7 Secrets To Meet Thai Women Online Successfully

Today, there are many Thai women who preferred to use online dating sites to meet foreign men. Pretty Thai women or young Thailand girls are always popular in the online dating websites.  These Thai women who use attractive pictures get tons of emails from guys every day.

What’s interesting about Thai online dating profiles is that many of them are full of hot air and some are complete nonsense. Many Thai girls and Thailand women will lie about their age, weight and income in their online dating profiles.
Here are 7 secrets tips to increase your chances of success in the Thai online dating world

Secret Tip #1: Be creative

You should sign up a free email account similar to the name of your dating profile. Once you have had contact with a Thai girl, you can go the next step and continue with online chat. Never reveal too much online to keep her in suspense. A separate email account also keeps your regular email free of all the messages and notifications you will get from a site like ThaiLoveLinks

You have to be a little creative to stand out from the competition. Being a little laid back, a little more passive will actually work with these Thai girls. Keeps her wondering why you don’t pursue her as much as the other guys.  You have to be  different to get your email opened by her.

Secret Tip #2: Use a good webcam

If you plan on chatting online, please do yourself a favor and buy a decent webcam. This will help you present yourself better. Remember if  you are trying to date someone who may be thousands of miles away, she needs to know something about you. People do judge on image and especially online when your image and presentation is all that she can see.


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If you have a webcam, Thai women will be more willing to use their webcam to chat with you. If you don’t have a good webcam then the Thai girls will not be too impressed. But please keep in mind that webcams show what you are doing, so if you are chatting with many women simulataneously, you will likely be exposed! Thai girls know when you do this because they in turn chat with more than one guy.

Secret Tip #3: Stay away from “crazies”

If a Thai girl has written something in her profile like: “I am crazy girl” or “I do crazy things”, run away as far as possible. Avoid these types of Thai girls like a plague. Discard her as a potential girlfriend or even date. These types of Thai girls may be wild and crazy but they will bring you a lot of trouble. Go for normal Thai women when dating online.

Secret Tip #4: Avoid young Thai girls

If you are looking for a serious relationship and marriage, do not search for Thai women who are 7-10 years younger than you. If you are an older guy, age gap of 10-15 years maybe ok, but do not push your luck. Young Thai women are still not mature enough.

There are some Thai women who are emotionally immature even when they are into their 30’s and 40’s. While it can be fun and endearing to some extent, it can also make things turn sour.

Thai girls who are in their 20’s generally do not want to find a husband online. They may write that they like an older man, but be careful. These younger Thai girls may be interested in a sugar daddy kind of relationship which is very common in Thailand.


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Secret Tip #5: Don’t wish for the stars

If you are looking for a Thailand woman of virtue or a traditional Thai girl, then maybe Thai online dating is not going to work out for you. Conservative Thai women do not use internet dating even if she does, she may be scared off after a bad experience. Bottomline: conservative Thai girls are hard find.

Secret Tip #6: Know what you want

Be specific about what you want and what you are searching for. People are often more direct online than in real life and that’s the advantage of meeting Thai women online. Remember that she likely won’t know what you expect going into a relationship and you may not know what she wants.

Secret Tip #7: Beware of photos

Some Thai women look great in photos but pictures can be deceiving as they maybe older in real life. It is normal for Thai girls to get their profile photos taken professionally in a studio. So, don’t get your hopes up too early even if your future girlfriend looks like a model in the online photos.

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