Secrets to Successful Online Dating

People have taken to online dating like a duck takes to water…because it works…or, at least, it can work.  Women are, in general, terrified of meeting a man that she has been chatting with online.  All they have heard about are the scary things that can happen…and, I must say, they have a right to be careful to the extreme.  That’s not only wise but vital.  So what’s a nice guy to do?  You aren’t a pervert, a sexual predator, or a weirdo.  You are just a nice guy looking for “the” girl for you.

Here are the 3 keys to successful online dating

Be Patient

You must be patient.  Don’t press her for personal information like her real name or where she lives.  Keep your conversations light and fun until she feels comfortable talking with you online.  Don’t try to rush her into meeting face-to-face.  She will think you are desperate or a pervert.  Patience.  Patience. Patience.
Be Honest

Be absolutely honest about your physical appearance and job.  A good relationship has never been, and will never be, built on lies and deceit.  Eventually she will find out the truth anyway and there you are back at square one.

Picture Sells
A picture really is worth a thousand words.  Post many pictures of yourself doing your everyday activities and make them full body shots, not just head shots.  If you were dating a girl in the real world she wouldn’t just see your head.

Once the discussion has been opened about meeting face-to-face for the first time, suggest that you meet in a very public place, during daylight hours  and that she bring a friend with her.  After all, you have nothing to hide.  You’ve told her the truth about yourself and she has already seen a lot of pictures of you.  The only thing left is to make her feel safe meeting you.

Online flirting with Chinese girls

There are many Chinese girls going on the internet in search for dating, romance and excitement. Although online dating differ from offline dating, the techniques to for online flirting begin with successful flirting.

Online flirting is an art that requires you to be confident without being a jerk. You have to tread carefully when dealing with Asian women especially Chinese women.  Although all women tend to be emotional, due to cultural differences, Asian women and Chinese women are more introverted and need men to be more assertive.

If you go too far, she will label you as overbearing. If you don’t go far enough, she will label you “wimpy”.  So how do you achieve that point half way between slimy and wimpy and do it online without using eye contact or body language?

Here are six tips for a successful online flirting.
1.    Be light-hearted, funny and entertaining.  Do not write like a sex addict looking for a sex partner! Make her eager to talk to you again by being mysterious about your life.  Flirting is playful.

2.    Be confident.  Successful flirts have a positive outlook on life.  Talk about your dreams and outlook on current issues. You need to transmit the “feel good” factor.  An optimistic attitude attracts females like bees to honey.

3.    Compliment her…but don’t be a boot licker. do it once in a while and sincerely.  Nothing opens doors like making her feel good about herself.  She will want to spend more time with you and if she pays you a compliment say “thank you”.
4.    Listening post  It is best to know more about her culture if you are into Chinese dating. Pay attention to what she says and ask appropriate questions.  Get her to open up and talk about herself.  Make her feel like she is interesting and that you are interested in her.
5.    Get noticed: Flirting does not include being sexually explicit nor taking offence if the lady isn’t responding to you. Many of Asian online dating services have the “shown interest” or flirt feature that allow you to let your interested prospect know that you are interested in her. If she isn’t interested, take the hint and move on to the next prospect.
6.    Follow up: Send an email after you chat to show your sincerity. But just one email will do. Wait for her response, if she is interested in talking she will probably reply back.  This ranks right up there with sending a thank you note for a gift and it is vital to successful flirting.

Don’t try to go too fast like a turbcharged supercar. You need to know when to step on the gas and when to let go when online dating with Asian women. Flirting is the first step to a successful online relationship.

Wishing you success

Top 3 Chinese personals dating sites

If you are searching for Chinese personals dating sites, you will be overwhelmed with choices. Let us remove the filler and present to you the top three Chinese personal dating sites that we have secretly tested. Our criteria include trust and credibility, easy sign up process and most importantly real members behind those profiles.

Number #1 Choice:

Established by: Cupid Media is part of an international dating media network. is a niche Chinese dating site specially cater for Chinese singles from all arouind the world. More recently there are a lot of Chinese women from mainland China joining in.

Why is it top of our list?

There are real Chinese women members profiles in ChineseLoveLinks. Many Chinese women responded using the “shown interest” function. Using the Chat Online feature with Chinese women is a breeze. To our surprise, there are many Chinese women who knew how to speak and write English.

