JapanCupid.com Review Part 2

In this JapanCupid.com review, you will learn how to maximize the features of JapanCupid.com to help you search your ideal Japanese girl. You will also discover that you can track Japanese women members’ recent activity all in one place at the member control panel.

Most of Japanese women found in JapanCupid.com are professional singles living in Tokyo, Nara, Nagoya, Osaka, Kanagawa, Kagoshima, Saitama, Japan. These JapanCupid members are looking for  penpal, friendship, romance dating or even marriage. You can even find young Japanese university students seeking to make friends from around the world.

JapanCupid Recommended Matches

At the bottom of the member control panel, you are able to see JapanCupid’s recommended matches complete with photos and information.


Remember that when you first sign up for JapanCupid in step #3, you are encouraged to provide basic details about the dating partner you are looking for. If you have not done so, go to your member control panel and select your Japanese dating partner criteria. Now you are able to scan all Japanese girls that are within your liking all in one section.

JapanCupid Recent Activity

At the right side of the member control panel, you can know specifically which JapanCupid member has viewed and read your profile.  This is a real time feature where you can choose how to react online since someone has read about you. For example, you can send her a email message, chat with her online, or add her to your ‘favorites’ or send her an “Show interest”.


To find your perfect Japanese girl match, use JapanCupid advanced search feature to narrow down your searches by selecting the partner you want based on age, appearance, religion, location, personality, lifestyle, ethnicity, nationality, Chinese sign and so on. You can also save your searches and review them later. Members can use Japancupid.com either in English, Japanese, French, German or Korean languages.

All members are free to initiate communication and receive replies from premium members. You can show interest by using the ‘show interest’ button and start talking to a member whose profile interests you.

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JapanCupid.com Review Part 1

If you are looking for real Japanese girls for a relationship, you can try JapanCupid.com. This is a free Japanese online dating website where the real Japanese girls look for guys for friendship or dating.


JapanCupid.com caters to people who are of Japanese descent and singles who are interested in Japanese dating. To increase your chances of getting a response as a standard member, do not forget to maximize the use of the five profile photos allowed per member. Let’s take a quick look at the free membership registration process at JapanCupid.com which take only 3 steps:

JapanCupid.com Free Signup Step #1


This is the step where you provide your basic details such as email address, your country and your date of birth. It is advisable to use a separate email account just for JapanCupid.com as it will not get mixed up with your personal email account.

JapanCupid.com Free Signup Step #2


In step 2, you are asked to provide the basic details about yourself such as your appearance, lifestyle and background, cultural values. You can get over this quickly however the most important part is the profile heading. In order to get this over quickly, think of an attention grabbing headline and write a short profile of yourself beforehand. This will definitely increase the prospect of getting more members to contact you.

JapanCupid.com Free Signup Step #3


In step 3, you are basically entering details about the dating partner you are looking for.

  • What You’re Looking For
  • Their Basic Details like age range
  • Their Appearance

Fortunately you can skip this step and leave it in default as you can always edit them later in your member profile homepage. The final step is to click “SUBMIT” button and you are ready to go!

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Dating Japanese Girls Advice

There is something irresistible about Japanese girls that cannot be described. Maybe it is their shyness and their rigid cultural norms imposed on them that add to a Japanese girl’s mystic. Many foreigners are bowled over by Japanese girls’ beauty and demeanor.

If you are interested in dating “Kawaii” (japanese term for cuteness) Japanese girls, your door will be open to one of the exciting culture in the world.

In Japanese cultural many Japanese girls must doll up before they step out of the their house. Many Japanese girls resembles anime character that is a paradise for “otaku” guys.

Like all Asian culture, Japanese girls are brought up to place a lot of value on family life and show respect in service and humility.

Where to meet Japanese girls

You can meet a Japanese girl at a “nomikai” which is a party attended by friends or co workers. This is the place where they get to meet new friends or dates. A ‘nomikai’ can take place at an ‘izakaya’ (a bar or a cafe). If you are a foreigner, you probably have not heard or invited to attend such parties.

One of the fastest way is to meet Japanese girls online. JapanCupid is a free online dating service that allow the world to meet Japanese women who are looking to make connections that will last.

Japanese cultural norms

Japanese people prefer to be subtle, so you have to read between the lines rather than be blunt and direct. Sometimes you have to step off the gas and slow down as Japanese girls like to be cautious and every moment spent together, she is measuring you up.

Saving face is very important in the Japanese society and your actions must not let a Japanese girl “lose face” which means embarrassing her in situations where Japanese culture dictates.

How Japanese girls react in a relationship

Japanese girls are very curious and they do not start casual relationships however they are very needy. A Japanese girl will have have cries of attention, testing you to see how you would react. If you are cool about it, she will intrepret it as you are not serious about her.

If a Japanese girl try to ignore you, there are two possibilites:

  • it might simply be her wanting you to take the initiative and go after her
  • she is trying to end the relationship and she does not want to lose face and want as little collateral damage for you and her, which reinforce why she has been ignoring you

If you are her first serious partner, then she will probably be quite vulnerable and needs a lot of love and attention.

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Dating Korean Girls Advice

If you are interested in dating a native Korean girl, not just a westernized girl of Korean descent, you should observe some unwritten rules.

What do Korean girls expect from you

Dating Korean girls require some aptitude and skill or you will feel frustrated or confused about her feelings towards you. Korean girl expect the opposite party to initiate communication and ask her out on all the dates unlike western women who are more liberal.

The men are always the one who schedules the dates. If you feel that the Korean girl is blowing hot and cold towards you or lack of initiative in terms of texting you or initiating dates, this is normal as a Korean girl will not be seen as aggressive in the initial dating stage.

Difference between Korean dating and western dating

Korean girls that actually live in Korea or have spent a significant amount of their lives in Korea like to take things slowly. They do not rush into a relationship and Korean girl take things at a slow pace even when they are in a relationship.

In western culture, kissing someone is natural to all couples after a few dates. However in Korea, kissing is a very big event for a Korean girl even if it is just on the cheeks. Korean girls like a kiss on the forehead as it is seen as very romantic and meaningful.


What should you look out for when dating a Korean girl

You should get to the point where you are very close friends before you even ask her out. When you are in a relationship, take things very slowly or whatever pace she is comfortable with. Once you have officially become a couple, go on a few dates before holding her hand or putting your arm around her shoulders. Only after seven to ten dates (as a guide only depend on each individual) should you kiss her.

What do Korean women want

Korean women like conservative men who are in for long term relationships, not those who are crazy for one night stands. If you want to be successful in dating Korean girls, you have to be respectful and approach them with some knowledge about Korea’s culture and language. Korean girls love it when guys do that.

Korean girls tend to take appearance very seriously when deciding if they are interested in a guy or not. You should have good personal hygiene. Korean women find foreign men appealing and exotic even if you are not the most handsome guy, you will still be seen as good-looking in Korea.

Misunderstanding Korean girls

Do not assume that a Korean likes you just because she gave you her phone number. Korean girls perceived exchanging phone numbers with you as some form of language exchange to practice English with you. Sometimes a Korean girl will give you her number without you asking.

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