Why foreign Asian brides are popular

Asian brides from China and the Philippines remain a popular choice for Asian men. The main reason is because it is quite hard to find young Asian women as most of them are economically independent and prefer to remain single.

Filipino Asian Brides

Fillipino woman has been known for their strong family ties, pleasant and outward personality. Mail order Asian brides from the Philippines were once a common phenomenon but abusive foreign husbands prompted the authorities to clamp down on such practices.

Chinese Asian Brides

Chinese women are known to be demure and shy but beware of these racial stereotypes that have a tendency to mislead you. It is best to get to know her and see if you can hit it off.


Common Myth about Asian Brides

Some men may have unrealistic fantasy about marrying Asian woman. They think it is more exotic and exciting to marry a foreign Asian woman and they are actually rescuing them from inferno hell from their home countries.

Most men thought Asian women know how to “service” them better than white women just because Asian woman know how to cook and take care of her husband and family.

Due to abject poverty in their family finances, many Vietnamese women have no choice but to marry foreign men to help improve their family situation.

Asian Brides Scams

However there is two sides to a story and there are bound to have black sheep around. Some may argue that they have been scammed after marrying Asian women. There are black widow cases where Asian women who have used up their husband’s money and leave their husband after a few years.

It may seem as a scam to get you to send your money back to her home or family. However before you tied the knot, you must know that marrying a Asian woman is as though marrying her whole family.  In fact you are basically supporting your wife as well as her family.

Before you believe stories about Asian Brides scams, there are also abusive husbands who themselves are alcoholic or violent.

Try dating Asian women online

You can try to dip into baby pool before diving into the deep water. Date some nice local Asian ladies online and see if you click with any of them before you make any descisions. Do tons of research before you commit especially if it concern about sending money.

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Myths About Dating Asian Women Online

Before you attempt to sign up for Asian online dating sites, are you aware that Asian girls are not some strange, exotic women that you hear about from your friends or sex adventures floating around the internet?

If you are looking for those cheap thrills, then you should not join Asian online dating sites but buy a plane ticket straight to the country itself.

Asian women stereotype

This is a very common stereotype among men: Asian girls are submissive housewives while western women are more assertive and independent. Many men are lured to the siren call of a mysterious, sensual Asian woman that is obedient and seductive.

The fact that Asian women are submissive is valid only up to a certain point. However it does not mean Asian women are weak and you can take full advantage of them.

Why Asian women are submissive

The real reason why are Asian women are submissive is because in Asian family social structure, they are brought up with clear traditional gender roles.

This means that she will have expectations of you to take charge and lead the way. Asian girl is unlikely to make the first move in any situation. However it does not mean you can be a dominating jerk.


How to win over Asian women

Dating an Asian girl may be very different than dating other girls. Most Asian women very feminine and truly want and desire a man that can take charge and care for them.

What an Asian woman truly want is a man that behave like a real gentleman. All that old fashioned stuff like walking on the arm, opening doors etc, works very well with Asian women.

  • Do not attempt to impress an Asian girl

Learn to be yourself. The real reason why Asian girls are so attracted to western men is due to the fact that they are more direct, bolder in their approach and more laid back.

  • Being polite pays off

Treat her like any other girl and you will earn her respect. Do not ask stupid about her race and get past your “yellow fever” stereotype assumptions.

Compare to western women, Asian women do not like to voice out their displeasure and tend to keep discomfort to herself. That’s something which makes Asian women so attractive.

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How to tell the difference between Chinese girls and Korean girls?

Differences between Chinese girls and Korean girls?

In the online dating scene, you will probably be looking at only pictures of Chinese girls or Korean girls. However most men from European countries might get easily confused between Chinese and Korean girls. They may all look the same and classified them as Asian women with slanted eyes.

You can easily tell apart between Chinese girls from China and native Korean girls from Korea. It’s mainly the facial structures but not necessarily the size and shape of  their eyes. Chinese and Korean girls can have small or big eyes.

Chinese girls from China


Chinese girls are the most natural beauty and they preferred less make up while Korean girls are into cuteness and they are immaculately dolled up.

Korean girls


Interwining history of Korea and China

Koreans take pride in their country’s continuous survival against foreign invasions, however Korea was finally invaded by the Manchus in 1627 after which the Joseon dynasty recognized the suzerainty of the Qing dynasty of China.

Due to the closeness of the borders and past history of both countries, Korean culture was based on the philosophy of Confucian principles from China. Buddhism and the written Chinese script was brought to Korea by the Chinese.

“Chinese” actually includes a lot of different races and languages. Mandarin is the spoken language in China and there is only  one type of written language . The majority of ethnic group are Han Chinese.

Migration and  interbreeding caused Koreans to look like Chinese people.  “Chinese” should be used in the same way as “European” and not in the same way as “English” or “French”.

Physical appearances

To be honest, you can’t really tell. There are Chinese women who have big round eyes, some who have double eyelids, some doesn’t have slit/slanted eyes.

