What Makes Thai Girls So Attractive

What make Thai girls so captivating? There are many reasons that contribute to their attractiveness.

Conservative Thai girls upbringing

Most Thailand girls are brought up to be obedient and subservient to their husband whereas western women are fiercely independent and extremely proud of it. In western countries, independence is celebrated and encouraged. Women who are submissive to their man are looked down upon in the west.

Thai women are conservative and simple, they are dedicated and are willing to stay at home to do household chores and cook for their man. For those who are searching for a dedicated woman, Thailand woman makes their dream come true.

Charming Thailand woman

Thailand women greatest gift is their sincerity and their willingness to be helpful. Thai women would give you their full attention unlike western women who would not even give you a second look if you are slightly old or not in very good shape.

Mainstream Thailand women do not possess the repulsive chauvinism of modern Western women. Attractive western women treat men badly as if they deserve it.

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Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Thai women actually make men feel at ease with their delicate and friendly aura irregardless of your age or physical attributes. When talking with a Thai girl, you can feel that she is sincere and does not patronise you unlike western women who will put you down if you try to pick them up.

Thai girls have alluring physical traits that is hard to find from stylish western women. Long luscious flowing straight hair, dark round eyes, sun kissed skin tone and petite body frame are common physical characteristics of Thailand girl.

Thailand dating culture

In Thai dating culture, there is no age taboo between dating partners even for a ten year age gap. However that cannot happen in the west, where a young girl and an older man are frown upon as underage dating.

In Thailand it would be perfectly normal for a young thai girl to go out with an older man in public places. There are numerous foreign men who flock to Thailand to find their ideal marriage partner. But before they do that, they will chat with Thailand women in Thai online dating sites before flying out to meet them.

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Understanding China Chinese Women

Almost all young Chinese women prefer local native Chinese men for dating or marriage. Young Chinese girls would consider dating a foreigner if the right one came along. However their parents would never agree to their daughter dating or marrying a foreigner.  Cultural differences leading to problems and difficulty in communicating with each other are some reasons why Chinese girls still prefer dating Chinese men.

Which type of Chinese girls seek foreign men

For those Chinese women who are deemed by Chinese society as ‘expired’ (age 30 onwards) or ‘leftover’ (divorcee), foreign men provide an attractive alternative to these Chinese women who feel they are not highly desirable enough to attract Chinese men.

Women who are considered to be ugly or just mediocre in appearance by Chinese social standards : Chinese women with darker-toned skin and Chinese women of minority race.

There are huge differences between how westerners and Chinese perceived beauty and attractiveness. For example, Zhang Ziyi and Lucy Liu are popular and well-received in the west however people in China do not consider Zhang Ziyi and Lucy Liu as beautiful.


In fact they are look upon as ugly by Chinese standards of beauty. The reason is because Chinese men desire women with big round eyes, fair porcelain skin and long straight hair. Unlike western stereotypical preference for Asian women who are petite and with slanted eyes.

Why divorced Chinese women are seen as undesirable by Chinese society

Women who are divorced and the problem worsened if they have a child. Although times have changed, Chinese men still scoffed at Chinese women who are divorced.

The reason is because : Chinese believed that marriage is for life and they view marriage very seriously unlike in the west. Moreover Chinese men viewed divorced Chinese women with children as “leftover”, they do not want to carry the burden of raising children that are not their own.

The Chinese believed that whatever the difficulties the couple have encountered, the husband and wife must endure and work on their problems instead of choosing divorce as an easy way out. Instead of finding ironic and lame excuses like incompatibility ( if you are incompatible with your partner why marry him/her in the first place? you should quit during the dating process)

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Online Dating Modern Chinese Girls

There are many young and beautiful Chinese women in the big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen who are willing to have a causal relationship.These young Chinese girls are usually under 26 years old, well-educated, upwardly mobile Chinese women. Most of them are not marriage-minded and they are searching for a mutually satisfying short-term relationship.

Why Chinese girls are alluring

Chinese girls do not always try to put you down unlike western women. Most of them are genuinely polite and open minded. Their shyness may give off a mystique that is captivating and may sweep off your feet. These add a certain exotic aura to them and their friendliness are confidence boosting for some foreigners.

For western men looking for a relationship with Chinese girls, it is an encouraging experience for foreign men who are being shunned by women in their own countries. However please be aware of the social taboos or faux-pas as dating in China is entirely different from the west.


Young Chinese women dating beliefs

Chinese young adults in Beijing and Shanghai may be trying to emulate the same sexual freedom and social acceptance found in western countries. Young Chinese are well-informed by their awareness of the Western world around them through movies, popular cable tv programs and the internet.

Young Chinese girls do not subscribed to the idea that people should remain a virgin before getting married. They regard this as an old and obsolete tradition practice by the older generation.

