Which Type of Thai Girls To Avoid

Many foreign men who visit Thailand will unknowingly fall into the trap of Thai bargirls’ games. Most of foreign men are walking into the lions’ den when they visit Thai discos, a-gogo bars. These sleazy places are strictly for your entertainment purposes but it is not the kind of place to seek Thai dating partners.

However not many foreign men can resist the temptation and before they know it, the lonely farang find himself attached emotionally with one of the Thai bargirls which he find her very “special”.

Thai Bargirls Sex and Lies

There are countless Thai bargirls stories, ploys and ways of trapping farang men. The usual sob story a Thai bargirl will tell you goes like this: she have to support her poor farmer parents in Isaan and that she had to work in the Thai bar for the money. She will tell you that she want to learn English and some kind of skill, maybe computer. Furthermore her granny, auntie, buffalo are very sick etc…

After a while, she will emailed you several more times over the next two months asking for more money. While you are back in your own country sending money to her, this thai bargirl is out every night partying it up and going back to the Thai disco to work.

Lessons learnt from Thai Bargirls

The bottom line is: do not waste your time and money on Thai bargirls if you want to find a real Thai dating partner. You will risk wrecking yourself emotionally while she does not even feel remorseful. Thai people have their own pecking order and foreign men are bottom of the dating totem pole.

  • Most Thai bar girls look at farang men as a source of income. It is very rare she will actually fall in love with you for being you
  • Most Thai girls from the countryside become bar girls in the big city. They like the big city life and do not want to go back to their countryside home because it is boring

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