5 Tips on Getting a Korean Girlfriend

If you are curious about Asian culture and want to find a Korean girlfriend, below are some tips that might help you in your quest.

1) Try to understand Korean culture

The mantra : “you must understand Korean culture” in order to understand your Korean girlfriend is very important. You got to understand and accept the Korean mindset and she will appreciate it very much.

Most young Koreans understand and speak little English due to their harsh education system. Korean social norm dictate that it is  embarrassing  to show their weakness to strangers.

Korean are shy and afraid of making mistakes in front of strangers however they know it is difficult to learn a foreign language. Try to learn some of Korean language and culture and Korean girls will definitely show great interest in you.

2) Do not compare Korean girls with other Asian girls

Never compare something Korean with Chinese or Japanese in a negative way. You should never pass negative comments about Korean in front of her. Do not even try to sing praises about her by comparing her to your Chinese, Japanese ex-girlfriends.

Young Koreans have a mixed feeling toward their national identity. They are proud of what Korea achieved for the past decades however due to the “small nation complex”, they still reveal a sense of inferiority and frustration.

3) You reap what you sow

Many foreigners thought they got a free pass to misbehave when they arrive in Korea. However most Koreans will sneer at those foreigners hanging out at Itaewon which is notorious for “Paradise for losers where Korean women are ruined”. If you are a foreigner going to Korea, avoid Itaewon.

Tourist traps best known to foreigners like Itaewon or Hong dae area are in fact the least favorite places for cool and rich Korean guys to hang out.

4) Chaste Korean girls are hard to get

Forget about those ignorant foreigners who boast Korean girls are easy prey. Those easy Korean girls hanging out with foreigners in Itaewon or Hong dae clubs are simply “losers” to the eyes of Korean guys.

Affluent and chaste Korean girls will not easily get hook up with foreigners as lovers. You can find high class Korean ladies in upscale places like Cheongdam dong or Karosu-gil in Shinsa dong. These pretty and elegant Korean ladies are hanging out  inside luxury cafes or restaurants privy to upscale Koreans.

5) Personal Hygiene

Foreigners are quite hairy by Korean standard. Try to shave and trim your body hair. Too much body hair might turn off Korean girls. Korean girls are extremely super sensitive about foreigners body odor. Bathe and wear deodorants.

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