Dating 4 Types of Korean Girlfriends

If you are into K-Pop korean kraze and would like to meet Korean girls, you may wish to know that there are 4 types of stereotypical Korean girls.

The Princess Korean girlfriend

The princess Korean girlfriend is pampered and live in the ivory tower.  The Princess Korean girlfriend is more likely to invest in Korean make-up to maintain her gorgeous looks.

The princess Korean girlfriend likes her boyfriend to pamper her and shower her with love. Memorable events like 100 days, first kiss anniversary are important to her. She does not care much about what is happening around the world or interested in foreign culture. She would like to spend her time with her boyfriend close buddy girlfriends only.


The Ultra Conservative Traditional Korean girlfriend

Ultra Conservative Traditional Korean ladies are desperate to search for her ideal husband. She is most likely to come from a traditional family and dresses conservatively.  Ultra Traditional Korean ladies are not the kind of hot and wild sexy Korean girls you can expect from the clubs.

The ideal husband should be from the upper strata of the society and comes from a rich family. Dating with a foreigner is out of the question as her parents will surely object to the marriage. Her self-imposed criteria of getting married before the age of 30 years old is a time bomb waiting to explode.

She has strong Korean family values which into family over individuality, conformity over rebellious and will behave and conform to what society expects of her.

She is curious about all things western. Foreign culture is a siren call and she is game to try foreign food. However she will not date a foreign white boyfriend as social stigma are strongly attached.

The Foreigner crazy Korean girlfriend

Some Koreans girls detest everything about Korean culture and is hardcore about everything western. The foreigner crazy Korean girl will seek a foreign boyfriend. When she see a white foreigner male, she will be very excited. Her physical body maybe living in Korea but her heart lies in the western world.

You can see from her Korean make-up and Korean fashion sense, however deep down inside she hold western values, ideas and thinking. She is more comfortable with her foreigner friends than with her Korean friends.

The Rebellious Korean girlfriend

Korean girls that are rebellious hate to conform to the Korean Confucian values. She is like a fish out of water in Korea’s homogeneous culture. You can spot her miles away from the way she dress. The rebel Korean girlfriend will change her hair color, have tattoos or tanned look.

You will find these type of Korean girls in clubs that have foreigners. The rebel Korean girlfriend would not care what others think about her.

Most Korean ladies you meet are a combination of these stereotypes.

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Korean Women Relationship Advice

Dating Korean women is a totally different ball game and it is not what you expected. If you really like to date Korean girls, you must understand that Korean girls live in a conservative culture that gives them no other choice but to have a committed relationship.

Although Korean girls are becoming more liberal, however their culture has a long way to go before reaching gender equality.

Korean girls social status

Single Korean women have no social status in Korea. The reason is because of Korean family structure which is patriarchal. The only way Korean girls can gain social status is to marry a man. Korean woman will be demanding a stronger relationship commitment from her dating partner.

pretty sexy korean girls

Single Korean ladies are seen as liability to her family. For most of the time, her parents and family elders expect their daughter to marry off  at a certain age.

A Korean woman’s responsibility

In Korea’s homogeneous society, a Korean woman is unable to break free from her ‘duty’ imposed by the society. A Korean woman’s responsibility in the Korean culture is to marry, produce a son if possible and take care of her parents and her husband’s parents.

For working Korean women, there is always a “glass ceiling” blocking their way to career success. Therefore Korean women do not earn enough to live independently. Their only escape from the chains of destitute lifestyle is to marry to a wealthy or upper echelon of the society.

Therefore Korean women are more dependant on the success of the relationship and require more relationship commitment from her dating partner.

Foreign men dating Korean women

From the perspective of Korean people, most Koreans believe that foreigners are just passing through and will leave Korea sooner or later. Korean girl’s parent or elder family members usually disapprove relationships with foreign men because of  reputation of being arrogant playboys.

Korean people have the strong belief that foreign men do not like commit, therefore if a Korean woman who want to have a serious relationship with you, she will be testing and questioning your commitment throughout the relationship.

If you are a foreigner dating a Korean girl, what you can do is to make her feel that you are serious about the relationship. Give her a sense of security that you are not running away and tell her that the relationship is important to you.

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How To Impress a Korean Girl

If you want to be part of the Korean wave where foreign men can date Korean girls easily, learn the Korean culture and speak a little Korean. Below is a section to teach you how to make a conversation with a Korean girl whether it is online or on a read date.

Simple Korean expression phrases

If you can make a Korean girl feel that you are putting in effort the learn about their culture, you will definitely be interesting to her and make in stand out in her eyes.

Hello : 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)

Will you be my girlfriend? : 내 여자친구가 되어줄래? (Nae yo-ja-chin-guga do-e-o-jul-lae)

Would you like to go out with me? : 나랑 사귈래요? (Narang sagwi-llae-yo)

I’m crazy about you : 당신에게 반했습니다 (Dangsinege banhaet-ssum-nida)

How are you? 어떻 게 지내세요? (eotteohke jinaeseyo?)

