Dating Thai Girlfriends Facing The Hard Truths

Many foreign men have heard about the seductiveness of  Thai girlfriends and young Thai women’s high sex drive. You must have heard stories about young Thailand girls who are eager to please you. The rock star attention you are getting in Thailand are only reserved for those mega rich and rock stars back in your homeland.

For those who are eager to explore the Thailand dating paradise, please open your big wide eyes before diving in. Some Thai expats insist you can still find Thailand women for serious relationship in these infamous tourist traps areas such as Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok nightclubs , there is always a chance but why take all the risks ?

If you want to find real long term relationship, avoid these tourist traps at all costs.

However if you want to have fun and a “Hangover” experience like the hollywood movie by all means have a taste, but do not go into serious relationship with girls from these entertainment places.

#1 Thai girlfriend hard truth

You need to be realistic. If your Thai girlfriend is a young hot stunner and both of you have a 20 year to 30 year age gap, then your chances of long term dating success is slightly equal to zero. Language barrier, completely different interests, conflicting cultural difference are some of the obstacles to your perfect Thai girlfriend relationship.

#2 Thai girlfriend hard truth

Money is the root of all evil? Lack of money is the real cause of all evil. Most Thai girls from the countryside are poor and in order to support their farmer parents, they become bar girls or prostitute in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok nightclubs. Some like the exciting high from working in these nightspots.

So if your mutual attraction is first based on money transaction, then avoid all the heart pain by not going into a serious relationships with these Thai bargirls.

#3 Thai girlfriend hard truth

The marriages of Thai bargirls and foreign men almost always end up in heart pain and breakups. If you are thinking of marrying your Thai bar girlfriend and bringing her back to your country, the problems get compounded. You have better learn how to make her adjust to the culture shock or it will most probably end up leaving you. The reality of life outside of Thailand is not something that your average Thai bar girlfriend enjoy.

Why go through the hassles of meeting Thai women in Thailand? You can make friends with real mainstream Thai women who are NOT Thai bargirls and if you decide to meet them after you have know more about them, by all means fly to Thailand and meet them personally.

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Which Type of Thai Girls To Avoid

Many foreign men who visit Thailand will unknowingly fall into the trap of Thai bargirls’ games. Most of foreign men are walking into the lions’ den when they visit Thai discos, a-gogo bars. These sleazy places are strictly for your entertainment purposes but it is not the kind of place to seek Thai dating partners.

However not many foreign men can resist the temptation and before they know it, the lonely farang find himself attached emotionally with one of the Thai bargirls which he find her very “special”.

Thai Bargirls Sex and Lies

There are countless Thai bargirls stories, ploys and ways of trapping farang men. The usual sob story a Thai bargirl will tell you goes like this: she have to support her poor farmer parents in Isaan and that she had to work in the Thai bar for the money. She will tell you that she want to learn English and some kind of skill, maybe computer. Furthermore her granny, auntie, buffalo are very sick etc…

After a while, she will emailed you several more times over the next two months asking for more money. While you are back in your own country sending money to her, this thai bargirl is out every night partying it up and going back to the Thai disco to work.

Lessons learnt from Thai Bargirls

The bottom line is: do not waste your time and money on Thai bargirls if you want to find a real Thai dating partner. You will risk wrecking yourself emotionally while she does not even feel remorseful. Thai people have their own pecking order and foreign men are bottom of the dating totem pole.

  • Most Thai bar girls look at farang men as a source of income. It is very rare she will actually fall in love with you for being you
  • Most Thai girls from the countryside become bar girls in the big city. They like the big city life and do not want to go back to their countryside home because it is boring

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Korean Women Relationship Advice

Dating Korean women is a totally different ball game and it is not what you expected. If you really like to date Korean girls, you must understand that Korean girls live in a conservative culture that gives them no other choice but to have a committed relationship.

Although Korean girls are becoming more liberal, however their culture has a long way to go before reaching gender equality.

Korean girls social status

Single Korean women have no social status in Korea. The reason is because of Korean family structure which is patriarchal. The only way Korean girls can gain social status is to marry a man. Korean woman will be demanding a stronger relationship commitment from her dating partner.

pretty sexy korean girls

Single Korean ladies are seen as liability to her family. For most of the time, her parents and family elders expect their daughter to marry off  at a certain age.

A Korean woman’s responsibility

In Korea’s homogeneous society, a Korean woman is unable to break free from her ‘duty’ imposed by the society. A Korean woman’s responsibility in the Korean culture is to marry, produce a son if possible and take care of her parents and her husband’s parents.

For working Korean women, there is always a “glass ceiling” blocking their way to career success. Therefore Korean women do not earn enough to live independently. Their only escape from the chains of destitute lifestyle is to marry to a wealthy or upper echelon of the society.

Therefore Korean women are more dependant on the success of the relationship and require more relationship commitment from her dating partner.

Foreign men dating Korean women

From the perspective of Korean people, most Koreans believe that foreigners are just passing through and will leave Korea sooner or later. Korean girl’s parent or elder family members usually disapprove relationships with foreign men because of  reputation of being arrogant playboys.

