How To Have A Happy And Successful Muslim Marriage Part 2

The first five years of a Muslim couple are the most challenging of in muslim matrimonial. This is the critical period where a Muslim couple adjust to each other’s habits and personalities whether they like it or not.

Try to do Islamic activities together

Establish your own lifestyle and rituals as a Muslim couple. A schedule helps in setting time aside for each other during fast-paced environment.

  • make time for one prayer together once a day
  • attending a Muslim religious study circle together once a week

By deliberately setting up these rituals, Muslim couples will learn how to communicate with each other. They will learn to become close to each other instead of two people living in the same house leading separate lives.
making a phone contacting during the day

Exposing each other’s dirty little secrets

Young married Muslim couples are notorious for not keeping secrets within themselves, especially related to sexual matters.  By talking freely with your Muslim friends about your spouse’s faults, it only show inconsiderate restraint and this is seriously not only unacceptable, it is very unIslamic (harem).

If there is misunderstanding between each other, Muslim couples should seek to hide each other’s faults from the public. As the saying goes: “Do not wash your dirty lining in public”.  They should seek advice on marriage problems from a “marriage mentor”, someone who is older, wiser, trustworthy and has the best interests of both parties at heart.

Dealing with in-laws

Husbands, wives and in-laws need to practice the Islamic rules of social relations with each other. UnIslamic things to avoid: sarcasm, backstabbing, abusive name calling etc. A young Muslim couple should make a special effort to respect each other as family members.

Comparisons need to be avoided, since every individual and every couple is different. Muslim men should not compared their wives to mothers and sisters. Husbands should not be compared to fathers and brothers. In-laws should not be compared to parents, etc.

In addition, there should be regular, healthy communications between spouses and in-laws. This can mean visiting each other at least once or twice a month, or calling if distance makes it difficult to get together.

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How To Have A Happy And Successful Muslim Marriage Part 1

Muslim marriage is a serious commitment for those Muslim brothers and sisters who are searching for marriage partners in muslim matrimonial online services. Muslim marriage is a never ending complex relationship that needs constant nuturing and excitement to keep the marriage working.

Express your feelings freely

The secret to happy muslim marriage is not to be afraid to say what is on your mind. Speak out your unexpressed frustrations to your muslim partner. When you accumulated frustrations it can quickly turn into resentments. Holding resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Resentment will slowly eat away at your marriage.

Be open and hold honest communication with your muslim spouse. Treat your spouse with diligent respect and you can wave these crucial “clearing the air” moments goodbye.

Do not hold unrealistic expectations of your spouse

Before marriage, many people often expect their spouse to be perfect in everything that they do.  However this will not be possible in real life and will create  unnecessary tensions between you and your muslim wife. You should know that Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, created humans as imperfect beings, which means that we will make many mistakes throughout our lives.

When you allow imperfections and see your spouse as they are truly are, be forgiving and you will be truly surprised by the results of contentment and peace.

Try to spend good quality time together

In this fast paced working world, most of muslim couples are busy with their own separate tasks and they tend to forget to spend good quality time with their spouse. Muslim marriage needs constant nurturing like watering the plants in your garden so that the plants can bloom and flowered.

It is not enough to share meals and small talk together. Good quality time may be anything from having a quiet, profound conversation to going for a nice long nature walk, to sharing a special hobby or project. Both spouses should enjoy each other company.

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Muslim Matrimonial Review Part 1

Many marriage minded Muslims would love to know where to chat “LIVE” online with muslim singles around the world. There not many muslim matrimony dating sites that adhere strictly to Islamic principles. However claims to be the largest Muslim matrimonial around the world.

What type of Muslim singles can you find?

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The Holy Qur’an has in so many verses pointed out the different purposes of marriage

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Types of Syrian girls

Traditionally, Syrian women are expected to be wives, mothers and rulers of the household when their husband is not at home. However there are also career-minded Syrian women and many of Syrian women who are members of Parliament (equivalent to congressmen).

Wild and naughty Syrian girls

In Syria, where women often wear veils and long robes, it is surprising that the demand for push-up bras, leather outfits, whips, and edible underwear is wildly popular. The reason is because of the influences of magazines, television and internet, Syrian women are more exposed to western culture than other middle eastern women.


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