Arab Dating Culture

If you are going to date Arabic men or Arabic women, it is better to thoroughly understand the Arab dating culture. Arab society is predominantly patriarchal, where men are perceived as the decision-makers and women as inferior and should be ideally subservient. Although the perceptions are changing, however the traditional attitudes are still deeply entrenched in the Arab cultural world.

Arab dating biased perceptions

All Arab marriages are arranged and women sole purpose in life is viewed as being alive to serve men. An Arab man who treats his partner better and against the acceptable social standard will endangers his social standing in the society.

When an Arab man wants to date a woman, they are sometimes placed on a pedestal and treated well but she will never be taken seriously because of her inferior status in the society.

Arab dating expectations

Arabs usually are strict Moslems who adhere by Islamic laws and are very attached to their religion. Women they date and marry are subjugated and diminished into a subservient role. They are well treated as long as they do exactly as they should by being dominated totally by the husband. Arab men are possessive and probably will try to limit the time you spend with other people.

Women are not allowed male friends and do not even sit at the same table as males in a discussion setting. Women do not even sit in the same section in a mosque as the men do. Some women are required their hair and face to be covered at all times in public. This all depends on the sect of the religion the man is from.

In Arab dating culture, it is normal and common for a Arab man to have 2 wives. In Islam, a Arab Muslim man who is financially able are allow to have up to 4 wives. Even though polygamy is banned in some western countries such as USA, it is better to ask the Arab man you are dating whether he will consider taking a second wife.

If you are a woman. you have the right to have a “Marriage Contract” which states all of these things, whether or not you will allow him to have more than one wife. If you do not want him to marry another woman, say 10 years from now, you can say NO, but you must tell him this BEFORE you get married.

If the man you are dating is a Muslim, he will probably want you to convert to Islam. However you should only do that if you truly believe in Islam.

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