Thai Bar Girlfriends Tricks

Why do so many foreign guys leave their common sense and their intelligence at the airport when they arrive in Thailand? Charming, cute, petite Thai bargirls, these beautiful petite girls attract so many foreign men to Thailand. Common nightspots in  Bangkok or Pattaya are Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Walking Street.

How to avoid becoming a statistic of Thai bar girlfriends

If you can remember one thing only : do not ever fall in love with Thai bar girls.  These Thai bargirls are offering a service, they are offering sex for money ie they are prostitutes. Do foreign men fall in love with prostitutes back in their home country? The answer is an obvious no.

These Thai bargirls are strictly in the job for money and do not delude yourself that she like you for love and the sex. Do not be fooled by their honeyed words as they have practiced the perfect answers to your questions. For example, when you ask if she will like to go back to school, she will reply that she will sign up for computer class or upgrade herself if she can get out of the sex trade.

Why Thai girls become prostitutes

Many of them have dozens of reasons on why they chose this line of job. Most of these Thai bargirls are in the business to support her parents who might be poor farmers and have huge debts they cannot repay. For the poor and uneducated, it is not easy to find a high paying job like bargirl that pays more than 4,000 Thai Baht per month.

Some of them have Thai boyfriend that makes her work in the sex trade, or she need to support her drug habit and the list is non exhaustive.

Thai bar girlfriends tricks of trade

Internet cafes are the places of trade for Thai bar girls. Thai bar girls are using translating services even though they may not know English. 80 Thai baht for translating emails from foreigners to the Thai bargirls and 100  Thai baht for composing her Thai replies into English.

How to avoid being ripped off

Do not be so foolish enough to believe her sob stories and send money via Western Union. If you really insist on marrying a Thai bargirl,  do not put the house and car under her name. In Thailand, you cannot own the land which will be in your Thai girls/wife’s name, but you can put the house and car in your name.

This act as a backup in case relationships turn sour. If she really loves you, she would not mind all these financial benefits. There are many classic cases where the foreign men married a Thai girl and become penniless after being stripped of everything after divorced.

Do not build your house in the village of your girl, because if things turn sour you will not want to live there as their close families are around and the stigma is obvious. Choose a place you want to live and build a house with her.

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Wrong Perceptions of Arab Girls

Many foreigners are curious about exotic Arabic girls. The word “Hot” are synonymous with “Arab girls”. However some might have misconceptions about Arabic women that might hold them back from dating them.

Arab girls misconception #1

Many of you do not know this little secret: Arab girls can have boyfriends and they do all kind of hot sex in their own comfort private locations. The reason why many people do not dare to ask an Arab girl for a date is that they think Arab girls cannot touch her boyfriend in public or show her boyfriend her naked full body. That is absolutely false.

Most of Arabic girls hide their hair for religious matters, however they are allowed to show off their full prettiness to other female,  family members and most important of all to her boyfriends.


Arab girls misconception #2: Lebanese girls are wild

Many people think that among all the Arab girls, Lebanese girls are high maintenance and they party wildly as Lebanese girls have more freedom than Arab women in other Arab countries.

Some of Lebanese girls like to party hard and some do not. Married Lebanese girls are not expected to work to help pay the bills, thats why they are thought as high maintenance girl.

Arab girls misconception #3: Arab girls are stuck up

Many believe that Arab girls are snobbish and do not seem to want to associate with people or guys outside of their race or religion. However because of repressive cultural and religious customs, arab girls would not want to break the rules.

Arab women are known for their modesty, traditionalism. Most of Arab girls are attractive that possess marriage material and they are family women.

Where to meet Arabian girls

There are many free online Arab dating services however the most popular are ones are:

  • – Muslim girls matrimony site

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Thai Bar Girlfriends Hard Truths

For those who are genuinely searching for true love and romance, Thailand may seem like anyone’s dream of dating paradise. Everywhere you turn you can see sweet young, nubile Thai bargirls on virtually every street corner. No wonder first time visitors to Thailand will fall in love with the place.

As they said “Love is blind” and if you find yourself really liking a Thai girlfriend working in a bar, be forewarned that the odds of a successful relationship are stacked against you. Most foreign men who dated Thai bargirls end up being cheated or suffer emotional breakdown.

Why Thai bar girlfriends are smarter than you

Thai bargirls often see relationships with Western men as a way to benefit themselves, their family or their Thai boyfriend or husband who is hiding in the shadows.

In a country where women are not always afforded the same opportunities as men, some Thai women choose to enter the sex industry to make money and support their family or to ease the financial pressures they have faced for much of their life.

These Thai bargirls attempt to secure their future which may mean lining up as many options ( Western men) as possible.

They may not disclose relationships they are already involved in and they are less honest about their intentions with you.  Thai bargirls will often cherrypick to choose one man among whom they feel can provide best for them, or they may simply try and make as much money as they can by establishing a contact with various men to support them financially by sending them money regularly.