If you come across a Chinese girl who is not particularly interested in security and dependability, then she is only looking to have a ‘good time’ aka friends with benefits type of relationship.

However most of Chinese women know the consequences of dating a foreigner. The vast majority of Chinese men will automatically eliminate any Chinese girl who has dated a Westerner as a viable marriage partner.

Some Chinese girls may prefer foreign men depending on their particular preferences. However once they reach a certain age (late twenties) they would feel that they have had their fun and want to find a man to settle down with leading to marriage and children.

What mature Chinese women want

Chinese women who are in late thirties are considered ‘old’ by Chinese dating standards. When searching for a suitable marriage partner, they tend to value security and dependability far more than physical attractiveness.

It is not that older Chinese women would not prefer a handsome young man, but because they do not have a choice as they are regarded as unattractive or “too old” by Chinese social standards.

Please be sure to ask them about their backgrounds as there are different types of Chinese women on the Chinese online dating websites. Examples include aging KTV girls, divorced women with children, gold diggers, visa hunters, wealthy married middle-aged women who are extremely lonely and bored and poor rural Chinese girls who are looking to improve their quality of life.

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Why Filipina women are highly sought after

In the filipino family social setting, the head of the household is often the filipina wife rather than men. The Filipina wife is expected to handle just about everything and this give Filipina women a sense of empowerment. Most married Filipina women are very responsible and caring towards their family.

Are Filipina women better wife than western women?

There are no right or wrong answers however due to different cultural differences and upbringing, Filipina woman is more grateful and appreciative for the simple things in life.

Western women especially American women tend to be too strongly opinionated and fiercely independent for some. On the other hand, Filipina women do not try to take over the marriage and try to control their husband. That is one of the traits that make filipino woman so seductive and attractive .

popular-filipino- girls

Almost all men around the world prefer a woman who are a bit delicate in terms of emotional and financial needs. Filipina woman often show that she need the protection of a man who can demonstrate his abilities as a husband to provide her financially and shower her with love.

Higher educated western women are more concerned about being a career woman and proving equality. Western women tend to neglect their husband and children in their pursue of being a career woman.

Filipino woman will do the dishes, laundry and cook for her husband without any complaints because of Asian cultural upbringing where husband bring the money home and wife’s role is to take care of her husband and her children.

Upbringing of a Filipino girl

Filipino women are brought up with very good family values such as humility. In the Philippines, filipino girls are taught that family is more important than a high paying career whereas Amercian girls are brought up to become confident and independent.

Filipino women fallacy

There is a misconception that filipino ladies are ideal marriage partner because they are subservient and obedient. Caring for her husband and doing household chores does not mean being submissive. A successful marriage also depends on how you are treat and respect your spouse.

Why Filipina women are attractive

A Filipino woman will do her best to keep her family happy and together. She will put her kids and her husband before herself by taking good care of them. Unlike western women who are obsessed with seeking equality and proving themselves, which often result in “liberating” themselves right out of the marriage market ie divorce.

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Thailand Women Characteristics

Many foreign men are attracted to Thai ladies because of their natural feminine ways compared to the independent strong-willed personality of a western woman. Men will always like women who are a little fragile and need the help of a man who can lend a helping hand.

Asian women are culturally ingrained to serve the needs of her husband and her family. The majority of Thai women do not have much initiative as they like to seek out a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle with her family and friends. You will soon discover that the working environment of Thailand women will influence their traits and personalities.


Mainstream Thai women characteristics

Generally speaking, the traditional Thai woman are faithful and loyal to their lover. Most of mainstream Thailand women will spend money wisely and prudently. Traditional mainstream Thailand woman will be more responsible with maintaining a nice home for her partner and helping out with household chores.

Most Thai woman value peace and harmony with her lover rather than an ambitious man. If conflicts and disagreement arises, Thai woman will generally endure or smile rather than provoke a direct confrontation.

Chinese Thai women characteristics

If you meet a Thai woman who are extremely fair with porcelain complexion, she is probably of  Chinese descent whose parents are both from immigrant families from China.

pictures of thailand Chinese girls

pictures of thailand Chinese girls

Many Thai Chinese girls are hardworking and often study hard enough to get into university. Most of Thai Chinese ladies are highly intellectual and value education highly. You can have the best of both world: a highly intelligent Thai lady with traditional Thai values.

Thai ladies characteristics

Thai girls from rural areas tend to show a lack of ambition and you will probably think that they are lazy. Most of Thai ladies who work in entertaintment arenas and tourist hotspots are seeking a better life or maybe a foreign man who can take care of her. So be aware that these Thai ladies are merely friendly to you because of money.

Then there are westernized Thai ladies who would lurk in Thai online dating services hoping to get a foreign boyfriend. However the question is why search for a westernized girl in Thai online dating websites? If you are attracted to Thai ladies, then you must somehow attracted to their traditional feminine and demure personalities.

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