
  • Vietnam is very similar to China lifestyle and culture

A typical Chinese wedding in major China cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are expensive costing more than 100,000 yuan (USD $ 14,600).

Under $5k budget Vietnamese wedding

Vietnamese wedding package only cost up to 30,000 yuan (USD $ 4400) to 50,000 yuan (USD $ 7400).  A typical Vietnamese bride trip takes around 15 days. Expenses include travel, accommodation, betrothal gifts and 80 table wedding banquet.

A Chinese bachelor gets to select and pick one out of over 100 Vietnamese girls to bring home to be his wife.

Marrying a Vietnamese girl is very simple, you only need to obtain the girl’s parent consent and you can proceed to hold the wedding banquet. However marriage certificate process takes a long time.

Vietnamese brides living in China have to renew their visas every year for the first five years before applying to become a China permanent residents.

What makes Vietnamese women attractive to Chinese men?

Some Chinese bachelors have confessed that they cannot stand China women in the city who are materialistic and self serving. Characteristics of a Vietnamese girl are totally opposite and is the perfect ideal women: she is not greedy, lazy, arrogant.


Generalization of a Vietnamese woman

She is young, pretty, hardworking and most important of all submissive. A Vietnamese woman will shower you with attention and care which no man can hardly resist.

A Vietnamese woman will fill up your bowl with rice, peeled the shell off the prawn, put the meat in your bowl and wait for you to begin eating before doing so.

Buying a Vietnamese wife?

Due to the weak economic situation in Vietnam, many Vietnamese women in villages have formed the idea of marrying foreigners to seek a better life for their family. In this case Chinese men are the “foreigners”.

Because of many years of war, Vietnam’s male-to-female ratio is 3:5 and there are many Vietnamese girls willing to marry abroad.

However Vietnam’s “bride economy” is not new as there men from Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan who have already pick Vietnamese women as their bride.

There are many social issues with this kind of marriage and there are too many untold stories.

Will this kind of marriage bring happiness to the couple? Will they live happily ever after? A question not for a third party to judge.

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Asian Dating Scams 3 Important Safety Tips To Protect Yourself

Although online Asian dating services are becoming more popular and provide an excellent way to meet other Asian singles. Unfortunately the internet also open up novel opportunities for crooks and dishonest individuals to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.

In order to avoid any problems, it is better to be  more cautious. Here are some tips and suggestions for you to keep in mind:

Asian Dating Safety Tip #1:

  • NEVER ever send cash to someone you have just befriend or chat online. Do not wire money to a person that you have chat online regardless of any reasons they gave you. eg my mother is sick and in hospital, she need to pay for medical bill

Asian Dating Safety Tip #2:

  • See Asian dating safety tip #1

Asian Dating Safety Tip #3:

  • Be suspicious of individuals who appear to be overtly persistent or pushy in their requests for money

What are the common Asian online dating scams?

Generally speaking, most of the established asian dating services are clean and fun, but there are still some black sheeps lurking around.

Here are some of the reasons they will give you:

  • “I really want to meet you but I don’t have enough money to travel to see you.”
  • “My family member or me require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness”
  • “My family member or me has been a victim of a serious or fatal accident and you are the only person who can help me.”

Common examples of scams include requests for large sums of money to make payments towards plane tickets, legal fees, visa and immigration charges, medical expenses, marriage annulment fees etc.

How do I avoid Asian online dating scams?

First of all, you need to choose a reliable and established Asian online dating websites, with that being said, you still need some protective measures in case you are being blinded by love:

  • If you feel you must assist someone to purchase a plane ticket, always buy the ticket yourself on behalf of the visitor and make sure the ticket can be refunded in case you need to cancel it
  • If you must make any payments,  only do so after you have verified the invoice is genuine and pay directly to the organization
  • If you do send money to someone, be suspicious of someone who requests more money as soon as they receive the initial amount, report them to the administrator of the Asian dating service

Some people in developing countries like the Philippines often request small amount of money to pay for expenses such as internet access or mobile phone costs to communicate with you.  Avoid sending any money to someone you have not met in person, under any circumstances. If you are not sure read Asian dating safety tip #1 again.

Here are some established and highly reliable Asian online dating websites where they have staff who are vigilant and take appropriate action where there is a report on scam by its member.

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Thai Girlfriends 3 Easy Ways To Find Thailand Women

Some of us may yearn to find the right partner for ourselves, to have the love, care and attention from female companionship.

Thai women are known to be family oriented and attentive to your needs, below are three easy ways to find Thai ladies.  You may find out why it is advisable for you to stay clear of method 2 and method 3.

What are the three ways to find Thai ladies ?

