5 Dating Tips To Stay Highly Visible

Are you frustrated at making any headway in the online dating scene? Below are the five devastating simple but powerful online dating tips that will turbo boost your chances at romance.

To improve your chances of finding a match,keep these five shrewd suggestions in mind.

Tip 1:
Upload a photo. Profiles with photos are viewed 10 times more often than those without photos.

Tip 2:
Login every day. Some members perform searches by “last date visited” so by logging in regularly you stay highly visible in other searches.

Tip 3:
A really useful tip to increase your chances of meeting your prospective partner is submit your photos to the online dating service’s newsletter. You can have thousands of members to see your attractive photo and boost your odds of meeting your future partner.

People featured in the newsletter always receive more email and attract many more profile views for several weeks and their profile usually makes it into the ‘Top 10′ viewed profiles on the site.

Tip 4:
You can record a voice introduction about yourself now and get more responses. Many of the asian online dating services provide this service free of charge! Your voice introduction will be posted on your profile page for members to listen to directly from their computer.

You will only need a PC microphone and you can record straight away. However before you start the recording process, plan out what you intend to say.

Tip 5:
Attract attention with an eye catching profile headline. Why waste your time searching while you can have women beating their path to you. However you must write a profile with a headline which can pull in potential partners.

Your profile headline is like a classified ad, screaming and waving for attention to those browsing and searching profiles.

So what if you are not a copywriter, you can create eye-catching profile headline in simple steps.

Please do not write boring, traditional profile like:

–looking for woman of my dreams

–Hi, I am just looking to make some friends around the world

–I exercise a few times per week

–I like my dates to be assertive in decisions and follow my lead

Who would want to know how many times you brush your teeth, your every little things in life doesn’t excite your prospective partners. Or your expectation of a prospective partner does not even sound any interesting.

This is very important, you have to write the headline and profile that will show the part of you that are fun, exciting to be in company with.

Women like men with aspirations regardless of age, race or religion. Write your dreams and aspirations down even if it is outrageous. Women who have read it will admire you and make them read further in your profile thus increasing your chances.

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