Review Part 9

In this ThaiLoveLines review, you will learn how to use one on one chat  feature with Thailand women singles and Thai girls in ThaiLoveLines using Instant Messenger. You can expect high quality chat connections with Thailand women.

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ThaiLoveLines Instant Messenger

ThaiLoveLines Instant Messenger is useful to open up your social life and gives you Realtime Chat and Audio/Visual communication. You can access this feature from various list menus such as “Whose Online Now” in the “This Session” panel in your Members Control Centre. However nothing comes for FREE, the opposite party and you must be a Premium Member.

How ThaiLoveLines Instant Messenger works

First you have to upgrade to Premium member in order to enjoy one to one chat with Thailand girls.

  • simply click the flashing “I’m Online/Online” button when you see them
  • It is important that you wait for the other person to ‘connect’ with you on the other side
  • You must type a message into the box to activate the connection to open on the other members side
  • You can chat one to one with the other member, to see their photo and to click a button to view their profile as you are talking with them.

ThaiLoveLines Instant Chat

In your Members Control Centre you can Thai women profiles that are currently online. You can initiate live Instant Chats with any member here by clicking the flasing “Who is Online” IM bubble. Both Standard members and Premium members can access these lists.


  • Chat Online: This list of online members is more selective and can only be accessed by Premium members. These Thailand ladies members are available for Live chat conversations
  • Audio Visual Communications: You can use your webcam to connect to IM easily on
  • Audio Video sessions with all other Thai girls members online

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ThaiLoveLines is a hybrid Thai online dating cum social networking site. There are thousands of young Thai girls looking for relationships, marriage or simply friendship from around the world. ThaiLoveLines also offer instant Thai chat, Skype internet calls, an E mail centre and an innovative match service where you meet Thai singles daily.

In the last ThaiLoveLine Review 7, you were shown steps on how to be popular among Thai ladies in In this review, you will learn how to increase your chances of ThaiLoveLines ladies knocking at your door.

How to add ThaiLoveLines members as your favorite

Now you can efficently manage your own online dating network of young Thailand women friends with “Favorites” list. Favorites is simply a list of member profiles that have caught your attention.


It is also a powerful way to express interest in another members as each time you select a member as your “favorite”, a notification will be sent to that member from you.

How to use ThaiLoveLines Favorite list as a powerful dating tool

You should aim to develop your ThaiLoveLines favorite list of at least 100 members or prospects whom you would like to get to know better.  It is an extremely useful communication tool as it allow you to be instantly show up on their “radar screen”.

Many ThaiLoveLines members who have been successful in their online dating revealed using “Favorites”  as a key feature in helping them to find someone special or simply a new set of friends. This is now available to Standard membership.

  • Click the Add to favorites button to make an addition to your favorites list.
  • In you favorite list you can also view your match selections through “Meet your Match” and who has rated you
  • You can also view a list of other members who have also added your profile to their favorite lists
  • Your interest will be shown in a special favorites e-mail being delivered into the member’s Inbox as well as to their e-mail with a link to your photo and profile
  • Your favorites list will show the other members nationality flag and a flashing icon when they are online so that you can chat or connect with them instantly if you are a Standard member

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FilipinaHeart Review Filipino Girls in Bikini

FilipinaHeart is an Asian online personals site where Filipino singles can get together to find friendship, pen pals, dating or marriage partners. Click here if you have yet to read FilipinaHeart review part 1.

Filipino Girls in Bikini: New feature in FilipinaHeart

Joining up is always free in FilipinaHeart but you will be in for a surprise when you browse the Filipina women gallery. Recently, FilipinaHeart has created a special gallery that feature its own female members wearing sexy bikinis.


Sizzling Hot Filipino Girls in Bikini

Some of the filipino girls are very daring and pose in suggestive positions that will make your eyes pop. There are also Filipina girls who take it further by taking photo of themselves in showers.


A bit about Filipino Girls

Filipina women have always been popular among Asian online dating because they have the ability to speak fluent English. Compared to other Asian women, eg Chinese women, Vietnamese women, language is a barrier to effective interpersonal communications.

Filipino ladies are more outgoing and open when it comes to making friends. South East Asian women like Thailand girls, Chinese girls, Muslim women are more conservative and shy towards meeting new friends in online dating.


Show your interest to Filipino Girls in Bikini

How do you show your interest to the filipino woman that you like? Did you see all these symbols below the profile pictures? Click the “LOVE” button to show your interest to the Filipina girl. You need to sign up as FREE FilipinaHeart member in order to send them an email or flirt with them.



Muslim Matrimonial Review Part 3

In this review, you will find out how to express your interest to Muslim women that attract your attention.

If you are a standard free member of, you should be able to search for Muslim women matches. For example, you can filter search for Muslim girls age between 18 -30 years old.


As you can see above, every member profile has a function called ‘Show Interest’. Just click on it to let the opposite party know that you are interested in her.


A message will pop out to inform you that your interest has been sent to the member. You can send as many ‘Show Interest’ as you like and the trick is to let prospective Muslim women know that you exist in the database.

Useful Dating Tips

If you have followed advice closely, you should take your time and write a profile that reflect your personality and your dreams. Muslim women are attracted to men who are goal-oriented and has a sense of purpose towards life.

You should also upload a really good quality profile photo of yourself. In time to come, this will be your most rewarding activity. Profiles with the best photos always appear first so it’s a great way to catch the attention of female Muslima members.

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Muslim Matrimonial Review Part 2

In this review, you will discover the various methods of contacting Muslim women singles. However before you start your search for pretty Muslim women, it is advisable to do the tried and tested method listed below.

If you have register for Muslima and have yet to upload a photo of yourself, please proceed to do so. A clear and smiling photo of yourself will maximize your chances of attracting Muslim singles.

What type of Muslim women can you find in

Muslim women in are conservative but yearning to find a suitable Muslim man for marriage. You can use the search to see their photos in their profile.

Most of the Muslim women come from traditional Muslim countries such as Jakarta Raya, Indonesia, Al Mintaqah al Wusta, Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Casablanca, Morocco. You will be surprised to even find Muslim women coming from Muslim minority states from Zhejiang, China and southern Thailand.

Traditional conservative Muslim women in

If you have already signed up as a registered member, you can find Muslim women who are obedient to the will of Almighty Allah and wear hijab at all times.

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Modern Muslim women in

There are also modern Muslim girls who are highly educated with at least a college degree. These Muslim singles girls hail mainly from western countries who are living or studying abroad in European countries such as Toronto, Canada, United States and as far as Germany.

If you are lucky, you can find a caring Muslim lady looking for the right man to spend her rest of life with you. Whether you are a Muslim man working in a foreign country or simply looking for Muslim marriage partner, you can be assured of wide diverse Muslim women from various countries around the world.

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In the next instalment, we will see real life examples of members expressing their interest.

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