How To Impress a Korean Girl

If you want to be part of the Korean wave where foreign men can date Korean girls easily, learn the Korean culture and speak a little Korean. Below is a section to teach you how to make a conversation with a Korean girl whether it is online or on a read date.

Simple Korean expression phrases

If you can make a Korean girl feel that you are putting in effort the learn about their culture, you will definitely be interesting to her and make in stand out in her eyes.

Hello : 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)

Will you be my girlfriend? : 내 여자친구가 되어줄래? (Nae yo-ja-chin-guga do-e-o-jul-lae)

Would you like to go out with me? : 나랑 사귈래요? (Narang sagwi-llae-yo)

I’m crazy about you : 당신에게 반했습니다 (Dangsinege banhaet-ssum-nida)

How are you? 어떻 게 지내세요? (eotteohke jinaeseyo?)

Sorry :     미안 합니다! (mianhamnida)

Thank you : 감사합니다  (kamsahamnida)

Goodbye : 안녕  (annyeong)

Pleased to meet you : 만나서 반가워요  (Mannaseo bangawoyo)

How to impress a Korean girl

“So what’s your job?” This will be the first question a Korean girl will ask you this in the first minute of conversation. This is because Koreans socially judged you based on your job and title.

  • Humor
    Making a Korean girl laugh makes you look interesting and a fun person to be with. Tell her a little joke or show her magic tricks that demonstrate you can provide her with value in terms of companionship.
  • Story telling:
    Telling her stories in your life gives some depth to your interaction with her and helps you both to connect emotionally. Make sure she tell most of her stories to you, as for most of the people, the most interesting subject is about themselves.
  • Start a unique conversation:
    Do not interrogate her and ask those usual boring questions about her family, friends, what kind of movies she like etc…Make  statements and continue from there. Use future talk and make it light and playful.

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