Dating Thai Girlfriends Facing The Hard Truths

Many foreign men have heard about the seductiveness of  Thai girlfriends and young Thai women’s high sex drive. You must have heard stories about young Thailand girls who are eager to please you. The rock star attention you are getting in Thailand are only reserved for those mega rich and rock stars back in your homeland.

For those who are eager to explore the Thailand dating paradise, please open your big wide eyes before diving in. Some Thai expats insist you can still find Thailand women for serious relationship in these infamous tourist traps areas such as Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok nightclubs , there is always a chance but why take all the risks ?

If you want to find real long term relationship, avoid these tourist traps at all costs.

However if you want to have fun and a “Hangover” experience like the hollywood movie by all means have a taste, but do not go into serious relationship with girls from these entertainment places.

#1 Thai girlfriend hard truth

You need to be realistic. If your Thai girlfriend is a young hot stunner and both of you have a 20 year to 30 year age gap, then your chances of long term dating success is slightly equal to zero. Language barrier, completely different interests, conflicting cultural difference are some of the obstacles to your perfect Thai girlfriend relationship.

#2 Thai girlfriend hard truth

Money is the root of all evil? Lack of money is the real cause of all evil. Most Thai girls from the countryside are poor and in order to support their farmer parents, they become bar girls or prostitute in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok nightclubs. Some like the exciting high from working in these nightspots.

So if your mutual attraction is first based on money transaction, then avoid all the heart pain by not going into a serious relationships with these Thai bargirls.

#3 Thai girlfriend hard truth

The marriages of Thai bargirls and foreign men almost always end up in heart pain and breakups. If you are thinking of marrying your Thai bar girlfriend and bringing her back to your country, the problems get compounded. You have better learn how to make her adjust to the culture shock or it will most probably end up leaving you. The reality of life outside of Thailand is not something that your average Thai bar girlfriend enjoy.

Why go through the hassles of meeting Thai women in Thailand? You can make friends with real mainstream Thai women who are NOT Thai bargirls and if you decide to meet them after you have know more about them, by all means fly to Thailand and meet them personally.

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