Dating Desperate Chinese Single Women

There are now many affluent Chinese single women who are willing to do whatever it takes, even going to Beijing singles club in a bid to avoid being term as one of China’s “Leftover Woman” status.

What is Leftover Chinese women?

The new social phenomenon which is unique to China, is one of China’s so-called “Sheng Nu” which literally translate to “Leftover Woman”

The term,”Leftover Woman” is derived from a phenomenon in Chinese society which affects hundreds of thousands of urban women who are highly educated and financially independent.

“Leftover Woman” appears in China’s official dictionary and refer to “all single woman above the age of 27″.

Why single Chinese women are desperate for dating

Many single Chinese women are desperate to meet a man before she hit the dreaded cut-off age. The reason is that Chinese men in China prefer Chinese woman who look youthful. Chinese men do not want a woman who is over 30 years old. It is important for them that she is still young and pretty.

Many single Chinese women are under societal pressure from her colleagues, parents and friends to get hitched before the dreadful cut off age. Compounded by China’s one-child population control policy, which adds to the desperation of parents for their only offspring to marry and produce a grandson.

A widely publicised survey of 180 million single men and women in China in 2010 by the government-backed All China Women’s Federation revealed that 92 percent of men surveyed says that a woman should be married before the age of 27 years old.

What are single Chinese woman dating standards?

The new generation of single Chinese women do not want to compromise when it comes to marriage. Many single Chinese women are well to do and live alone.

Singles Chinese women do not see the need to lower their standard and expectations in order to get married. That is why there are thousands of single Chinese women hoping to find a husband who can share things in common, but who is also in a better financial situation than her.

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