Difference between Thai Dating Culture and Western Dating

For those who are searching for serious Thai relationship advice, here are some of the pitfalls you can avoid.

The most important thing is first choose the correct place when searching for a real serious Thai dating relationship. Find the correct mountain to climb and you can find the pot of gold waiting for you. One way to find decent Thai ladies is to join the largest Thai online dating site: ThaiLoveLink below:

However if you like to frequent the Thai nightlife scene, tourist hotspots eg, pattaya, Phuket, Thai bars, Thai discos and expect to find a decent Thai lady, then you must be seriously mistaken.

Decent Thai mainstream women do not hang around these sleazy places waiting for men to pick them up. Only those in the sex trade are waiting to pounce on foreign white men who are ignorant and easily tempted by their captivating smiles and taut slender bodies.

Western dating perceptions

Some foreigners have the view that the best way to treat a woman is to play her without consideration or emotion and then toss her aside for the next. Such behavior has brought great shame to those foreigners who are living in Thailand.

If you have this mentality and do this kind of behavior in Thailand, you are bound to lose and be condemned as a ‘farang’ playboy. Word of mouth will spread among her Thailand girlfriends, and soon you will not be able to find any dating Thai partners unless you move to other Thai areas.

Thai girls casual sex

Casual sex is often acceptable and even expected in the West. If you have experienced casual sex in Thailand, then they must be Thai girls who are in the sex trade because they can afford to be so carefree about sex.

In the west, it is not unusual to kiss or being physically intimate on the first date and by the second or third date close the deal. However in Thai dating culture, mainstream Thai women are conservative and the pace of dating is slow. You can expect the relationship-building phase with a mainstream Thai woman to be snail crawling slow.

Thai dating culture

For mainstream decent Thai women, you must take initiative and start showing interest in her before moving to the next step. Thai dating and relationships are very respectful because of family expectations. Respect for each other and respect for family is paramount to Thai society.

It is an absolute no-no to touch a Thai woman’s hair without her permission, or any other physical contact eg no leg touching, no breast groping and absolutely no tongue while kissing.

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Expat Dating Thai Girls Advice

Many foreign men have flocked to exotic Thailand to have a taste of dating paradise. However since most of them has never set foot on Thailand before, there are some tips to look out for when you want to date some Thai women.

There are many night scene places in Bangkok that cater to tourists and charges are expensive.  Patpong, Soi cowboy, Sukhumwit road are some of the famous tourist hotspots. You can look around at these places for an eye opening experience, however you should not let your guard down at all times.

  • do not be so gullible when touts approach you
  • always ask and know the price list when ordering

Know the difference between typical Thai girls and Thai women

There is a huge difference between a ‘typical Thai girl’ and ‘Thai women who date farangs’. Mainstream Thai women are very conservative when it comes to courtship. The term ‘Thai girls’ are used to describe prostitutes, bar girl or the freelancer that make their living in Thai discos, a-go-go bars and strip shows.

You do not go to these night scenes if you are looking for a long term relationship. You will never, ever find and date a mainstream Thai woman who are educated and affluent in these night scenes. Bar girls are only for short term fun, not marriage and players should bear it in mind and go in with their eyes wide open.

Why expat men are being duped

Many foreign men have been suckered into this quicksand. Rule #1: Never fall in love with a Thai bar girl. However with that being said, there are still many foreign men who thinks their Thai girlfriend is different from the rest.

Here is a typical story :
‘Joe’ went for a holiday in Thailand, discover a Thai girl who is special and different from the rest in a Thai disco, decided to take her out, discovered that both of them hit it off and developed a strong bond, Joe went back to his country and decide to continue this relationship with phone/email/sms . Sound familiar?

For some farang, it is difficult to resist temptation from a sexy Thai young woman in a fun, party like atmosphere. The happy-go-lucky attitude of the Thai girls who know how to flirt with lonely men.

Many foreign men has tumble down the path of no return and find themselves falling in love with the Thai lifestyle, the atmosphere and the first bar girl that smiles at him.

In a normal Thai relationship, a Thai woman would not introduce her boyfriend to the family until she is absolutely sure she would be marrying the guy.

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Should You Pay To Marry Your Thai Girlfriend

If you have been successful in your Thai online dating, you might consider taking your relationship with your Thai girlfriend to the next level which is marriage. However there are many foreigners who misunderstand “Sin Sodt” the term for thai bride dowry and equate it to purchasing a Thai bride.

What is Sin Sodt?