  1. Thai online dating websites
  2. Introduction Services
  3. Pick up Thai women from night spots in Thailand

#1 Thai Online Dating websites

Finding the right Thai online dating websites takes a bit of effort. You should look out for a Thai dating site that has sufficent Thai women to choose from.  ThaiLoveLinks offer real genuine Thai ladies profiles and not just Thai women photos.

You have to be alert and not simply send a Thai lady money regardless of any reasons. If she is interested in you, she will chat or email without asking for any money.

In ThaiLoveLinks you can find respectable Thailand women, some may be working class and affluent.

Highly recommended established Thai Online dating site:
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#2 Thai Women Introduction Services

There are many Thai women introduction services on the web but none of their success rates can be verified.

Normally these introduction services are setup by native Thailand operators or foreigners who have chose to retire in Thailand.

How does Thai women introduction services work?

These introduction services usually charge Thai women a fee to be listed on their websites.  For foreign men, they can browse Thai ladies’ profiles for free or pay to the agency to contact Thai women.

These introduction services offer to help foreigners to book accommodation in Thailand or charge a fee for a personalized Thai marriage package tour.

What does Thai women want from introduction services?

Many of these young Thai women want a husband who is between 30 – 60 years old. Most of the Thai ladies found inside introduction services prefer mature older men because he can provide her with financial security.


What are the risks of using Thai marriage introductions services?

Many of these Thai introduction service called themselves  “professional small companies” as they have claimed. It is caveat emptor. Be forewarned as anyone can setup a website and there is no legal protection for you if anything goes wrong.

Please be aware that these Thai ladies may have a child or several children from previous marriage.  If you are really serious about finding a Thai partner, please do a background check by hiring a Thailand private investigator to avoid undue disappointment.

Many Thai ladies may claimed to be single and never been married but she may have a boyfriend or husband behind your back.

#3 Thai girls in Thailand a-go-go bars

You may heard of interesting stories about the paradise of Thai bars in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok.

There is only one directive: “stay away from the bars”
It may be enticing and exciting but not before you know what lies ahead.

Sexual diseases aside, Thailand nightlife scene is an easy way to pick up a Thai girl for several hours but definitely not the ideal place to find a girlfriend or wife for a long lasting relationship.


How does a Thai a-go-go bar work?

There is no cover charge to enter a Thai a-go-go bar. These Thai bargirls earned their living by pole dancing or luring you with ladies’ drinks.

Thai girls earn commission from these ladies’ drink that cost 90- 120 baht for a small orange juice.  You will learn that a Thai girl will drink as fast as possible and seduce you into buying more ladies’ drinks for her.

If you are looking for a jolly good time, fine enjoy yourselves. However if you are buying a plane ticket to Thailand in the hope of searching a Thai partner from these Thai bars, you are being misled and simply wasting your time and money.

Take your time for dating Thai women

It is easy to be impulsive and rush into a relationship especially when you are involved with an attractive Thai lady.

Take the first step by signing free with Thai online dating sites. You can slowly learn more about each other.

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Where Can I Meet Filipino Girls Online

For those looking to meet filipino girls over +18 years old, online dating services would be the best choice. There is always the opportunity for you to interact with beautiful exotic filipina ladies, lovely single filipino women from Philippines.
Find Filipina and Filipino soul mates and personals online

Where to find real genuine filipino girls online?

There are many completely free Philippine online dating services to help you find filipina girls  for relationship. However to find a trusted and reliable online dating service operated by an established company is truly rare.  Furthermore, you do not want to waste your time with fly-by-the-night websites that are not showing genuine filipina women’s profiles.

Here are two most popular and highly trusted filipina online dating services:


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2) Filipino Friend Finder

filipino friend finder sign up

Filipino FriendFinder is the most popular place for filipina women to meet, chat, and interact with their online Filipino girls friends. Click here to find out how to access Filipino Friend Finder Instant Message Center (IMC) for free.

City filipino girls or rural filipino women?

If you are contacting filipino girls through email, their response time will depending on the which areas Filipino girls live in; cities or rural areas.

Filipino woman who live in highly urbanized major cities in the Philippines like Manila, Quezon City, Davao City and Cebu City have easy access to internet facilities. Therefore they are most likely to be online and available for chat using instant messaging services.

Filipino girls from the countryside eg Tuguegaraodo, Cauayan not have a personal computer at home therefore they will go to internet cafes to check their emails and chat.

When is the best time to chat with Filipino girls?

You have to keep in mind that there is a 12 hour time difference between the Philippines and USA. Due to the time difference, do not expect real time response when you are sending email to online Filipina women.

The best time to chat with Filipino girls online is from 10 am to 11 pm in the evening (UTC/GMT +8) in Philippine Local Time . Most of  the Philippines internet cafes are open from 8:00 am to 11 pm daily.