Wrong Perceptions of Arab Girls

Many foreigners are curious about exotic Arabic girls. The word “Hot” are synonymous with “Arab girls”. However some might have misconceptions about Arabic women that might hold them back from dating them.

Arab girls misconception #1

Many of you do not know this little secret: Arab girls can have boyfriends and they do all kind of hot sex in their own comfort private locations. The reason why many people do not dare to ask an Arab girl for a date is that they think Arab girls cannot touch her boyfriend in public or show her boyfriend her naked full body. That is absolutely false.

Most of Arabic girls hide their hair for religious matters, however they are allowed to show off their full prettiness to other female,  family members and most important of all to her boyfriends.


Arab girls misconception #2: Lebanese girls are wild

Many people think that among all the Arab girls, Lebanese girls are high maintenance and they party wildly as Lebanese girls have more freedom than Arab women in other Arab countries.

Some of Lebanese girls like to party hard and some do not. Married Lebanese girls are not expected to work to help pay the bills, thats why they are thought as high maintenance girl.

Arab girls misconception #3: Arab girls are stuck up

Many believe that Arab girls are snobbish and do not seem to want to associate with people or guys outside of their race or religion. However because of repressive cultural and religious customs, arab girls would not want to break the rules.

Arab women are known for their modesty, traditionalism. Most of Arab girls are attractive that possess marriage material and they are family women.

Where to meet Arabian girls

There are many free online Arab dating services however the most popular are ones are:

  • Muslima.com – Muslim girls matrimony site

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Arab Dating Culture

If you are going to date Arabic men or Arabic women, it is better to thoroughly understand the Arab dating culture. Arab society is predominantly patriarchal, where men are perceived as the decision-makers and women as inferior and should be ideally subservient. Although the perceptions are changing, however the traditional attitudes are still deeply entrenched in the Arab cultural world.

Arab dating biased perceptions

All Arab marriages are arranged and women sole purpose in life is viewed as being alive to serve men. An Arab man who treats his partner better and against the acceptable social standard will endangers his social standing in the society.

When an Arab man wants to date a woman, they are sometimes placed on a pedestal and treated well but she will never be taken seriously because of her inferior status in the society.

Arab dating expectations

Arabs usually are strict Moslems who adhere by Islamic laws and are very attached to their religion. Women they date and marry are subjugated and diminished into a subservient role. They are well treated as long as they do exactly as they should by being dominated totally by the husband. Arab men are possessive and probably will try to limit the time you spend with other people.

Women are not allowed male friends and do not even sit at the same table as males in a discussion setting. Women do not even sit in the same section in a mosque as the men do. Some women are required their hair and face to be covered at all times in public. This all depends on the sect of the religion the man is from.

In Arab dating culture, it is normal and common for a Arab man to have 2 wives. In Islam, a Arab Muslim man who is financially able are allow to have up to 4 wives. Even though polygamy is banned in some western countries such as USA, it is better to ask the Arab man you are dating whether he will consider taking a second wife.

If you are a woman. you have the right to have a “Marriage Contract” which states all of these things, whether or not you will allow him to have more than one wife. If you do not want him to marry another woman, say 10 years from now, you can say NO, but you must tell him this BEFORE you get married.

If the man you are dating is a Muslim, he will probably want you to convert to Islam. However you should only do that if you truly believe in Islam.

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Where To Date Saudi Arabian Girls

Saudi Arabian girls

Arab online dating is getting very popular among the young Arab Muslims. Now Arabian women have the choice of choosing their ideal prospective husbands through the internet without the cultural constraints

Understanding Saudi Arabian women and their culture

Online dating single Saudi Arabia women seems to be an exotic propostion as Saudi Arabia ladies are perceived as mysterious and sensual. However in Saudi Arabia there is no legal requirement that define the minimum age for marriage. Young Arabian girls are often forced to marry older Saudi Arabian men.

Saudi Arabia women love to dance and their music is very rhythmic. The imagination of a sensual Arabic girl dancing provocatively behind a veil is the common notion among foreign men.

Click here to meet Arab girls online

Click here to meet Arab girls online

Compared to in middle eastern countries like syria and lebanon, Syrian women or lebanon girls usually has the option to accept or refuse the proposing man for whatever reason and when the prospective partner’s age is too old.

Saudi Arabian women characteristics

  • Saudi girls are generally humble and chaste
  • Arab girls live in the shadows of their husbands,
  • single Arab women are generally open and even flirtatious if you are a foreigner
  • Saudi Arabian girls have captivating smiles and they are dark and exotic.
  • Some people consider Arab girls the most desirable women in the world for marriage and love.

Where to meet Saudi Arabian girls

There are many free online Arab dating services however the most popular are ones are:

  • Muslima.com – Muslim girls matrimony site

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  • ArabLounge – largest Arab online dating community

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if you are Indian or Pakistani or a foreginer working in Saudi Arabia, you will have to know someone to really be able to connect with girls in Saudi Arabia. You need to meet a Saudi girl online.

Where To Find Syrian Girls For Marriage

There are many Syrian women on the internet looking for someone to date or marriage. Some of the Syrian girls are liberal and seeking for love and to take care of them. Most of Syrian women resides in Al Qadam, Al Mazzah Idlib, Jaramanah, halab, Dimashq, Dummar, Ad Dahdah, Makman just to name a few.

Types of Syrian girls

Traditionally, Syrian women are expected to be wives, mothers and rulers of the household when their husband is not at home. However there are also career-minded Syrian women and many of Syrian women who are members of Parliament (equivalent to congressmen).

Wild and naughty Syrian girls

In Syria, where women often wear veils and long robes, it is surprising that the demand for push-up bras, leather outfits, whips, and edible underwear is wildly popular. The reason is because of the influences of magazines, television and internet, Syrian women are more exposed to western culture than other middle eastern women.


Chat with Arab and Syrian girls

You can chat with Syrian women online in Muslima.com which is one of the most popular online dating site. Most of Arab Muslim women go to Muslima.com to find their ideal marriage partner.

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Find Arab Girls in Egypt

If you are searching for Arab women singles for dating, friendship, there are dozens of Arab dating websites offering matchmaking services. Here you will discover how to find beautiful Arab girls living in places such as Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Al Ismā`īlīyah, Alexandria in Egypt.

Find Egyptian women in Muslima.com

First you need to sign up as FREE member in Muslima.com in order to do a search. It is not so difficult to find sweet, young Arab girls living in Egypt but you have to do a little bit of digging.

  • Go to “Search” in the dropdown menu
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Select the “Living in” option, and select “EGYPT”
  • Click submit button

And voila, you can instantly find many Arab women residing in Egypt and you can also select the Arab women age range.



Find Egyptian women in ArabLounge

If you are unfamiliar with ArabLounge, it is the largest Arab online dating site cater for single Arab men and Arabic women. For those of you who are looking for Egyptian singles or Arab singles from other Middle Eastern backgrounds, ArabLounge offer a diverse Arab community for online dating.

Go to your “Search Profiles” –> “Detailed Search”
Go to “Expanded Search” –> click the “+” sign to expand all countries selections, then select search criteria

You can select the age range of Arab girls. You will probably find young Egyptian girls and mature Egyptian women profiles.



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