Sin sodt is a “Bride Price”, paid to the bride or her family by the groom prior to the wedding. It is a form of Thai marriage custom to use Sin Sodt as a form of paying respect to the bride’s family for bringing up their daughter.

The reason is because poorer Thai families sell land or borrow money to put their kids through university or simply put food on the table. The amount paid for Sin Sodt represent the investment that the parents have put into their daughter.

However some foreigners are disgusted about talking money when they are going to marry their Thai girlfriend and even refused to pay.

Why is there a need for Sin Sodt?

The most commonly stated rationale for the bride price in Thailand is that it allows the groom to demonstrate that he has enough financial resources to support the bride and possibly her family after the wedding. In many cases, especially when the amount is large, the parents of a Thai bride will return all or part of the bride price to the couple in the form of a wedding gift following the engagement ceremony.

However it is socially unacceptable to ask for the money back or expect it to be fully returned.

Because Sin Sod is a reflection of her, you, her family and your family.  A Thai woman lives to make her family proud, to show the other villagers that they are a good family, that they are to be respected.

How much is the price of Sin Sodt?

The price is usually agreed between the two families and usually consists of three elements: cash (millions of Thai baht), Thai (96.5% pure) gold, and Western tradition of a diamond ring.

6 factors that influence the price of Sin Sodt

  1. Family Name
  2. Education
  3. Prior Marital Status
  4. Dependants
  5. Job
  6. Age

If the bride’s family is rich, the Sin sodt will most likely be for show and be returned after the wedding. If a Thai woman is university educated then you will be looking at more than 200,000 Baht which is the moden standard amount.

Why you should pay Sin Sodt

To marry a foreigner with a Sin Sod of less than 200,000 Baht would be quite a loss of face, not just for her but also for you.
The bottomline is if you can afford to pay, then pay. Do not be stingy and make an excuse that by paying Sin Sodt, it will comprised your western marriage traditions.

If you marry into Thai culture then you should expect to pay at least something. Sin Sodt is largely about face and flexible arrangement can be made with your Thai girlfriend’s family.

Supposing you offer nothing for the Sin Sodt, then you will be branded as a cheap charlie with label such as “Farang kee-nock”, “Keniiow” (stingy) and it will make your Thai girlfriend’s family look really bad in front of the villagers.

If you truly love your Thai girlfriend, you should not do something that hurt or insult your Thai girlfriend or her family.

If that is really the case, then you should think before getting involved with a woman from another culture. The reason is because if you marry a Thai woman, marriage is a big event for her and you should really understand the Thai culture first.

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How To Win A Thai Girl With Thai Love Phrases

In the previous post on “How to attract Thai girls with Thai love phrases”, we hope that it is easy for you to practice some basic Thai love phrases in your Thai online dating adventure. If you already have an online Thai girlfriend or you want to take your Thai relationship to the next level, then you can proceed with advanced level of Thai love phrases.

How to pronounce these Thai Love phrases

The words in the bracket are the romanization of the Thai language. You can directly pronounce the alphabets in the bracket and you will produce the effect of speaking the desired love phrases in Thai language.

Advanced Thai love phrases

Below are some common Thai love phrases which you will use often:

I miss you. (pom kit teung koon) ผมคิดถึงคุณ

I miss you all the time. (pom kit-teung koon dta-lod way-la) ผมคิดถึงคุณตลอดเวลา

You make me happy. (koon tam hai pom mee kwarm sook) คุณทำให้ผมมี ความสุข

Love at first sight. (ruk raek pop) รักแรกพบ

I still remember the first moment  we met. (pom yung jum krang-raek tee row pob gun dai) ผม ยังจำครั้งแรกที่เราพบกันได้

I want you to be happy. (pom dtong gan hai koon mee kwarm sook) ผมต้องการให้คุณมีความสุข

Can you be my girlfriend? (ben faen gub pom dai mai) – For yes the reply is “dai” and for no the reply is “mai dai” เป็น แฟนกับผมได้ไหม? ได้ / ไม่ได้

You are my sweetheart. (koon keu yot -ruk kong pom) คุณคือยอดรักของผม

You are the one I have been waiting for. (koon bpen kon dieow tee pom ror koi) คุณเป็นคนเดียวที่ผมรอคอย

I am serious about you. (pom jing jai gup koon) ผม จริงจังกับคุณ

I think about you all night. (pom kit teung koon tung keun) ผมคิดถึงคุณทั้งคืน

I want to meet you. (pom dtong-gan/yaak pop koon) ผม ต้องการ/อยากพบคุณ

I want to hug you. (pom dtong-gan/yaak got koon) ผม ต้องการ/อยากกอดคุณ

Can I kiss you? (pom kor joop koon dai mai) ผม ขอจูบคุณได้ไหม

I want to be with you. (pom yaak yoo gup koon) ผม อยากอยู่กับคุณ

Do you miss me? (koon kit teung pom baang mai) คุณ คิดถึงผมบ้างไหม?