Thai bar girlfriend hard truth #1

The vast majority of Thai girls working in the Thailand bars may actually have a Thai boyfriend or husband.  Thai bargirls will often say that they do not like Thai men in front of you but it is just a ruse to make Western men feel more comfortable with them. If you are really serious about marrying your Thai bargirlfriend then there are a few things you must know about Thai Bargirls first

  • she might be pretending to look out for a way out of the bar business
  • she is probably in a relationship with someone or has a husband behind your back
  • she dates lots of farangs like you every month behind your back
  • your chances of getting her to tell you the truth about herself is equal to zero

Thai bar girlfriend hard truth #2

Thai bargirlfriend will tell you she love you and that you are the only one in her life.  This may be true and she may truly love you and worship you to the limit that only a Thai bargirl can. In many cases this could not be further from the truth.

Most of these Thai bargirls do not have an easy life and circumstances force them to work in the sexbar industry. Thai Bar Girls make a living by duping foreign men. They are not the same as ordinary mainstream Thai women. Thai bargirls are professional players who earn a living off the backs of foreign tourists who visit nightspot places in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.

How to have a successful Thai girl relationship

Avoid those Thai bargirls in the tourist areas, get to know real conservative Thai mainstream women online. Many Thai mainstream women are affluent and highly educated.

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Dating Thai Girlfriends Facing The Hard Truths

Many foreign men have heard about the seductiveness of  Thai girlfriends and young Thai women’s high sex drive. You must have heard stories about young Thailand girls who are eager to please you. The rock star attention you are getting in Thailand are only reserved for those mega rich and rock stars back in your homeland.

For those who are eager to explore the Thailand dating paradise, please open your big wide eyes before diving in. Some Thai expats insist you can still find Thailand women for serious relationship in these infamous tourist traps areas such as Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok nightclubs , there is always a chance but why take all the risks ?

If you want to find real long term relationship, avoid these tourist traps at all costs.

However if you want to have fun and a “Hangover” experience like the hollywood movie by all means have a taste, but do not go into serious relationship with girls from these entertainment places.

#1 Thai girlfriend hard truth

You need to be realistic. If your Thai girlfriend is a young hot stunner and both of you have a 20 year to 30 year age gap, then your chances of long term dating success is slightly equal to zero. Language barrier, completely different interests, conflicting cultural difference are some of the obstacles to your perfect Thai girlfriend relationship.

#2 Thai girlfriend hard truth

Money is the root of all evil? Lack of money is the real cause of all evil. Most Thai girls from the countryside are poor and in order to support their farmer parents, they become bar girls or prostitute in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok nightclubs. Some like the exciting high from working in these nightspots.

So if your mutual attraction is first based on money transaction, then avoid all the heart pain by not going into a serious relationships with these Thai bargirls.

#3 Thai girlfriend hard truth

The marriages of Thai bargirls and foreign men almost always end up in heart pain and breakups. If you are thinking of marrying your Thai bar girlfriend and bringing her back to your country, the problems get compounded. You have better learn how to make her adjust to the culture shock or it will most probably end up leaving you. The reality of life outside of Thailand is not something that your average Thai bar girlfriend enjoy.

Why go through the hassles of meeting Thai women in Thailand? You can make friends with real mainstream Thai women who are NOT Thai bargirls and if you decide to meet them after you have know more about them, by all means fly to Thailand and meet them personally.

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Is It Possible To Meet Filipina Girls In

There are many registered filipino girls in and when you logged in, you can see that at any one time, there is more than 2000 filipino ladies online ready to chat.

Why is the largest online dating website

The reason why is so popular is because it is free. The easy to use interface makes searching for a partner a pleasant experience. Unlike other Filipina girls matchmaking websites, is not a matchmaking or a bride marriage service. is strictly an online dating service that you can search using your preference and you are free to contact any Filipino girls that you like.

How to separate the real filipino girls from the scammers

There are thousands of sincere nice filipinas on However there is always the possibility of money hustlers, unpretentious whores in any given Filipino online dating websites. The trick is learn how to separate the chaff from the wheat.

If their dress is extremely bold and almost nude, designed to incite sexual interest, you have to proceed with caution. Avoid those filipino women who dress like whores trying to show everything in their online profile pictures.  Theses girls are most likely money hustlers who have no patience. They will try to get money on the first chat, usually with a sad story about a medical emergency. Most common excuses are asking money for normal living expenses.

If you are willing to spend lots of time chatting and on webcam, you can determine who is good and which filipino ladies are just after money.

How to find a nice filipina lady for chat

If you have the time, it is a nice pastime just to chat with filipino ladies. Try to get their telephone numbers and chat with as many as possible and soon you will find a nice lady.

The best way to be sure that the filipino girl is really interested in you is to call her very often, especially at bedtime. You can call 2 or 3 times a day for just a few min. From there you can know straight away if she is really interested in knowing you since money hustlers are impatient and not willing to invest time and money just to chat.

There are very inexpensive international calling plans or you can use skype phone using the internet. If you are willing to invest the time, the rewards are great. Ignore those people who say you cannot find a nice filipino girl on net.

Joining is just the first step. It is the best preparation for a visit to the Philippines. You can decide who you want to meet and plan an agenda.

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