Understanding Korean Girls

If you have tried dating Korean girls, you may hit some stonewall and find it hard to understand them. There are basically two type of Korean girls although these are generalizations.

Korean girls Type 1

These Korean girls are fashion crazy who wear designer clothes, wear lots of makeup, likes to go clubbing and a party animal. They love designer branded handbags and shoes and need high maintenance.

These type of Korean girls like to date western guys as long as they are white.

Korean girls Type 2

The Type 2 Korean girls are more reserved, shy and go to church.  For fashion-wise, they dress normally with no heavy makeup unlike those Type 1 Korean girls.


Korean girls mood swing

One of things you must look out for when you are dating Korean girl is her mood swing. A Korean girl mood can change very fast, from one second she can be friendly, smiling, accommodating, submissive and nice to be around, the next moment she can be unpredictable.

For example, she may not answer your calls and text messages, cancel dates at last minute, or act like she is uncomfortable during your date and make an excuse to return home quickly.

Reason for Korean girls mood swing

The reason why Korean girls have mood swing is because a lot of korean girls have low self esteem and reserved, especially when they date those who can speak English only.

Due to the social culture of not making mistakes in front of strangers and not feeling embarrassed because they have to try to speak good English during the date which stresses her out and make her uncomfortable.

Korean girls expect you to pay

Even if it is the Korean girl who initiated the date, as a guy, you are expected to treat her. Do not be culture shocked when a Korean girl just stand there and expect you to place the order and pay for the date.

It is part of the social norms that the male pay for date to show that he can afford and impress her date. Although it is old fashion thinking and some westerners may get turn off, however as they said; “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

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