Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 2

In this instalment, you will discover how to connect with your filipino friends around the world. Filipino Friend Finder Instant Message Center (IMC)  provides a fun, cheap way to communicate with your filipina friends.

Since you’re connecting via your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), you avoid long-distance charges while enjoying the high-tech fun of video, audio, and text even if you are a standard (Free) member.

How to connect Filipino Friends Instant Chat

Here’s how you go about it:

Step #1:
Sign up and login into Filipino Friends Finder member’s page

Step #2:
When you are in your member profile page, look for the column at your right top corner. Click the “Launch Instant Messenger” link

and it it will open up another browser window (see pictures below).

For a quick and easy way, it is recommended to choose the “Launch Instant Messenger” option  which works in your browser without any need for download. Wait a few seconds to load and you are in!

Below is an example of Filipino instant chat window

Step #3:
Now here’s some neat tips and tricks to maximize your instant chat experience.

  • Filter and Sort Who’s Online
    You can filter out according to female (pink) or  male (blue) filipino friends member
  • Filter out according to age
  • Instantly check out member’s profile
    If someone catches your attention, just click on their profile pictures to initiate chat

Filipino Friends Finder Instant Chat Demographic

In the instant messaging chatroom, you can find a diverse group of  filipina women with ages ranging from 21 to 48 years old.

Most of the filipino women members in the chatroom come from quezon city, Makati, National Capital Region, cebu, Central Visayas  in the Philippines.

Some of the single filipino ladies are willing to chat for friendship and serious relationship while others may restrict chatting only with close friends.

Enjoy your chatting!

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 1

If there is a competition between Asian women for friendliness,  filipino ladies are sure to come out tops. Filipina women are a delight to be in accompany with. The reason? Their dainty personality and friendly disposition makes you feel at ease.


Where do you find filipino ladies?

Filipino FriendFinder is the online central place to find filipino singles. You can also find filipino friends from Pinoy abroad. You can practically chat and IM (instant message) with millions of Filipino singles seeking relationships.

How to register for free in Filipino Friend?

Filipino Friend Finder FREE sign up process is simple. There are only a two easy step registration process.

Step #1: Create your account

The most important information is your email address where the login password will be sent to your email.

Step #2: Express yourself –– You’re almost done!
If you are in a hurry, you can always skip the portion about your physical attributes. However you must fill up for “Introduction Title” and “Tell others about yourself”
Your Introduction
Don’t worry about making it perfect right now as you can update it later. In order to proceed successfully, your introduction needs to be at least two sentences long and can NOT include your contact info.
Tell others about yourself
Write at least fifty characters, the more details you provide about yourself, the better your responses.

Login into the email you have entered earlier to retrieve your Filipino Friend Finder password. Congrats! Enjoy and Chat with Filipino Friends from abroad.

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Where to chat with filipino girls online

Are you looking for a fun and fast way to connect with new filipino girls from Philippines without the hassle of international calls? Chatting online with filipina pen pals have never been easier. Here we will show you the exact steps.

2 Easy Steps To Chat With Filipina ladies

Step #1:

Sign up for a FREE Filipino Friends Finder member account. If you are interested to read a thorough review click here to read –> Filipino  friendfinder review

Step #2:

Log into your FREE Filipino friends member account. Filipino FriendFinder’s technology makes it easy for you to connect with other filipina members. There are three instant messenger (IM) to choose from.

  1. Live video chat with sound (work in your browser)
  2. Download standalone Instant Messenger
  3. Chat using HTML version


At any one time there are at least over one hundred filipino ladies members in there. In the instant messaging window, you can view the age and gender of the members . You can also view the members profile or page at a click of a button.


Turn on your microphone (or add one) and you’ve got a complete electronic link: voice, video and Instant Messenger. If your computer has a webcam, you can even see filipino woman member you’re talking to in real time.


Happy chatting !