VietnamCupid Review Part 5

In this VietnamCupid review, we will explore one of the popular searches inside VietnamCupid and a bit about VietnamCupid Instant messaging. You will also discover the secrets to chatting for FREE in VietnamCupid.

Watch Vietnamese girls in video gallery

This is the highlight of VietnamCupid dating service. You can enjoy looking at photos of Vietnamese women members and you can also hear these Vietnamese women members and see them saying hello to you.


However as a Standard or Gold member, you can only view videos from VietnamCupid platinum members, unless you upgrade your membership to platinum.

VietnamCupid Instant messenger

VietnamCupid Instant Messenger feature allows Platinum and Gold members to chat one-to-one with other online members.

Instant messenger is only available to paying members such as Platinum members. If you are a standard member, you can chat and communicate FREE with Platinum members only. Platinum members are able to use their webcam and microphone in the Instant Messenger.

VietnamCupid secrets: How do I chat free without paying?

Here’s some tricks to help you chat with other members if you are a standard VietnamCupid member.

As a Standard (FREE) member, you can communicate with other members in the following ways:

  • Send interest to members:
    Click here to learn how to send interest –>
  • Send mail to members:
    You can also write a personal message and send a mail to other standard members, but the recipient can’t read it unless one member upgrades their membership
  • Read mail from Gold or Platinum members

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Are Korean Girls in South Korea Easy to Date

South Korea is an ultra socially conservative country where their people are imbued with ethical and moral values. Most foreign men have the misconceptions that they can hook up easily with any cute Korean girls in South Korea.

Why South Korean girls like foreign white men

If you are a foreign white men, you will find yourself in the center of attention. There will be a lot of South Korean girls who are interested to talk to you just because you are a foreigner.

South Koreans are very curious about outsiders from foreign countries. However do not be mistaken that you are some Don Juan and they are desperate to be your girl.


Difference between South Korean girls and Korean American girls

There are some Korean American girls who will fall head over heels for white guys. However some Korean girls really prefer white western boyfriend because they know that Korean men are very authoritative and chauvinistic.

It is also a common belief that their Korean husband will be unfaithful and cheat on them as soon as they have kids.

The stereotypical belief that Korean girls are crazy about white foreign men are widespread. Most South Korean girls would still prefer a man of their own race as Korean women in Korea tend to follow their parents’ wishes and marry a fellow Korean.

Nevertheless there are always liberal Korean girls who will fall for anyone regardless of race or skin color.

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Misconceptions About Thai Women

Although Thailand culture is probably the best in Asia, there are many differences between Thai culture and western culture. Before you fall into the trap of looking through rose-colored glasses or having stereotypes, learn a few things about Thai woman.

If you are searching to date a proper (an educated, conservative Thailand woman whom you can have a real relationship with–not one-night stands or Thai bargirls), here are some advice about dating a Thai woman before you go around crash and burn.


Thai women misconception #1

  • Thai girls are easy to get into bed

Some foreign men (otherwise known as “White Farangs” to Thailand girls) think most of Thailand women are easy prey. In the eyes of Thailand women, a white farang is perceived as having more money/income status is higher. However not all Thailand women are the same.

Thai women misconception #2

  • Thai girls are gold diggers

You have to differentiate and filter off the gold diggers (eg Thai bargirls)  from the real Thailand woman. Most Thai girls would prefer a guy that seriously love her to an unfaithful guy with loads of cash.

Tips on dating a Thai women

Here are some off-limits you should know when you are dating a Thai woman.

  • Do not ask her to bed after your first date.
  • Do not hold her hands in public. Thai girls feel embarassed by show of affection in public. It might be acceptable to westernised Thai women from big city eg Bangkok, but Thai women from rural tend to be more tradional.
  • Save your sweet smooth talking or she will think you are a “butterfly” (playboy)
  • Do not visit her parents’ home if you do not want to commit into a serious relationship, because meeting her family signify you are ready to be accepted by her parents which is the first step to getting married in Thailand.

Unlike western women, Thailand women will be thinking about getting married one day when you are her boyfriend. Furthermore if she sleeps with you, she will be certainly thinking about getting married with you one day.

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 7

In the last Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 6, you have learnt how to update your Cupid Settings and get your profile to work harder for you. In this review, you will discover how to attract more attention and save time

Did you check your cupid preferences

There is a simple but useful tool that frees up your time to check up on new Filipina ladies in Filipino FriendFinder. You can look at your “Cupid Preferences” to check up on new Filipino women members.


Click on “My Account” and you will find the link under “Edit Preferences”. This cool feature let Filipino Friend Finder do the hardwork for you and deliver new updates on beautiful Filipina women sent directly to your inbox each week.

Update your profile with fun photos

To increase your chances of attracting suitable Filipino ladies, you can try to upload photos of yourself in leisure activities. These fun photos serve a dual purpose: they help to communicate your interests and personality which in turn can help to attract more attention.


Upload some interesting images beside your main profile photo, which should usually be a high-quality, complimentary close-up of your face that catches the eye of those scrolling through member listings.

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Why foreign Asian brides are popular

Asian brides from China and the Philippines remain a popular choice for Asian men. The main reason is because it is quite hard to find young Asian women as most of them are economically independent and prefer to remain single.

Filipino Asian Brides

Fillipino woman has been known for their strong family ties, pleasant and outward personality. Mail order Asian brides from the Philippines were once a common phenomenon but abusive foreign husbands prompted the authorities to clamp down on such practices.

Chinese Asian Brides

Chinese women are known to be demure and shy but beware of these racial stereotypes that have a tendency to mislead you. It is best to get to know her and see if you can hit it off.


Common Myth about Asian Brides

Some men may have unrealistic fantasy about marrying Asian woman. They think it is more exotic and exciting to marry a foreign Asian woman and they are actually rescuing them from inferno hell from their home countries.

Most men thought Asian women know how to “service” them better than white women just because Asian woman know how to cook and take care of her husband and family.

Due to abject poverty in their family finances, many Vietnamese women have no choice but to marry foreign men to help improve their family situation.

Asian Brides Scams

However there is two sides to a story and there are bound to have black sheep around. Some may argue that they have been scammed after marrying Asian women. There are black widow cases where Asian women who have used up their husband’s money and leave their husband after a few years.

It may seem as a scam to get you to send your money back to her home or family. However before you tied the knot, you must know that marrying a Asian woman is as though marrying her whole family.  In fact you are basically supporting your wife as well as her family.

Before you believe stories about Asian Brides scams, there are also abusive husbands who themselves are alcoholic or violent.

Try dating Asian women online

You can try to dip into baby pool before diving into the deep water. Date some nice local Asian ladies online and see if you click with any of them before you make any descisions. Do tons of research before you commit especially if it concern about sending money.

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