One dating feature that we like is the translation for Chinese characters  into English. There are many Chinese women who write their profiles in Chinese characters and it would be a shame not to understand what they are trying to convey.

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Chinese Dating, Singles and Personals

Number #2

Established by: Various Inc is part of the largest network of Asian singles in the world. You may find the FriendFinder series familiar. We were impressed by the total munber of members: 7,586,49. is jam packed with online dating features such as Instant messenger and private anonymous emails which are safe from prying eyes. The only lament is that you might find that there are not many Chinese members from mainland China. However there are definitely Chinese singles from Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hongkong.

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Number #3: is an online marriage matchmaking service. For those who are looking for chinese personals from China that is serious for marriage, we highly recommend

All women’s profiles in are verified by 17 local marriage agencies in 13 major cities of China so that is an assurance that the profile you are looking are not fake.  There are many successful stories of couples getting married from joining

The gripes we have are the online dating features that seems rather lacking. Only email correspondence are allowed and there are the usual hassle of translation between the Chinese women and you. What we don’t like is that a translator is used when a Chinese woman is trying to communicate with you. We felt that feelings and meanings can be lost during the translation process.

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marriage traditions in China

When it comes to Chinese dating, it will be better for you if you have a clear undestanding of Chinese dating customs and Chinese culture. In these series of Chinese dating, we will explore the chinese dating customs, marriage traditions in China, chinese dating etiquette and rituals.

Marriage traditions in China varies from region to region but there are a few common marriage traditions that are passed from generation to generations. In this series, we will briefly explore the finer details of

  • history of marriage traditions
  • traditional marriage traditions
  • modern marriage traditions

The history of marriage traditions dated back to ancient China. In the past a Chinese man can marry as many wife as possible if he can afford. The number of concubines symbolises his wealth and status. Pre arranged marriages by parents were very common in the ancient times.

The extent to pre-arranged marriage can also be applied even before the child is born. The purpose of pre-arranged marriage has many intentions. One is to use their children to marry off to influential families or to enhance their family business within two families. There are many traditional marriage traditions to adhere to, let us take a common view.

Before an actual marriage can take place, a series of traditional marriage traditions need to be done.

  • pay a formal visit to each other’s parents
  • betrothal gifts
  • prepare a formal gift for the future daughter-in-law
  • bride has to prepare a dowry

These are the common traditional marriage traditions before the wedding cermony takes place. However in modern times, Chinese people in mainland China has forsaken most of the traditional marriage practices.

In modern marriage traditions, Chinese lovers can choose to get married with whoever they love due to the modernisation of China and exposure to western influences. However permission must be obtained from respective parents as a mark of respect. To curb the rising population, the Chinese government passed down a law in 1950s stating that a man are only allowed to marry one wife.

As the opening up of China, Chinese people has less time for dating. More and more Chinese women are seeking mail order bride matchmaking services, online Chinese dating sites to find their love as young Chinese lovers do not have enough time to socialise.

Here are two most popular Chinese dating sites and where you can find Chinese women seeking relationships and romance. is the international Chinese dating site where you can find Chinese personal seeking romance and fun. There are a sudden surge of Chinese from mainland China joining now.

ChnLove is a matchmaking services that provides Chinese women who are ready to seek a marriage partner. so if you are looking for dating, is not for you. Their Chinese women member profile are verified manually through the 33 registered marriage agencies throughout China.

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Chinese Dating Customs

If you are going into Chinese dating, be sure to know the Chinese dating customs and rituals. Here are some tips to help you. You must be familiar with the 3 stages of Chinese dating ritual.

  1. Friendly beginning
  2. Disclosure of relationship
  3. Engagement and marriage

The Chinese women are legendary when it comes to the art of love. Nothing beats the allure of Chinese dating or Asian dating. Chinese women are brought up to be polite and they will make you feel high with excitement.

Chinese dating is the last remaining enclaves in the world where dating, love and relationships are held in high esteem. They are deeply entrenched in the traditions of Chinese people. Dating and relationships are are joyous and important phases to a Chinese. Asian dating ritual consists of due respect and honor.

Questions you have to ask yourself before engaging in Chinese dating online services.

  • What are taboos of Chinese dating etiquette?
  • DO’s and don’ts in Chinese dating customs

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