Dating Vietnamese Girls Advice

If you are going to date a Vietnamese girl online, it is better to understand the Vietnamese culture and values so that you can have a clearer picture before committing yourself in a serious relationship.

Vietnamese social values

When you marry a Vietnamese woman, you do not marry into her entire family. It is different from other Asian women such as Filipina women where you marry her whole family. When a Vietnamese woman get married to a Vietnamese man, she marry into his whole family. Obligations such as taking care of his elder parents as if it is her own are part of Vietnamese social values.

If you are highly educated and financially affluent, find a woman who has a similar education level as you so that she is able to take care of herself. Then you will not have to marry her whole family.

Vietnamese family culture

The most notable things are the importance of the family and respect for people who are older than you are. Family ties are strong in the Vietnamese culture. You have to know your place in a Vietnamese family; elder comes first eg when you are eating at a dinner, you have to wait for the elder to start eating before you can start.

One of the weak point is that Vietnamese people like to meddle in other people’s affairs unlike Western culture where people like to mind their own business.

Vietnamese girls marriage

There are many poor Vietnamese families who would want their pretty daughter to marry a foreigner if they think it will benefit them. Search deep and explore their motives before committing yourself. There are dozens of Vietnamese village ladies waiting to marry foreigners and Vietnamese bride tours are common in the villages.

Modern Vietnamese girls

Younger and modern Vietnamese girls are now more independant and open-minded especially those living in big cities such as Ho Chin Minh. Modern Vietnamese girls are not bound by restrictive iron rules or tradition like in the past anymore. A Vietnamese girl can decide to have sex with the one she love and trust, unlike traditional rules that she must stay virgin before marriage.

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