Why Chinese women are attractive

With the increased number of Chinese internet users, you will find more Chinese ladies turning to internet for dating, friendship or relationship. The search for exotic love is not all plain sailing as you have to navigate through the treacherous water of Chinese online dating services and some over zealous Chinese women.

Characteristic of Chinese women

demure-chinese-womanChinese ladies are generally physically attractive and usually slender because of Asian diet. As in a Chinese traditional family, Chinese women are treated as homemaker where the men will be the sole breadwinner.

Chinese women knows how to take care of their men unlike western women who are more independent. Chinese girls tend to speak softly and their gentle demeanor makes them very charming.

Chinese woman are extremely faithful and devoted to their partner once the relationship is established. The reason is because the sense of shame is too immense for them to become a flirt.

Why Chinese women prefer western men

sexy-chinese-ladyThere are always some who has ulterior motives who proclaimes to ‘love’ you but for your wallet and your bank account.

However a Chinese woman really appreciates western men because of the politeness and respect that they received, something they do not often get from Chinese men.  Chinese girls also love being equal partners in their inter racial relationships.

Where to find real Chinese women online?

ChineseLoveLinks is a top class online Chinese dating service where Chinese dating is made easier with the extensive database of Chinese singles and  Chinese personals.

There is a ready pool of singles looking for dating from China. ChineseLoveLinks includes numerous chat services where members will surely find Chinese women for marriage, a Chinese girl friend and most importantly start a lasting loving relationship with their selected Chinese singles.

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4 Comments so far

  1. jay bee on November 5th, 2009

    chinese/japanese women r hot

  2. JStone on January 9th, 2010

    Snippet from http://interacialmarriage.blogspot.com

    Chinese Women & Hyper-Sexualised fashion

    So is it just me, or do chinese women in general go out of their way to dress in an overtly sexualised way?

    Now I am not referring to the young, teenage chinese girls who more than likely were Australian born. I am referring to the older women, who tend to talk to each other in Mandarin, suggesting they were born in China.

    The emphasis on high cut boots, low cut dresses, socks pulled up just above the knees, super-short skirts and bizarre combinations of clothing items that attract stares from men young and old, are a distinct feature of the urban walkways of Sydney, especially in China town.

    And when I say “older women”, I also mean many women in their fifties. I would say that I have been quite surprised by how many women I have seen who look like grandmothers, yet dress like one may expect a teenager to dress.

    So is it just me noticing this? Well no. Ms B was the first to bring it to my attention.

    Ms B doesn’t dress this way, but many of her contemporaries do. As far as an explanation goes, she believes it has something to do with the previous Communist lifestyle.

    I suspect there may be a lot of truth in that.

  3. admin on January 10th, 2010

    it really depends on the place they are living. In Beijing or Shanghai, affluent Chinese women are dressed in trendy styles decked out fully in branded labels.

    The older Chinese women you mention in Sydney merely reflect their backward taste in fashion, nothing to do with communism

  4. Joel on March 8th, 2012

    I met my love online. She was really concerned with my family for a long time which was hard for me because I haven’t had contact with them for years. She is from Southern China. I don’t know if family roles are a big deal for all Chinese women but it sure was for Minxi.


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