Instant Vietnamese Brides For Chinese Men

In recent times, Chinese matchmaking agencies have discovered that Vietnam has become the top destination for Chinese men looking for a Vietnamese bride. This is the reversal of trend where China is seen as an “exporter” of China brides to Asian countries.

Why do Chinese men choose Vietnamese women as their bride?

There are a few major factors that makes Chinese men favor Vietnamese woman over their native born China girls. The biggest consideration is that Vietnamese women are submissive. Below are some of the key advantages:

  • affordability of a Vietnamese wedding
  • Vietnamese women are attentive
  • Chinese male – female sex ratio imbalance -shortage of Chinese women for Chinese men
  • Vietnam is very similar to China lifestyle and culture

A typical Chinese wedding in major China cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are expensive costing more than 100,000 yuan (USD $ 14,600).

Under $5k budget Vietnamese wedding

Vietnamese wedding package only cost up to 30,000 yuan (USD $ 4400) to 50,000 yuan (USD $ 7400).  A typical Vietnamese bride trip takes around 15 days. Expenses include travel, accommodation, betrothal gifts and 80 table wedding banquet.

A Chinese bachelor gets to select and pick one out of over 100 Vietnamese girls to bring home to be his wife.

Marrying a Vietnamese girl is very simple, you only need to obtain the girl’s parent consent and you can proceed to hold the wedding banquet. However marriage certificate process takes a long time.

Vietnamese brides living in China have to renew their visas every year for the first five years before applying to become a China permanent residents.

What makes Vietnamese women attractive to Chinese men?

Some Chinese bachelors have confessed that they cannot stand China women in the city who are materialistic and self serving. Characteristics of a Vietnamese girl are totally opposite and is the perfect ideal women: she is not greedy, lazy, arrogant.


Generalization of a Vietnamese woman

She is young, pretty, hardworking and most important of all submissive. A Vietnamese woman will shower you with attention and care which no man can hardly resist.

A Vietnamese woman will fill up your bowl with rice, peeled the shell off the prawn, put the meat in your bowl and wait for you to begin eating before doing so.

Buying a Vietnamese wife?

Due to the weak economic situation in Vietnam, many Vietnamese women in villages have formed the idea of marrying foreigners to seek a better life for their family. In this case Chinese men are the “foreigners”.

Because of many years of war, Vietnam’s male-to-female ratio is 3:5 and there are many Vietnamese girls willing to marry abroad.

However Vietnam’s “bride economy” is not new as there men from Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan who have already pick Vietnamese women as their bride.

There are many social issues with this kind of marriage and there are too many untold stories.

Will this kind of marriage bring happiness to the couple? Will they live happily ever after? A question not for a third party to judge.

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