Desperate Foreign Asian Brides

There is an increasing trend of Asian men marrying foreign Asian women as brides. Asian brides from China, the Philippines and Vietnam are most popular among Asian men seeking a marriage partner. Many of these Chinese brides, Vietnamese brides, Filipina brides married foreign men for a meal ticket out of poverty.

Why foreign Asian brides are popular

Many commercial matchmaking agencies promoting Vietnamese and Chinese brides offer convenient whirlwind matchmaking tours to Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. The ease and convenience of marriage administration and the price for marrying a foreign Asian bride has shrank rapidly in recent years, making it a more affordable option for Asian men.

Vietnamese brides

Most of Vietnamese brides come from poor Vietnamese rice farmers and these Vietnam girls just want to find a good husband and send money back to their homeland.  Marrying a Vietnamese girl is very simple, you only need to obtain the Vietnamese girl’s parent consent and you can proceed to hold the wedding banquet.


Chinese brides

There are many Chinese women seeking foreign marriage partner as China economy opens up to the world. With the access of internet in China, many Chinese girls can explore the opportunities and discover their new found freedom.

Thai women brides

Thai women often prefer to marry foreign Asian men who are deemed as good husband material, responsible family men who care and provide for the family.

Thai women know that some of Thai men like to drink and do not take care of their families. There are also untold stories of Thai men beating their wives while many Thai men are often labeled as “butterflies”, fluttering between flower (women) to flower (women) to pollinate. Thailand women often found their husbands to be cheating on them and they are sick of it.

Next time a Thai woman called you a butterfly, it is not a compliment but a sneering remark to describe you as a flirt.


Mismatch expectations for foreign Asian brides

Most of the men usually desire an obedient and submissive wife, while foreign Asian brides expect their husband to be wealthy enough to provide for their family.

Before you rush to marry a foreign Asian bride, sign up for the various free online dating services to get to know them better before you commit yourself.

Find Arab Girls in Egypt

If you are searching for Arab women singles for dating, friendship, there are dozens of Arab dating websites offering matchmaking services. Here you will discover how to find beautiful Arab girls living in places such as Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Al Ismā`īlīyah, Alexandria in Egypt.

Find Egyptian women in

First you need to sign up as FREE member in in order to do a search. It is not so difficult to find sweet, young Arab girls living in Egypt but you have to do a little bit of digging.

  • Go to “Search” in the dropdown menu
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Select the “Living in” option, and select “EGYPT”
  • Click submit button

And voila, you can instantly find many Arab women residing in Egypt and you can also select the Arab women age range.



Find Egyptian women in ArabLounge

If you are unfamiliar with ArabLounge, it is the largest Arab online dating site cater for single Arab men and Arabic women. For those of you who are looking for Egyptian singles or Arab singles from other Middle Eastern backgrounds, ArabLounge offer a diverse Arab community for online dating.

Go to your “Search Profiles” –> “Detailed Search”
Go to “Expanded Search” –> click the “+” sign to expand all countries selections, then select search criteria

You can select the age range of Arab girls. You will probably find young Egyptian girls and mature Egyptian women profiles.



Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 8

In this Filipino Friend Finder Review, you will learn how to attract Filipino women and become the center of attention in this Filipina dating site.

You will discover how to enhance your Filipino FriendFinder online profile by adding a bit of glitz. Learn how to highlight your emails and online profile in search listings. You will definitely increase your chances by standing out from the crowd and attract potential filipino women like bees to honey !


How to attract Filipino ladies in Filipino FriendFinder

The basic step is to update and improve your online profile. Your online profile headline should grab attention and show that you  are a real person.

  • Upload a decent photo of yourself smiling. Yes a person smiling in photograph is more attractive than the one who don’t
  • Don’t be lazy and just grab any pictures that show you and your good buddy, it will be confusing for the Filipino girl

Is your introduction as well written? If not, maybe it’s time to improve your profile. To get ideas, look at popular members in Filipino FriendFinder and see what you like what about theirs. It is okay to borrow good ideas, just don’t copy exactly

How to highlight your online profile and be the center of attention

Now you can make your Filipino FriendFinder online profile stand out from the thousands with Search and Email Highlights. Your profile will appear with a bright yellow highlight on search pages and catches the eyes of potential Filipina girls partners.

Furthermore you can have more attention-grabbing, any email that you send out will appear in the recipient’s mailbox with a yellow highlight. Make your email stand out in filipino ladies inbox with an email highlight.

Plus, Silver members enjoy useful tools and privileges, like being able to:

* Access complete profiles.
* Watch video introductions.
* Initiate email to any filipino girls you like

Remember: your profile is the way to attract a great woman’s attention, so make it the best you can.

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Muslim Matrimonial Review Part 7

In this new updates on, you can discover many changes to enhance your Muslim online dating experience. First of all, there is Arabic language displayed in, so language is not a barrier if you are unable to read English. is an online Muslim marriage and matrimonial service site where you can find a Muslim partner for friendship or marriage. recomended matches

This new feature allow you to screen and scan different Arabic women or Muslim girls’ profiles without scrolling. The interface will automatically scroll horizontally within certain time span. You can immediately click any Muslim woman profiles that catches your attention.

muslima-recommend-women recent activity

In the right side of your homepage control panel, you can now know which women members has been viewing and reading your profile. This new upgraded feature is a little bit like James Bond 007, spying on someone else without them knowing.

You can now take real time action for example, taking intiative to contact them or send them a “Show Interest”.  This will increases the chance of finding your ideal Muslim partner.


If one of the member girls caught your eye, you can either:

  • add her to your favorites
  • show her an interest
  • send email to her
  • chat with her if she is online

Click picture below to meet or interact with Muslim women for Muslim marriage dating. Join 100% free and chat with Muslim Arab ladies.



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