Where To Date Saudi Arabian Girls

Saudi Arabian girls

Arab online dating is getting very popular among the young Arab Muslims. Now Arabian women have the choice of choosing their ideal prospective husbands through the internet without the cultural constraints

Understanding Saudi Arabian women and their culture

Online dating single Saudi Arabia women seems to be an exotic propostion as Saudi Arabia ladies are perceived as mysterious and sensual. However in Saudi Arabia there is no legal requirement that define the minimum age for marriage. Young Arabian girls are often forced to marry older Saudi Arabian men.

Saudi Arabia women love to dance and their music is very rhythmic. The imagination of a sensual Arabic girl dancing provocatively behind a veil is the common notion among foreign men.

Click here to meet Arab girls online

Click here to meet Arab girls online

Compared to in middle eastern countries like syria and lebanon, Syrian women or lebanon girls usually has the option to accept or refuse the proposing man for whatever reason and when the prospective partner’s age is too old.

Saudi Arabian women characteristics

  • Saudi girls are generally humble and chaste
  • Arab girls live in the shadows of their husbands,
  • single Arab women are generally open and even flirtatious if you are a foreigner
  • Saudi Arabian girls have captivating smiles and they are dark and exotic.
  • Some people consider Arab girls the most desirable women in the world for marriage and love.

Where to meet Saudi Arabian girls

There are many free online Arab dating services however the most popular are ones are:

  • Muslima.com – Muslim girls matrimony site

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  • ArabLounge – largest Arab online dating community

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if you are Indian or Pakistani or a foreginer working in Saudi Arabia, you will have to know someone to really be able to connect with girls in Saudi Arabia. You need to meet a Saudi girl online.

Arablounge.com Review Part 3

In this instalment, we will explore and highlight the various features found in ArabLounge.com member’s profile. Under the “MY HOME” column you will find “MY FLIRTS”.

“MY FLIRTS” are little messages other Profile Members can send you to get your attention. You can reply to flirts or send flirts to any member by going to their profile and clicking “Send Flirt”.

There is a section for “E-CARDS”  from ArabLounge.com. Send these interactive e-cards to your Arab women members to show them you care. It is rather useful to use those friendship ecards for breaking ice as they are quite funny.

Ask Dr. Bousa
There is a relationship advisor column to hear your frustration and dating dilemma. It is particularly useful as Dr. Bousa dish out non- judgmental answers that will make you feel comfortable disclosing your Arab dating secrets.

Arablounge Chatroom


You can use both Video & Audio Chat. See and listen to Arab girls in the chat room. Broadcast your own audio and video for others to see. All you need is a webcam and a Platinum Membership.

However others have said it is too expensive to sign up for Platinum Membership.

The chat window is large and resizable. You can change text, style and color, add graphical smilies, click usernames to bring up profile details, link to URL’s.

In fact there are tons of eager Arab women waiting to video chat. However a note of caution, you have to be honest about your personal details or it will turn off most of the Arabic girls and muslims singles.


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Chat Arab Girls in ArabLounge

Looking for Arab chat room filled with hundreds of Arab girls or arab men? You may explore ArabLounge.com, the largest network of Arabic and English speaking Arab men and women.

There are many Arab girls available for online chat. However there is an interesting trend, most of Arabic women who are from USA are mostly divorced and they have family roots tracing back to Arabic countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq.

Whether you are looking to make friends or to find a soulmate, ArabLounge cutting edge Video Instant Messenger allows you to chat real time with hundreds of Arabic speaking women.





From the Instant Messenger you can also view a members profile and send them an email or Flirt should you decide to do so.

If you have a webcam,  the real fun starts when you are be able to broadcast yourself real time in ArabLounge Arab chat room.

Try out ArabLounge Video Instant Messenger today by creating your free profile.



You are able to connect specifically to your countries. Below are the list of Arab countries that are available in ArabLounge including Saudi Arabia, Egypt,Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar and Kuwait.

* Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
* Amman, Jordan
* Basrah, Iraq
* Cairo, Egypt
* Casablanca, Morocco
* Dammam, Saudi Arabia
* Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
* Doha, Qatar
* Fes, Morocco
* Giza, Egypt
* Khobar, Saudi Arabia
* Oran, Algeria
* Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
* Tunis, Tunisia
* Alger, Algeria
* Baghdad, Iraq
* Beirut, Lebanon
* Constantine, Algeria
* Dubai, United Arab Emirates
* Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
* Jerusalem, Palestine
* Kuwait, Kuwait
* Manama, Bahrain
* Marrakech, Morocco
* Melbourne, Australia
* Rabat, Morocco
* Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia

Lots of Arab women are waiting to video chat with you.  Arab Chat has never been easier – Click here to join for free today!

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Arablounge.com Review Part 2

When you have signed up successfully, you will be logged into ArabLounge.com. Frankly speaking, there is nothing much to play around except to look for members who are online.

arablounge online members

arabic girls

Most of Arablounge members have family roots tracing back to Arab countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq. There are also plenty of members who has ethnic background from Lebanese-American, Palestinian-American.

There are options for filtering Arablounge singles profiles to your liking. Should you wish to do so, you can either search solely for Egyptian women or Saudi Arabia women.

If you see a symbol flashing “Online Now” arablounge chat online now below a member profile, you have to become a platinum member in order to chat with them.

Many Arabic women who have joined are seeking different things; some are just here to meet new friends, some are lonely, separated or divorced looking for someone to take care of them. Some are looking for LTR (long term relationship), some are looking for a partner that knows how to have a good time!

arab singles Single Arabic Women
There are also Lebanese singles that live in the UK and United States.  ArabLounge is truly a mixture of exotic Arabic culture with modern outlook. You have to find out for yourself which type of minority group that suits you.

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Meet beautiful Arab Muslim girls seeking love and marriage. Click below to sign up for FREE…muslim-girls

ArabLounge.com Review Part 1

Arab dating is truly becoming popular with the rising number of modern Arab men and arabic women rushing onto the internet searching for their soulmate. Without discrimination and culture constraints, an Arab girl can freely choose and chat with any Arab men in ArabLounge.

ArabLounge.com sign up ArabLounge.com has successfully fulfilled the Arab community who wanted autonomy and the ability to find their marriage partner on their own accord.

Signing up in ArabLounge

Signing up is Free in ArabLounge however the registration is a plain tedious process which consist of six steps:

  • choosing your nickname , password and filling up your personal information
  • describe your physical attributes eg height, physique
  • description of your lifestyle
  • describe yourself and the person you would like to meet
  • key in your headline
  • post your photo

All the fields are compulsory which means that you need at least thirty minutes to complete. Also your profile will be reviewed by Arablounge staff before being posted to the site which normally takes not more than 48 hours.

ArabLounge.com sign up

ArabLounge Signup Step #1

arablounge signup step 1

Enter your personal information and choose your nickname and password.

ArabLounge Signup Step #2

arablounge signup step 2

You will be taken to a page where you complete a description about your physical attributes. As you can see on top of the page, there are advertisements even in the registration process! Although advertising is a source of revenue, however the act of putting banner ads in the sign up process appears to be over zealous and gluttonous.

ArabLounge Signup Step #3

arablounge signup step 3

Keep in mind that all fields are compulsory or you would not be taken to the next step.

ArabLounge Signup Step #4

arablounge signup step 5

Many prospective members will look at the way you describe yourself. This is how they formed a impression of you. Keep it light and write something like: “My friends describe me as a …” so that people will know that you have friends, not a psycho bonker!

ArabLounge Signup Step #5

arablounge signup step 6

Headline is the most important part of a online dating profile as it instantly make or break your chances. The headline purpose is to grab the attention of your potential partners. Make your headline thought provoking. Don’t write cheesy titles like ” Princess looking Prince”

ArabLounge Signup Step #6

arablounge signup step 7
Tips: Upload a photo that show you smiling.

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Meet beautiful Arab Muslim girls seeking love and marriage. Click below to sign up for FREE…muslim-girls

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