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If you have not been proactive in filipino online dating this summer, then you are missing out a lot. Why? Pictures of filipina ladies in hot bathing suits are just one of the reasons.

There are many surprises and undiscovered information about filipino ladies. Here’s what you can find in Filipino Friend Finder…


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On the upper right-hand side of a filipino friend member, there is a personal profile extra pages which will showcase the kind of info that you would like to know about a prospective mate.

Tip to meet more filipina women: supplement your profile with More Pages about yourself

At Filipino Friend Finder, you’ll find a community of filipina women searching for dating, romance, friendship and a variety of encounters.

“I always have a ready wit and appreciate the humor in even the grimmest situations.
bulacan, Central Luzon,
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“I’m intelligent and vibrant, love the outdoors, music, life…”

bisligcity, All States,
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“I am a beautiful and sexy girl, sweet and simple.”
manila, Central Luzon,
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“I love playing the guitar and singing…I’m looking forward for that chance to sing to the one who like me…”
Pasig, National Capital Region,
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“I am looking for a man who can love me truly madly deeply and is willing to risk everything for me.”
Cebu, Central Visayas,
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To find your match, Filipino Friend offer several powerful features like video introductions and you can narrow your search so you can find exactly the kind of filipina ladies you are looking for. Videos

Filipina Heart is a Filipino online dating web site that helps you find friendship and romance with Filipino singles. If you are not a Filipino man then you’ll get more contact from a Filipino single woman if you spend a little extra time on your dating profile.

FilipinaHeart Videos

Below you will find filipina women posting their webcam videos in FilipinaHeart. Here’s the spoiler, unless you upgrade your membership to platinum, you will be sitting by the sidelines wondering what are they doing in their online videos.

filipinaHeart women webcam videos

filipinaHeart women webcam videos

Homemade FilipinaHeart Webcam Videos

The recent leaked homemade sex videos made by Dr. Hayden Kho from Philippine with Maricar Reyes, a 24 year-old Filipino model turned actress created an uproar within the Filipino community.

As Filipino girls are widely known to be  passionate when they comes to dating but from the recent sex scandal videos, it maybe more than meets the eye.

Filipina Heart free trial

Once you have registered you can start using your Free standard membership at no cost to you.

* Placement of your personal ad
* Upload your photo
* Searching other Filipino singles profiles
* Receiving messages from other members

FilipinaHeart Free Instant Access

FilipinaHeart Free Instant Access

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What is Filipino all about? started out as a social networking community site which is equivalent to Filipino version of Friendster. Since it was established in 2007. it has evolved and become a hybrid between web 2.0 and a Filipina dating site.

Are you suitable for

As the name suggests, Filipino Friendster aims to reach out to Filipino guys and Filipina girls. However if you are a foreigner who wants to know more about Filipino culture or interested in making filipino friends, this site maybe worth looking around.

Let’s take a look into the sign up process. Registration is free and it takes only two simple steps.

filipino friendster

You are asked to fill out a simple form to write about yourself. However one of the blanks you must fill is the “TAGS”. This is kind of confusing for some as they might know what is the meaning of tags. It may be useful to provide a help link beside to explain what is this “TAGS” all about.

Step 2:

filipina friend

This will be the last step in the registration and you ready to go!  You can easily browse members’ profile just by clickinga button. A recent search online reveals only 80 female members with the age selection from 18-75 years old.

filipina friend

Features of  FilipinoFriendsterWorld:

  • an all-in-one MySpace,, Facebook, YouTube, Odeo and Flickr social site
  • You can upload you video files similar to YouTube and show off to other members.
  • Upload your Music  with ease so other members can hear your music.
  • You can advertise for free in the classified section.
  • Chat with your friends and IM (Instant Messenger) other members.

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Recently when I logged into my member’s profile, I was pleasantly surprised and shocked.

Under admirers the “Who’s interested in me” column, I saw new filipina ladies have show their interest in me. This show that member’s profile are authentic and real.

Imagine opening up your members profile and lots of them are interested in you.

It is a great feeling and ego boosting.

I am truly honoured by their show of appreciation.

Once again it proved that Filipina ladies are passionate towards relationship building.

Here’s the most updated on the number of Filipina ladies that show interest in my profile

Most recent member that has “Show an Interest” was on 12 march 2008 admirers admirers admirers admirers admirers
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Filipino FriendFinder Free Members

The pros and cons of a Filipino FriendFinder free member gallery

In today post, we will dig our heels into Filipino

We are going to expose the disadvantages of being a free member of  Filipino

If you have read my thorough review on Filipino, I have always advocate to try out as a free member.

No risks, nothing to lose and everything to gain to sign up as a free member.

However there are definitely some privileges paid members have over free members.

In case you might not know, when you see some of the members’ gallery photos, you will be tempted to click on their photos and find out more about them.

To my dismay, free member in Filipino are unable to see the larger images of members unlike in

These has a significant impact on your ego as you normally like a close up view of the member that you like rather than seeing some thumbnails.

All you see is some marketing hype that says:

“You must be a premium member to view detailed profile information. As a Premium member, you can:

  • View as many photos and profiles as you want!
  • Send email to anyone, any time (rather than “hoping” they come to you)!
  • Get noticed first! Be on the top of search results!
  • Perform “power searches” which let you narrow down your search to exact city – even by last visit date!

Who cares? erm… maybe not

Another disadvantage: 

Talk about being a lucky guy. As you might not know, as a free member you cannot email those members that you are interested.

It’s like trying to drink a cup of honey with both your hands tied up.

Only those gold or silver members that allow Standard Members (free member) to send them email.

Back to me being a lucky guy, an opposite sex member approach and email me. We were able to communicate freely and I am still a free member.

Read about how to write attention grabbing headlines in you profile here

However as a free member, you can have a fun time chatting up filipina in the instant messaging.

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