FilipinaHeart Latest New Features

Breaking news… now has a brand new search interface which translates to several exciting new features for filipino members.

In the past it is just basic and advance search functions, now you can search for filipino women friends by:

  • first name
  • keyword
  • filipinaheart membership number

What does FilipinaHeart new basic search do?

The new Basic and Advanced search features allow you to search for filipina members using multiple criteria selections.

18 years old19 years old21 years old

For example you can now search for members within a few km radius of your city in the Philippines. Cebu City Makati, Pasig, Quezon in Manila

Love is never too far away on FilipinaHeart

These are just a few of the new fantastic features now available on So take advantage and make the most of FilipinaHeart today. Enhance your online dating experience with the new and improved FilipinaHeart.

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Why Chinese Women Are Attractive

Finding a Chinese woman as your ideal companion? Chinese women may be a bit different from Western ladies. Here are some facts you should know about Chinese women that makes them an ideal marriage partner.

Gentle Chinese woman

Gentle Chinese woman

Chinese women are very traditional and conservative

Chinese women are more cautious about talking and meeting strangers in Chinese online dating services. They are shy in communication and preferred to be more passive and reserved. Straight talking is a convern as they do not want to be seen as brash and inconsiderate.

Chinese women are very faithful and family-oriented

In fact, Chinese women are very loyal and faithful to their husband and families.  Show your sincerity by talking about she does in daily life, her difficulty in work and her family. When a Chinese woman feels that you care and sincere about her, she will think that you are the best choice for her.

Chinese women are gentle and considerate

Chinese women are always willing to share their partner’s pressure and sorrow. If you are having difficulty or trouble in life and work, do not be afraid to share your grievances. Chinese woman is more than happy to give you a listening ear and ready to give you encouragement, comfort and support.

By sharing your troubles, Chinese women do not see it as a weakness. Rather they perceive it as an honor to be able to shoulder and share your burdens.

Chinese women are virtuous and tolerant

Chinese women are very courteous, feminine and tolerant. She does not quarrel with you over trivial matter. In general, she can easily appease your anger whenever there is a misunderstanding.

However being tolerant doesn’t mean she will turn a blind eye to your frivolous behaviors, like every woman in this world she will also get jealous.

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 4

In the last Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 3 we talk about how to use your Filipino FriendFinder member profile to maximize your online dating experience. This section will highlight to you the tools on how to improve your exposure in Filipino Friend Finder.

Tools to help you get more matches

  • Hotlist:
    when you are browsing in Filipino Friend Finder, you can add filipino members that you are interested so that you can find them easily again.
HotList button to save your favorite filipino friends

HotList button to save your favorite filipino friends

  • My New Matches:
    Another list automatically compiled for you and ready to review every time you log in.
  • Members Near Me:
    You can find out which members are living near you.
  • See Who’s Online Now:
  • Find out who is logged into their account at that very instant, some of whom may be available to chat with via Filipino FriendFinder’s Instant Messenger.

    Who's online in filipino friendfinder

    Who's online in filipino friendfinder

  • Most Popular Member
    Check out which filipino women are getting the most attention.
  • Your Local Groups
    Use this feature to find filipina members who share your interests and live locally
  • Top Kudos
    This interesting list features members who have received praise from other members. Find out who’s making  headlines.
  • View Recently Confirmed ID
    Confirmed ID means that these members are real human beings who have recently verified their age, gender, and address.
  • VIP list
    Check out these filipino women who have supplemented their Gold memberships with a VIP designation so you know they are serious in searching for their online sweetheart.

So take advantage of the above tools and use them for maximum success. Good Luck!

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Top 5 Mistakes Writing an Online Dating Profile

Here’s the scenario: you saw a few popular online dating services and you signed up for free membership. Next, you went online but it turns out there are no response or worse you get losers, cheaters. It is pretty frustrating when you thought that hooking up online is supposed to be easy and convenient.

No, it’s not your fault that you are not getting any attention, the blame lies with your online dating profile. Here’s the five mistakes we commonly made when writing our online dating profile.

Mistake #1: Carbon Copy

For Girls:
Every girl likes to describe herself as “kind hearted, sweet, fun,open-minded, sincere, optimistic, friendly” but there are thousands of other single girls in Asian online dating websites that say the same thing about themselves. This type of profile do not stand out from the crowd and you soon be buried deep under the tsunami of popular members’ profile. click here to see example of popular Filipina girls member online profile

For guys:
Boring generic descriptions about your likes and hobbies. Who doesn’t enjoy travel, movies and make new friends?

The Attention grabbing secret:

The best online dating profiles tell an original story about the member . So instead of writing that you’re adventurous, write something about the trip to the beach or the hike with your buddies or best friends.

You will be a major turn on when you describe yourself as passionate. No! not in bed but the activities or hobbies that get you hook.  This approach make you seem a lot more interesting and it also gives online dating members an easy icebreaker.

Mistake #2: You Don’t Advertise Yourself

You might be reluctant to self promote because you worry it will make you seem cocky or self-conceited. Do not leave out listing your strengths such as  good at cooking or speak four languages etc. Prospective dating members like to date people who are winners not losers.

Mistake #3: Ugly Profile Photos

For Girls:

  • Do not make a mistake of submitting photos with your best friend. You will confuse the man checking you out. Which one is the real you? The ugly one or the hotter one?
  • Do not include guys in profile photo.  Some of the Asian girls are so lazy that they upload snapshots with their brothers, ex-boyfriend. This is a huge turn off for men.
  • Take a good self portrait, preferably in bed as the background of your profile picture. Wait and see your inbox shoot through the roof.
  • Photos that shows off your body is an absolute must… if you have it, flaunt it
  • If you are still puzzled over how to take good self portrait, go to the popular members photo section like the one in Filipino FriendFinder and see how they take their photos which are being voted by fellow members.

Mistake #4: Desperate Headlines

Do not write “looking for a soulmate” it screams “I’m desperately looking to marry ASAP!” Your profile headline is like a classified ad, screaming and waving for attention to those that are browsing and searching members profiles. But do not let your headline devalue

Mistake #5: Revealing secrets

Do not reveal anything in your profile that you wouldn’t say on a first date.  It is normal that your profile contains a detailed self description but do not confess unnecessarily.

With a few tweaks and patience, your inbox will soon be stuffed with messages from guys or girls dying to hear from you. Good luck!

Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 3

Let’s dig right into the juicy parts of Filipino FriendFinder. In the last review part 2, we discuss about how to connect to Filipino Friends Instant Chat. Now we will look into how to use your Filipino FriendFinder member profile to maximize your online dating experience.

At last count, Filipino FriendFinder has 332,441 members which is a lot of filipinas compared to others. In your member profile, you can directly see who’s online in real time. See picture below

filipinofriendfinder member profile

filipinofriendfinder member profile

To find your ideal match faster, browse the “Recent New Member Photo Gallery” and you see how filipino girls take their profile pictures. Absolutely mesmerizing!

Most Popular Female Members This Week

You can view Filipino FriendFinder weekly most viewed members in the network based on the number of views received in the last 7 days. If you want to be popular, just follow their poses on their profile pictures.


Most Popular Member Photos of Filipino Women

This show you the most popular filipino girls’ photos voted by fellow members.  Most of them come from Manila, Central Luzon, National Capital Region, Southern Tagalog, Cebu, Central Visayas, Southern Mindanao in the Philippines. There are only some filipinas that post their profile from overseas such as United States.

In the next part, Popular Member Videos and Recent Member Videos will be shown.

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