What is Filipino all about? started out as a social networking community site which is equivalent to Filipino version of Friendster. Since it was established in 2007. it has evolved and become a hybrid between web 2.0 and a Filipina dating site.

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As the name suggests, Filipino Friendster aims to reach out to Filipino guys and Filipina girls. However if you are a foreigner who wants to know more about Filipino culture or interested in making filipino friends, this site maybe worth looking around.

Let’s take a look into the sign up process. Registration is free and it takes only two simple steps.

filipino friendster

You are asked to fill out a simple form to write about yourself. However one of the blanks you must fill is the “TAGS”. This is kind of confusing for some as they might know what is the meaning of tags. It may be useful to provide a help link beside to explain what is this “TAGS” all about.

Step 2:

filipina friend

This will be the last step in the registration and you ready to go!  You can easily browse members’ profile just by clickinga button. A recent search online reveals only 80 female members with the age selection from 18-75 years old.

filipina friend

Features of  FilipinoFriendsterWorld:

  • an all-in-one MySpace,, Facebook, YouTube, Odeo and Flickr social site
  • You can upload you video files similar to YouTube and show off to other members.
  • Upload your Music  with ease so other members can hear your music.
  • You can advertise for free in the classified section.
  • Chat with your friends and IM (Instant Messenger) other members.

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Michael Webb 300 Creative Dates Review

Michael Webb 300 Creative Dates Book Review – Is it worth it?

Michael Webb 300 Creative Dates Making a great first impression is everything on the first few dates. I was excited about finding new and creative ways of being fun and romantic, ones that were truly sentimental, as opposed to being cheesy. And I did find a handful of good ideas that are heartfelt yet don’t cost a lot of money.
Does Michael Webb’s 300 Creative Dates book deliver on its promise as having creative, unique and fun dates?

Yes and no. When I first opened up this 117 page ebook, I was overwhelmed with the 300 ideas. Here’s the little dirty secret; not all of the 300 creative date ideas are written by Michael Webb himself.

I would say that almost half of the ideas are contributed by various authors and it is like reading the dating version for “Chicken Soup For The Soul”. While many of the ideas are very creative, others are merely date idea refreshers. Thankfully there are 76 different ideas that I thought would be great to do and I have bookmarked them.

300 Creative Dates Content Page

Many of the date ideas fit in multiple categories, but Michael Webb have arranged some basic
categories in case you are looking for a quick idea.

  • Tips for Successful Dating – page 5
  • Creative Dates – page 7
  • Unique TV/Movie Dates – page 46
  • Different Dinner Dates – page 50
  • Vacation Dates – page 59
  • Picnic Dates – page 67
  • Game Dates – page 73
  • Craft Dates – page 79
  • Sports/Outdoors Dates – page 84
  • Long Distance Dates – page 88
  • Asking Someone Out – page 95
  • Dating Disasters – page 99
  • Date Coupons – page 109

I find that “Long Distance Dates” on page 88 are particularly useful for online dating scene. One of the ideas include how to keep the the long distance sparks flowing by using videos on page 89.

Also, the book has an entertaining section on dating disaster stories that will definitely show the guys what NEVER to do on dates. It was so funny reading and I laughed so hard that I drop off from my computer chair.

So is the book perfect?

This book is a pretty good one for those who don’t normally think about romance all that often but really want to become a romantic person. While there are 300 ideas, you really can’t read more than 50-60 in one sitting before it gets tedious, and some descriptions are a little lengthy.

However, pages 93-94 do have a nice list of bullets with ‘quick and to the point’ date ideas ready. No elaboration. If you’re in the need of a date idea fast, then you’ll love these pages.

All in all, this is a fantastic dating ideas ebook!

Whether you want to impress that special someone on a first date, surprise your partner for a special occasion, or just want to breathe new life into your stale relationship then grab this book now.

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In this instalment, we will explore how to use the ‘flirt online’ features in When you are browsing at other members’ profiles, you will notice there are 4 user features. Let’s say that one of the Korean member caught your eye, you can just click on the “Show Interest” button or the little love symbol below their profile. Show Interest Profile

The opposite party will be notified of your desired interest in them. A message window will pop out to inform you that your interest has been sent to the member. Show Interest

You can sent unlimited “Show Interest” to as many KoreanCupid members as possible. However your success rate depends on the other member’s criteria and your ability to write an interesting online dating profile. Remember the first part of the review where you are ask to write a detailed description of yourself and choose a heading for your profile? Now it is put into good use.

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In this part 2 of review, we will dig deep into KoreanCupid and check out the member’s control panel. After you have login as a FREE member, you will be directed to a easy and simple user navigation. On the left is a “Standard Search” feature where you can search for members in any country.

koreancupid control panel

What is truly interesting?

Video gallery on the right panel is definitely the highlight of KoreanCupid. Members of KoreanCupid can upload their introductory webcam video clips for others to see. You can listen to their voice and see them in action only if you are a platinum member.

What is truly disappointing?

Sad to say that after selecting the criteria to see only South Korean members age from 18-30 years old, the search results returned only 10 members’ video clips. Some do not even look like they are South Korean. For the benefit of the doubt, there are quite a few foreigners living and teaching English in South Korea.

koreancupid video gallery

However all hope is not lost. After much exploration around KoreaCupid, we found that there are quite a number of active South Korean members.

In the next instalment, we will show you how to flirt with KoreanCupid members with this simple tool and increase your chances of dating Asian.

If you have not sign up as a Free member, you can click here to register.

KoreanCupid sign up

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