Sorry :     미안 합니다! (mianhamnida)

Thank you : 감사합니다  (kamsahamnida)

Goodbye : 안녕  (annyeong)

Pleased to meet you : 만나서 반가워요  (Mannaseo bangawoyo)

How to impress a Korean girl

“So what’s your job?” This will be the first question a Korean girl will ask you this in the first minute of conversation. This is because Koreans socially judged you based on your job and title.

  • Humor
    Making a Korean girl laugh makes you look interesting and a fun person to be with. Tell her a little joke or show her magic tricks that demonstrate you can provide her with value in terms of companionship.
  • Story telling:
    Telling her stories in your life gives some depth to your interaction with her and helps you both to connect emotionally. Make sure she tell most of her stories to you, as for most of the people, the most interesting subject is about themselves.
  • Start a unique conversation:
    Do not interrogate her and ask those usual boring questions about her family, friends, what kind of movies she like etc…Make  statements and continue from there. Use future talk and make it light and playful.

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Understanding Korean Girls

If you have tried dating Korean girls, you may hit some stonewall and find it hard to understand them. There are basically two type of Korean girls although these are generalizations.

Korean girls Type 1

These Korean girls are fashion crazy who wear designer clothes, wear lots of makeup, likes to go clubbing and a party animal. They love designer branded handbags and shoes and need high maintenance.

These type of Korean girls like to date western guys as long as they are white.

Korean girls Type 2

The Type 2 Korean girls are more reserved, shy and go to church.  For fashion-wise, they dress normally with no heavy makeup unlike those Type 1 Korean girls.


Korean girls mood swing

One of things you must look out for when you are dating Korean girl is her mood swing. A Korean girl mood can change very fast, from one second she can be friendly, smiling, accommodating, submissive and nice to be around, the next moment she can be unpredictable.

For example, she may not answer your calls and text messages, cancel dates at last minute, or act like she is uncomfortable during your date and make an excuse to return home quickly.

Reason for Korean girls mood swing

The reason why Korean girls have mood swing is because a lot of korean girls have low self esteem and reserved, especially when they date those who can speak English only.

Due to the social culture of not making mistakes in front of strangers and not feeling embarrassed because they have to try to speak good English during the date which stresses her out and make her uncomfortable.

Korean girls expect you to pay

Even if it is the Korean girl who initiated the date, as a guy, you are expected to treat her. Do not be culture shocked when a Korean girl just stand there and expect you to place the order and pay for the date.

It is part of the social norms that the male pay for date to show that he can afford and impress her date. Although it is old fashion thinking and some westerners may get turn off, however as they said; “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

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5 Tips on Getting a Korean Girlfriend

If you are curious about Asian culture and want to find a Korean girlfriend, below are some tips that might help you in your quest.

1) Try to understand Korean culture

The mantra : “you must understand Korean culture” in order to understand your Korean girlfriend is very important. You got to understand and accept the Korean mindset and she will appreciate it very much.

Most young Koreans understand and speak little English due to their harsh education system. Korean social norm dictate that it is  embarrassing  to show their weakness to strangers.

Korean are shy and afraid of making mistakes in front of strangers however they know it is difficult to learn a foreign language. Try to learn some of Korean language and culture and Korean girls will definitely show great interest in you.

2) Do not compare Korean girls with other Asian girls

Never compare something Korean with Chinese or Japanese in a negative way. You should never pass negative comments about Korean in front of her. Do not even try to sing praises about her by comparing her to your Chinese, Japanese ex-girlfriends.

Young Koreans have a mixed feeling toward their national identity. They are proud of what Korea achieved for the past decades however due to the “small nation complex”, they still reveal a sense of inferiority and frustration.

3) You reap what you sow

Many foreigners thought they got a free pass to misbehave when they arrive in Korea. However most Koreans will sneer at those foreigners hanging out at Itaewon which is notorious for “Paradise for losers where Korean women are ruined”. If you are a foreigner going to Korea, avoid Itaewon.

Tourist traps best known to foreigners like Itaewon or Hong dae area are in fact the least favorite places for cool and rich Korean guys to hang out.

4) Chaste Korean girls are hard to get

Forget about those ignorant foreigners who boast Korean girls are easy prey. Those easy Korean girls hanging out with foreigners in Itaewon or Hong dae clubs are simply “losers” to the eyes of Korean guys.

Affluent and chaste Korean girls will not easily get hook up with foreigners as lovers. You can find high class Korean ladies in upscale places like Cheongdam dong or Karosu-gil in Shinsa dong. These pretty and elegant Korean ladies are hanging out  inside luxury cafes or restaurants privy to upscale Koreans.

5) Personal Hygiene

Foreigners are quite hairy by Korean standard. Try to shave and trim your body hair. Too much body hair might turn off Korean girls. Korean girls are extremely super sensitive about foreigners body odor. Bathe and wear deodorants.

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