JapanCupid.com Review Part 5

In this JapanCupid review, you will learn how to utilize one of the popular searches inside JapanCupid and Instant messaging. Also you will discover the secret to chat for FREE with Japanese women members.

Watch Japanese girls in video gallery

Now you watch Japanese girls webcam video in the comfort of your home. You can view all JapanCupid members’ webcam videos in your member control panel, under the panel –’ Popular Searches’ — ‘Video Gallery’. Remember to select the option ‘From — Japan’ to show all Japanese cutie girls and mature Japanese working ladies webcam videos.


The purpose of the video gallery is to allow JapanCupid members to record their video introductions so as to further enhance and stand out from the crowd. Now you can hear and see these Japanese women members in action and see them saying hello to you.

Some of these Japanese girls are quite shy and only a handful few dare to make video introductions. However in order to view these Japanese girls videos, you have to upgrade your membership to a Standard or Gold member.

JapanCupid Instant messenger

JapanCupid Instant Messenger feature allows Platinum and Gold members to chat one-to-one with other online members. Instant messenger is only available to paying members such as Platinum members. If you are a standard member, you can chat and communicate FREE with Platinum members only. Platinum members are able to use their webcam and microphone in the Instant Messenger.

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JapanCupid.com Review Part 4

In this JapanCupid review, you will learn how to use the ‘flirt online’ features in JapanCupid.com to search for Japanese cuties girls. At the bottom of your member control panel, you can see “Recommended Matches” where all the Japanese girls that are compatible to your interests are already selected for you by JapanCupid.

JapanCupid Show Interest Button

If the Japanese girl catches your eye and you are eager to know her, you can easily let her know that you are interested in her by clicking the “Show Interest” button.

There are two ways to show your interest to another member.

  • you can hover your mouse over the Japanese girl member profile in your “Recommended Matches” and some symbols will pop up. Click on the “love” sign which is the “Show Interest” button
  • another way is to click on the Japanese member profile, and you can see a green “Show Interest” button in her profile


After clicking the “Show Interest” button, you will see something like this:


By clicking the “Show Interest” button, the opposite party will know that you are interested in her, and the rest is up to both of you. You can follow up by sending her a message or an email to show that you are really interested in her.

Upgrading to paying premium member include many benefits and advantages such as

  • sending unlimited messages to free and paying members
  • receive mail from free and paying members
  • communicate by email, instant messaging or chat

However you will be surprised by Japanese girls initiative, some of them are not as reserved as you thought them to be. In Japanese culture, subtlety and politeness are very important when communicating with one another.

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JapanCupid.com Review Part 3

In this JapanCupid review, you will learn how to quickly search for your ideal Japanese dating partner. JapanCupid layout are simple and intuitive such that you can see everything at a glance. In the JapanCupid member control panel, it is arranged like a cockpit dashboard where essential information are presented to you for easy viewing.

JapanCupid cockpit dashboard

In the member control panel, there is column called ” What’s New”. As you can see from the picture below


You can catch up on activities that you have missed since your last login to JapanCupid.com.

  • New messages are JapanCupid members that have sent you an email or messages
  • New interests are notifications from JapanCupid members that have taken a liking to you and sent you a “Shown Interest”
  • New profile views are JapanCupid members who have are interested and viewed your profile
  • New favorites are JapanCupid members who have added your profile as their favorite

JapanCupid popular search

You can filter and quickly zoom in by using JapanCupid popular searches such a: Most Popular, Latest Photos, New Members, Video Gallery.


JapanCupid most popular women

In this column, what is most exciting is the “Most Popular” where you can see the most popular kawaii Japanese women profiles all at one place. You can also select the timeline for Most popular VietnamCupid women member (All Time)  or Most popular JapanCupid women member (This Month). See picture below.


In the next JapanCupid review, you will learn how to use JapanCupid online tools to send “show interest” to japanese members that attract your attention.

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JapanCupid.com Review Part 2

In this JapanCupid.com review, you will learn how to maximize the features of JapanCupid.com to help you search your ideal Japanese girl. You will also discover that you can track Japanese women members’ recent activity all in one place at the member control panel.

Most of Japanese women found in JapanCupid.com are professional singles living in Tokyo, Nara, Nagoya, Osaka, Kanagawa, Kagoshima, Saitama, Japan. These JapanCupid members are looking for  penpal, friendship, romance dating or even marriage. You can even find young Japanese university students seeking to make friends from around the world.

JapanCupid Recommended Matches

At the bottom of the member control panel, you are able to see JapanCupid’s recommended matches complete with photos and information.


Remember that when you first sign up for JapanCupid in step #3, you are encouraged to provide basic details about the dating partner you are looking for. If you have not done so, go to your member control panel and select your Japanese dating partner criteria. Now you are able to scan all Japanese girls that are within your liking all in one section.

JapanCupid Recent Activity

At the right side of the member control panel, you can know specifically which JapanCupid member has viewed and read your profile.  This is a real time feature where you can choose how to react online since someone has read about you. For example, you can send her a email message, chat with her online, or add her to your ‘favorites’ or send her an “Show interest”.


To find your perfect Japanese girl match, use JapanCupid advanced search feature to narrow down your searches by selecting the partner you want based on age, appearance, religion, location, personality, lifestyle, ethnicity, nationality, Chinese sign and so on. You can also save your searches and review them later. Members can use Japancupid.com either in English, Japanese, French, German or Korean languages.

All members are free to initiate communication and receive replies from premium members. You can show interest by using the ‘show interest’ button and start talking to a member whose profile interests you.

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JapanCupid.com Review Part 1

If you are looking for real Japanese girls for a relationship, you can try JapanCupid.com. This is a free Japanese online dating website where the real Japanese girls look for guys for friendship or dating.


JapanCupid.com caters to people who are of Japanese descent and singles who are interested in Japanese dating. To increase your chances of getting a response as a standard member, do not forget to maximize the use of the five profile photos allowed per member. Let’s take a quick look at the free membership registration process at JapanCupid.com which take only 3 steps:

JapanCupid.com Free Signup Step #1


This is the step where you provide your basic details such as email address, your country and your date of birth. It is advisable to use a separate email account just for JapanCupid.com as it will not get mixed up with your personal email account.

JapanCupid.com Free Signup Step #2


In step 2, you are asked to provide the basic details about yourself such as your appearance, lifestyle and background, cultural values. You can get over this quickly however the most important part is the profile heading. In order to get this over quickly, think of an attention grabbing headline and write a short profile of yourself beforehand. This will definitely increase the prospect of getting more members to contact you.

JapanCupid.com Free Signup Step #3


In step 3, you are basically entering details about the dating partner you are looking for.

  • What You’re Looking For
  • Their Basic Details like age range
  • Their Appearance

Fortunately you can skip this step and leave it in default as you can always edit them later in your member profile homepage. The final step is to click “SUBMIT” button and you are ready to go!

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