Korean people have the strong belief that foreign men do not like commit, therefore if a Korean woman who want to have a serious relationship with you, she will be testing and questioning your commitment throughout the relationship.

If you are a foreigner dating a Korean girl, what you can do is to make her feel that you are serious about the relationship. Give her a sense of security that you are not running away and tell her that the relationship is important to you.

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Thai Girls Relationship Advice

Many foreign men often mixed up conservative mainstream Thai women and charming Thai bargirls that work in the sex industry.  Especially foreign men who are lonely and very frustrated with their local women.

Why you must be able to tell the difference between Thai bargirl and mainstream Thai woman

You must be able to tell the difference between mainstream Thai women and Thai bargirls which is very important if you are seeking a relationship with them. The reason is because there is almost always no happy ending if you are dating a Thai bargirl. Do not deceive yourself by going into a relationship with Thai bar girls.

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Please do not expect long term relationship when the relationship is started out based on money, not mutual attraction. Yes the same old story of how your Thai bar girlfriend is different from everyone else’s Thai bar girlfriend has been played out over and over again and the ending is always the same.

Why Thai bargirls are attractive

Many of these Thai bargirls are professional and their sexual performance can be pretty uninhibited. While some really enjoy doing it, others can give out Hollywood screams and moans off to perfection.

Some of Thai bargirls in bars and nightclubs have sort of sexual overdrive and seemed like they cannot get enough of sex. They will also bring their girlfriends along and try out just about anything. So many farang men dating bargirls in Thailand are smitten by these Thai bargirls and before they realized it, they are deep down in the abyss.

Thai bar girlfriends problems

If you are cannot tell the difference between Thai bargirls and normal mainstream Thai women, then you may encounter problems when you date one of the these Thai bargirls. Most of these Thai bargirls have major hang-ups for eg self-doubts, inferiority complex, shame, growing addictions to large amounts of cash and many are taking drugs regularly to forget about their problems.

If you marry a Thai bargirlfriend, the problems are compounded by the excess baggage that she carry around. She will find it very hard to cope with her transition from being complete self-reliance to almost total dependency on you and with less ready money by her side.

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Chinese Courtship Etiquette

If you are seeking a Chinese lady in China for dating, you have to understand what are the cultural courtship differences between Chinese dating culture and western standards.

As human beings, everyone of us is different, however we are social beings who tend to behave and fit into our own culture. Therefore it is important in a cross cultural relationship to understand the rules and etiquette about first dates, making out, marriage, social expectations.

Understanding Chinese culture

Almost all Chinese society is patriarchal. In a family with sons and daughters, ranking in the family is based on hierarchy: Males in order of descending age followed by females. For example, a 5-year-old son outranks his 35-year-old mother (and the father will let both the mother and son know this). Young women are at the bottom of the totem pole and they will be reminded constantly.

The one child policy in China has forced couple to favor male over female because a son can carry on the family surname. A newborn son has four doting grandparents and parents which give rise to phenomenon of spoiled brats nicknamed “Little Emperors”.

Influence of Chinese parents’ background

Attitudes toward sex, relationships will be generally more conservative and traditional. However it depends on the Chinese parents’ educational background, whether they are affluent or come from the countryside.

A Chinese woman in China maybe ultra conservative or liberal which depend on whether she will obey her parents rule or want to break free.

How to win over her Chinese parents

If you are already in a serious relationship with a Chinese girl, then you have to work hard to win over her parents. If you are not wealthy, then stereotypically her Chinese parents may not like their daughter dating a “gui lo” (white ghost) a Cantonese that describe a foreign white man.

The fact that you are a “gui lo” work against you in the first place. You have to tread carefully and play your chess right when you are meeting prospective parents-in-law.

Tips to win over her Chinese parents

Obedience and conforming to social rules is extremely important in Chinese families than in Western families. Chinese society is much more hierarchical and less egalitarian.

  • Do not argue or talk back. “Saving face” is very important to a Chinese; which mean avoid embarrassing her parents in front of family members or friends
  • Bring small gift such as exotic fruits, chocolate, premium chinese dried food (scallops, mushrooms, abalone) – when visiting  her parents’ house will win huge points with them
  • Always be polite. Do not address her parents or elders by their first names like in the west

Money is a huge factor. Chinese parents will always respect money. Showing that you are a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.) will win you big bonus points.

Be prepared to field a lot of questions about your parents including what they do, how you were brought up and your job. The better your job or more educated you are, the more they will like you.

Why divorce is unacceptable in Chinese society

If you are divorced, that’s a big strike against you. Chinese people dislike Westerners culture of letting their hormones run their lives, changing partners the way they would change clothes.

Chinese people view marriage as sacred and a couple will work out the marriage problems. One of the partner may even choose to suffer silently then resorting to the easy way of divorce.

In the west, divorce is common and westerners treat marriage like a lottery game with the mentality that you will not win on the first try. For the Chinese people, divorce is completely unthinkable and society despised those who are divorced.

If a Chinese woman is divorced, she will not get remarried easily. Chinese people treat a female divorcee as “discarded goods”, because divorce is the only the last resort they will choose.

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