I won’t forget you. (pom ja mai leum koon) ผม จะไม่ลืมคุณ

When do you want me to come back? (koon dtong gan hai pom glup ma muea rai) คุณต้องการให้ผมกลับมาเมื่อไหร่

Hope that you will be successful in your search for a Thai girlfriend. Good luck!
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Attract Thailand Girls With Thai Love Phrases

For those of you who need to speak the language of love in Thai, here is a small dictionary of Thai love phrases that will impress and amaze your new Thai girlfriend. If you are searching for a Thai girlfriend in Thai online dating sites, you should have an arsenal of Thai love phrases ready by your laptop.

There is always a few thousand Thai women online on ThaiLoveLinks.com and it will be very easy for you to chat with a few Thai women online.

Why learning Thai love phrases is important

By learning some Thai language,  it show to a Thailand woman that you are more committed and interested in her culture. It is very important to express your feelings for her in a clear way that she will understand. If you try to use online translation tools such as Google Translation, your meaning  might be lost because of language conversion.

Telling her some Thai love phrases show that you cared for her so much that you are willing to take the time to learn her Thai language. If you are having problems pronouncing the Thai phrases, you can also ask your Thai girlfriend for help which will further enhance and make your relationship more concrete.

However please use these Thai love phrases sparingly, as over usage will make you look a like a slick playboy and turn off potential dating partners.

How to pronounce these Thai Love phrases

The words in the bracket are the romanization of the Thai language. You can directly pronounce the alphabets in the bracket and you can produce the effect of speaking the Thai language.

Initial phase of Thai dating

These Thai love phrases are suitable when you just met a Thai girl.

Can you go out with me? (bai tee-o gup pom dai mai) – For yes the reply is “dai” and for no the reply is “mai dai” ไป เที่ยวกับผมได้ไหม? ได้ / ไม่ได้

Do you like me? (koon chorp pom reu blao) – For yes the reply is “chorp” and for no the reply is “mai chorp” คุณชอบ ผมหรือเปล่า? ชอบ / ไม่ชอบ

Do you have a boyfriend ? (koon mee faen reu yung) – For yes the reply is “mee” and for no the reply is “yung mai mee” คุณ มีแฟนหรือยัง? มี / ยังไม่มี

I am single (pom yung sot) ผมยังโสด

You are very beautiful. (koon suay mak mak) คุณ สวยมากๆ

You are very cute. (koon na-ruk mak mak) คุณ น่ารักมากๆ

I like your smile. (pom chorp roi yim kong koon) ผม ชอบรอยยิ้มของคุณ

Can you tell me your phone number please? (kor ber tor koon dai mai) – For yes the reply is “dai” and for no the reply is “mai dai” ขอเบอร์โทรคุณได้ไหม? ได้ / ไม่ได้

Do you want to go and eat with me? (bai gin kao gub pom mai) – For yes the reply is “bai” and for no the reply is “mai bai” ไป กินข้าวกับผมไหม? ไป / ไม่ไป

Do you want to go to watch a movie? (bai doo nung gup pom mai) – For yes the reply is “bai” and for no the reply is “mai bai” ไป ดูหนังกับผมไหม? ไป / ไม่ไป

Your eyes are so beautiful. (duang dtar kong koon suay mak) ดวงตาของคุณสวยมาก

Can I hold your hand? (pom kor jub meu koon dai mai?) ผมขอจับมือคุณได้ไหม?

Have a nice dream. (fun dee na) ฝันดีนะ

Take care of yourself. (do lae dtua eng duay na) ดูแล ตัวเองด้วยนะ

Can I see you tomorrow? (proong nee jer gun dai mai) – For yes the reply is “dai” and for no the reply is “mai dai” พรุ่ง นี้เจอกันได้ไหม? ได้ / ไม่ได้

Are you free tonight? (keun nee koon wang mai) – For yes the reply is “wang” and for no the reply is “mai wang” คืน นี้คุณว่างไหม? ว่าง / ไม่ว่าง

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