7 Killer Online Dating Secrets

Online dating is the best thing that’s ever happened to guys since the invention of
girls. Here are the 7 killer online dating secrets that will help you score higher in the eyes of women.

1) Be Subtle Without Mentioning Sex

This is especially evident if you are using instant messaging. Case in point: Asian dating scene. I know that it is common to talk or tease about sex topics during IM sessions in other western online dating sites.

However you must step off the gas pedal when it comes to Asian women. Asian women are more reserved especially Chinese women. Click here to know more about Asian women.

2) Establish Trust

Since most of the online dating sites does not need to verify your identity, you have to establish trust between you and the other online party.

Most of them certainly detest talking to creeps and perverts. Your job is to establish and create trust early in your email interactions.

You also need to disarm her assumptions by engineering your online profile and
all of your communications so that she learns to trust you.

By talking about your memories of past work experiences with friends or your travel experiences with your family to show instant family/social proof.

3) Avoid Obscurity

Many guys in the online dating scene disappeared without having anyone sending them a wink or email. You want to know the reason?

Because they all say the same thing.

And by doing and saying the same things as others, you are most likely to blend into them– massive blob of boredom and invisibility.

You need to learn how to be different. You need to stand out in specific and mysterious ways in order to attract their attention. Hot babes are always bombarded by thousands of guys.

create anticipation in your profile
here is what NOT to do in your profile:
• Do not lay all your cards on the table – that ruins the whole game for them!
• Do not list her to death by giving her a long list of your likes and dislikes,
• Do not try to make her understand you — yet.
• Do not try to prove anything to her
• And most of all, do not be obvious about yourself.

Make sure you stimulate her curiosity by feeding her a bit of your story but without giving away the plot and ending. Women love mysteries

4) Controlling The Game

Don’t believe what women SAY they want.

It’s NOT what they want that triggers them sexually or emotionally.

Women want someone they can admire, someone they can look up to.

This is called sexual intrigue, where the tension of inequality must exist — the excitement that you have something to offer them that they don’t have, that they can’t get on their own.

5) Pick A Powerful, Sensual, Mysterious Online Name

This is true for other online dating sites. However in Asian online dating sites like ChnLove.com, AsianEuro.com, FilipinaHeart.com and Filipino FriendFinder.com, you will be given a member’s id number instead of a online moniker.

6) Understand women

The secret here is that by showing how you adore women but not sucking it up to them like the rest of the guys out there.

7) Try it out!

Don’t be afraid to test out and continue to find better ways to achieve your online dating success.

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