Thai Online Dating Adventure

There is a misconception that when one marry a pretty, young and sweet Thai girl, she will love him and take care of him. For some this dream will come true. However most of the success stories happen when the man decided to sink his roots in Thailand and not the other way round.

Thai girls have an outer demeanor of peacefulness and subservience which makes any man feel at ease and enchanted. Nevertheless, the truth is that Thai ladies rule the household when it comes to marriage. For Thai ladies who decide to marry foreign men, most of them cannot adjust to the weather and cultural shock in the foreign countries.

Why Thai girls are attracted to foreign men

Most average Thai girls have little or no education to climb the social ladder. Therefore in order to achieve material wealth and when a Western man turn up like a knight in shining armor, many of them will embrace him like bees to honey.

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Thai women are disenchanted with local Thai men as they are more promiscuous and prone to having mistresses.

Trap by Thai girls

It is dangerous for lonely and shy foreign men to go to Thailand, as they will be trap by Thai girls seduction. For those who never had any girlfriend in their native country and have been rejected countless of times by their own country women, Thailand is a paradise, a ‘City of Angels’.

Most of these Thai girls are prostitutes (typical bar girl or the freelancer) which you can find inside a disco and then you have to pay her for a bar fine. However these Thai girls behave like real lovely girlfriends who is really sweet to you. This cause some to fall head over heels and decide to marry her.

Good Thai ladies do not ask for money, they just have a good way of showing they cannot afford many of the things we take for granted. Some of them hope you get the hint and offer to buy a few things for them.

Prejudice against Thai girls dating foreign men

There is a strong social prejudice against Farang dating Thai women. A Thai girl with a western men walking in the streets of Bangkok will get dirty looks and bad treatment from Thai locals.

There is a stigma among locals and foreigners for a Thai girl and Farang couple because they assumed:

  • the Thai girl is after the foreign man’s money and
  • the foreign guy cannot get any girl in his native country

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Dating Thai Girls Advice

Many foreign men find Thai women enchanting with their warm captivating smile and their friendliness.

The term ‘Thai girls’ are referring to those mainstream Thailand women who are decent, working middle class Thai women. Not those Thai ladies (those who are in the sex trade) you might find in nightlife and tourist areas eg Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket. If you want to meet these Thai ladies , then you do not need any dating advice as they would just swarm over you like bees to honey.

Dating Thai girls

In the west, it is not unusal to kiss or being physically intimate on the first date and by the second or third date close the deal. However in Thai dating culture, mainstream Thai women are conservative and the pace of dating is slow. You can expect the relationship-building phase with a mainstream Thai woman to be snail crawling slow. For a lot of Thai girls, you must take initiative and start showing interest in her before moving to the next step.


Perception of Thai girls

When Thailand people see a Thai girl with a western foreign man, their perception is that Thai girl must be a hooker. It will take a strong conviction for a thai girl to accept this and overcome this misconception to further any relationship.

What Thai women think of foreign men

Most Thai women think ‘farang’ (the term for foreign men) fall into two categories: gentlemen and non-gentlemen. If they think you are a gentleman, they will be great friends with you. If they think you are a playboy and act like a jerk then they will not give you a second look. Most of the time, Thai woman will screen test you with a series of questions.

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Dating Japanese Girls Advice Part 2

For those who have been wanting a Japanese girlfriend or to the extreme of finding Japanese girls who looked like anime character, there are some social norms and taboos you need to be aware of.  The word “Japanese girl” conjure up countless fantasy that enthralled many foreigners who are visiting Japan.

western men dating Japanese girls challenges

Most of Japanese girl’s parents are against their daughter dating a ‘gaijen’, the term for a westerner. A Japanese girl dating a foreign man might be unsure about a few things such as distance, language and culture. However if you can resolve the issues and make it work out, it will be many times worthwhile.


what is a good way to approach and meet a Japanese girl?

  • Use your initiative and flirt with her
  • know how to speak some basic Japanese helps to score points
  • avoid speaking or doing what Japanese are sensitive to

Do not rush into physical contact with a Japanese girl, particularly in public. Not even a kiss which may seems casual to you. A kiss or a slight peck on the cheek is a major event and means a lot to a Japanese girl.

Physical contact normally starts later in a relationship with a Japanese girl, but once the ice is broken it will progress more normally.

What do Japanese girls usually like or want in a man?

Japanese girls do not like Japanese men because they are “wishy-washy” and chauvinistic and expect Japanese women to be perform their role as traditional housewife which often favor the male.

Japanese girls are shy and innocent when it comes to dating. She will ask a female friend to accompany her when she go out on a date with you.

Try to find out more about her background and where she grew up will help you to understand her better. It will also impress upon her that you are seriously interested in her.

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How to have unlimited chat with Vietnamese girls

You can contact as many Vietnamese girls as you like by upgrading your membership to either gold or platinum. This is far cheaper than hiring Vietnamese marriage brokers and you can get to choose your ideal Vietnamese woman.


By chatting and getting to know more about your potential Vietnamese marriage prospects, you can be confident that you will make the right choice and decide whether a prospect is suitable for you.

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Advantages of upgrading in

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vietnam-cupid-girls Review Part 5

In this JapanCupid review, you will learn how to utilize one of the popular searches inside JapanCupid and Instant messaging. Also you will discover the secret to chat for FREE with Japanese women members.

Watch Japanese girls in video gallery

Now you watch Japanese girls webcam video in the comfort of your home. You can view all JapanCupid members’ webcam videos in your member control panel, under the panel –’ Popular Searches’ — ‘Video Gallery’. Remember to select the option ‘From — Japan’ to show all Japanese cutie girls and mature Japanese working ladies webcam videos.


The purpose of the video gallery is to allow JapanCupid members to record their video introductions so as to further enhance and stand out from the crowd. Now you can hear and see these Japanese women members in action and see them saying hello to you.

Some of these Japanese girls are quite shy and only a handful few dare to make video introductions. However in order to view these Japanese girls videos, you have to upgrade your membership to a Standard or Gold member.

JapanCupid Instant messenger

JapanCupid Instant Messenger feature allows Platinum and Gold members to chat one-to-one with other online members. Instant messenger is only available to paying members such as Platinum members. If you are a standard member, you can chat and communicate FREE with Platinum members only. Platinum members are able to use their webcam and microphone in the Instant Messenger.

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