Thai Bar Girlfriends Hard Truths

For those who are genuinely searching for true love and romance, Thailand may seem like anyone’s dream of dating paradise. Everywhere you turn you can see sweet young, nubile Thai bargirls on virtually every street corner. No wonder first time visitors to Thailand will fall in love with the place.

As they said “Love is blind” and if you find yourself really liking a Thai girlfriend working in a bar, be forewarned that the odds of a successful relationship are stacked against you. Most foreign men who dated Thai bargirls end up being cheated or suffer emotional breakdown.

Why Thai bar girlfriends are smarter than you

Thai bargirls often see relationships with Western men as a way to benefit themselves, their family or their Thai boyfriend or husband who is hiding in the shadows.

In a country where women are not always afforded the same opportunities as men, some Thai women choose to enter the sex industry to make money and support their family or to ease the financial pressures they have faced for much of their life.

These Thai bargirls attempt to secure their future which may mean lining up as many options ( Western men) as possible.

They may not disclose relationships they are already involved in and they are less honest about their intentions with you.  Thai bargirls will often cherrypick to choose one man among whom they feel can provide best for them, or they may simply try and make as much money as they can by establishing a contact with various men to support them financially by sending them money regularly.

Thai bar girlfriend hard truth #1

The vast majority of Thai girls working in the Thailand bars may actually have a Thai boyfriend or husband.  Thai bargirls will often say that they do not like Thai men in front of you but it is just a ruse to make Western men feel more comfortable with them. If you are really serious about marrying your Thai bargirlfriend then there are a few things you must know about Thai Bargirls first

  • she might be pretending to look out for a way out of the bar business
  • she is probably in a relationship with someone or has a husband behind your back
  • she dates lots of farangs like you every month behind your back
  • your chances of getting her to tell you the truth about herself is equal to zero

Thai bar girlfriend hard truth #2

Thai bargirlfriend will tell you she love you and that you are the only one in her life.  This may be true and she may truly love you and worship you to the limit that only a Thai bargirl can. In many cases this could not be further from the truth.

Most of these Thai bargirls do not have an easy life and circumstances force them to work in the sexbar industry. Thai Bar Girls make a living by duping foreign men. They are not the same as ordinary mainstream Thai women. Thai bargirls are professional players who earn a living off the backs of foreign tourists who visit nightspot places in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.

How to have a successful Thai girl relationship

Avoid those Thai bargirls in the tourist areas, get to know real conservative Thai mainstream women online. Many Thai mainstream women are affluent and highly educated.

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