Most Chinese women have porcelain white complexion compared to Korean girls who are more tanned.

The majority of Korean girls don’t have natural double eyelids therefore it is very common for Korean women to have plastic surgery on their nose and eyes.

Fashion and dressing

With the luxury brands such as GUCCI, Louis Vuitton established in China, Chinese girls from big cities such as  Beijing, Guangzhou are more affluent and are more likely to be dress well. However there are still plenty of Chinese girls from countryside who like to wear traditional cheongsam for their online profile pictures and many need a lot of catching up in their fashion sense.

Korean girls are more fashion forward and they are more likely to doll up with heavy makeup. Long fake eyelashes, pink glossy lipstick, curly brown or highlighted tresses are the norm.

Cultural appearances

To avoid generalizing and giving stereotypical answers, as individuals, Chinese girls and Korean girls are all different depending on their personality and culture influences.

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Asian Brides Money Can Buy You Love

There are growing numbers of Asian men, specifically in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan that are marrying foreign Asian women. In Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, where it is difficult for some men to find a spouse in their home country, a growing number of foreign Asian wives are “imported” from abroad.

In Asia, money can buy you love

In Asia, money can buy you love and a foreign Asian wife. The cost is between USD 6,000 and USD 12,000 for a man to choose and “import” a Vietnamese wife. Depending on different “supplier” countries, potential brides in Vietnam are expected to pay for listing with the marriage brokers.

International matchmaking agencies offer marriage package tours to “supplier” countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand or the Philippines. The “fast food style” of marrying a foreign Asian bride enable men in the space of seven to ten days to choose a woman and start marriage procedures.

Meanwhile, the man returns home and within a few months the foreign Asian wife can join her new husband after immigration formalities have been completed.

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Is there true love by marrying an Asian bride ?

Whether the couple has found true love is another totally different matter. For now, each party has reached their own objectives; the Asian man has a wife with traditional values that are willing to stay at home and take care of children. For the case of the foreign Asian wife, she has secured a stable lifestyle and is able to provide for her family back in her homeland.

Asian bride phenomenon push factors

The majority of foreign Asian brides who migrate to get married do so of their own accord and not because of the perceived threat of bride trafficking.

These foreign Asian brides’ objectives are simple: to get married and migrate

Like most migrants from developing countries, they hope that migration will enable them to send money back to their families and to improve their own lives.

Why are Asian men forced to marry foreign Asian women as brides?

There are a number of factors influencing Asian men to marry foreign Asian brides. From the Asian men perspective, they have the responsibility to continue the paternal line by giving birth to a son and taking care of their aged parents.

Social pressure is extremely strong especially in South Korea where it is difficult for South Korean men to remain single and childless. Furthermore, a hectic working lifestyle left men with no time for dating let alone marriage. Therefore the easiest and convenient method is to marry a foreign Asian bride.

Are native Asian women to blame for the Asian bride phenomenon?

With the rapid economic growth in Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Asian women are highly educated and most of them are in the workforce. However the division of household tasks between spouses remain unchanged in Asian traditional family structure. Men are supposed to bring in the money and women are expected to take care of kids and household tasks.

Many Asian women are unwilling to settle for the traditional role of a wife and they are compelled to choose either work on one hand or marriage and motherhood on the other. At the end of the day, most of them preferred to keep their jobs and stay single.

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South Korean Men Looking For Asian Brides

According to data released by South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality, more than 35% South Korean men are choosing to marry Asian women over local Korean women. This trend is not particularly limited to South Korean men. Asian men from rich countries such as Japan,Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are also seeking women from South East Asia as brides.

Why are South Korean men seeking foreign brides?

It is because young Korean women who are economically independent prefer to stay single. Also highly educated young Korean girls are picky as they prefer an urban to a rural lifestyle.  Those South Korean men who are left out of the dating scene are fishermen and farmers.

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Which countries does these Asian brides come from?

South Korean  fishermen and farmers chose immigrant Asian brides, mostly from China or South-east Asia countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. Because of cultural and values similarities between China and South Korea, More than 47% of Asian brides come from China.

This is an interesting phenomenon because China has always been an exporter of Asian brides, Chinese men of marriageable age will find themselves without women to marry by year 2020.

The shortage of Chinese girls is due to China’s strict one-child policy that has contributed to gender-specific abortions, favoring Chinese males who can carry on the family line.

Why do these Asian brides choose to marry South Korean men?

Due to poverty in their families and because these Asian women want to improve their family situation, Chinese women, Vietnamese women and Cambodian women hope to have a better life.

Does these Asian brides live happily ever after?

As always there are cases where matchmaking agents or marriage broker agencies who “over promise and under deliver” that give the industry a bad name. Some of Asian brides end up with the short end of the stick, instead of a better life, they are stuck with husband who have few assets or who are ill, alcoholic or abusive.

However these cases are few and as long as safeguards are put in place by relevant authorities, the trend of marrying Asian brides is here to stay.

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