What Makes Thai Girls So Attractive

What make Thai girls so captivating? There are many reasons that contribute to their attractiveness.

Conservative Thai girls upbringing

Most Thailand girls are brought up to be obedient and subservient to their husband whereas western women are fiercely independent and extremely proud of it. In western countries, independence is celebrated and encouraged. Women who are submissive to their man are looked down upon in the west.

Thai women are conservative and simple, they are dedicated and are willing to stay at home to do household chores and cook for their man. For those who are searching for a dedicated woman, Thailand woman makes their dream come true.

Charming Thailand woman

Thailand women greatest gift is their sincerity and their willingness to be helpful. Thai women would give you their full attention unlike western women who would not even give you a second look if you are slightly old or not in very good shape.

Mainstream Thailand women do not possess the repulsive chauvinism of modern Western women. Attractive western women treat men badly as if they deserve it.

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Thai women actually make men feel at ease with their delicate and friendly aura irregardless of your age or physical attributes. When talking with a Thai girl, you can feel that she is sincere and does not patronise you unlike western women who will put you down if you try to pick them up.

Thai girls have alluring physical traits that is hard to find from stylish western women. Long luscious flowing straight hair, dark round eyes, sun kissed skin tone and petite body frame are common physical characteristics of Thailand girl.

Thailand dating culture

In Thai dating culture, there is no age taboo between dating partners even for a ten year age gap. However that cannot happen in the west, where a young girl and an older man are frown upon as underage dating.

In Thailand it would be perfectly normal for a young thai girl to go out with an older man in public places. There are numerous foreign men who flock to Thailand to find their ideal marriage partner. But before they do that, they will chat with Thailand women in Thai online dating sites before flying out to meet them.

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Thailand Women Characteristics

Many foreign men are attracted to Thai ladies because of their natural feminine ways compared to the independent strong-willed personality of a western woman. Men will always like women who are a little fragile and need the help of a man who can lend a helping hand.

Asian women are culturally ingrained to serve the needs of her husband and her family. The majority of Thai women do not have much initiative as they like to seek out a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle with her family and friends. You will soon discover that the working environment of Thailand women will influence their traits and personalities.


Mainstream Thai women characteristics

Generally speaking, the traditional Thai woman are faithful and loyal to their lover. Most of mainstream Thailand women will spend money wisely and prudently. Traditional mainstream Thailand woman will be more responsible with maintaining a nice home for her partner and helping out with household chores.

Most Thai woman value peace and harmony with her lover rather than an ambitious man. If conflicts and disagreement arises, Thai woman will generally endure or smile rather than provoke a direct confrontation.

Chinese Thai women characteristics

If you meet a Thai woman who are extremely fair with porcelain complexion, she is probably of  Chinese descent whose parents are both from immigrant families from China.

pictures of thailand Chinese girls

pictures of thailand Chinese girls

Many Thai Chinese girls are hardworking and often study hard enough to get into university. Most of Thai Chinese ladies are highly intellectual and value education highly. You can have the best of both world: a highly intelligent Thai lady with traditional Thai values.

Thai ladies characteristics

Thai girls from rural areas tend to show a lack of ambition and you will probably think that they are lazy. Most of Thai ladies who work in entertaintment arenas and tourist hotspots are seeking a better life or maybe a foreign man who can take care of her. So be aware that these Thai ladies are merely friendly to you because of money.

Then there are westernized Thai ladies who would lurk in Thai online dating services hoping to get a foreign boyfriend. However the question is why search for a westernized girl in Thai online dating websites? If you are attracted to Thai ladies, then you must somehow attracted to their traditional feminine and demure personalities.

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Difference Between Thai Ladies Thai Girls and Thailand Women

There are different terms to describe Thailand women and there is a huge difference between mainstream Thailand women and those you can meet in bars and nightclubs. Here are some different terms:

  • Thai ladies : those who are in the sex trade and those who become girlfriends and wives of foreign men
  • Thai girls: Thai ladies who exchange sexual favors for money, often found in expats hotspots, bars, discos
  • mainstream Thailand women: traditional Thai women who are into serious relationship

If you are seeking to develop a meaningful relationship with a mainstream Thailand woman online, then you must open up your eyes wide enough to filter out those Thai ladies you chat with.

Where to find Thai Ladies

You can find these outgoing Thai ladies in tourist hotspots for eg Sukhumvit in Bangkok or Pattaya. For those who are looking for a sense of adventure, these lovely Thai ladies are easy to chat up and more than willing to progress into a sexual liaison in very short time. You will avoid emotional pitfalls with these kind of mutual no-strings-attached relationships.

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Serious relationship with good Thailand woman

For those who are seeking a “good” Thailand woman, it is better to know what kind of relationship you want to get into. Do not get into unnecessary emotional breakups and hurt innocent Thai women if you just want a  no-strings-attached relationship.

The reason is because once you get a good Thailand woman to be serious about you and particularly after physical intimacy; if you want to split up with her then it will be more difficult compare to a western woman.

A good Thailand woman is unlike those Thai girls aka prostitutes who are already accustomed to common breakups with foreign men. These Thai girls aka prostitutes are used to receive money without any emotional drama.

You just cannot pay off a mainstream Thailand woman with money. Using money to initiate a split is an extreme insult to her and she would not accept it nor give up easily. In the first place, she got into a serious relationship with you not for money so it may be more traumatic to the average Thai woman than the typical foreign woman.

Most Thai women marry for love, not for money and are entirely faithful and committed to their husband or longtime boyfriend. However, they tend to look for native Thailand men and those who are attracted to foreign men are usually a different breed of Thai lady. There is always an exception in any case.

Avoid your biased perceptions -Not all Thailand woman are the same

Do not treat or associate every single thailand women you met as if  they are similar to bargirls.  Just like in every country, Thailand has different kinds of people from different walks of life.

Most foreign men who visit or live in Thailand tend to spend most of their time in concentrated tourist and expat areas. Naturally, Thai girls aka prostitutes will flock to these hotspots to attract the attention of foreign guys.

Therefore the experiences and views on Thailand women of most foreign men are often biased towards these Thai girls aka prostitutes. It is important to understand and differentiate what you see in those hotspots and the rest of Thailand.

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Chat With Thai Women in ThaiLoveLinks

There are many Thai women who list on online dating sites and actively seeking out soul mate who can take care of them. One of the most popular Thai online dating services is ThaiLoveLinks.com. Before you embark on the journey of finding Thai love, you need to understand Thailand women.

Understanding Thailand women and Thai girls

Thai women are conservative by nature and Thai culture has a profound effect on a Thai woman’s behavior. Thai women are under constant and tremendous social pressure to appear chaste and modest at all times to avoid being labelled as desperado.

Thai women do not like to hurt other people’s feelings, so she will tend to be indirect or drop hints or even smile away her displeasure even though deep down inside her heart, she is fury with rage.

Chat with Thailand women and Thai girls

One the reasons ThaiLoveLinks is so popular is because it is FREE to join and there are thousands of REAL Thailand women online who are ready and willing to chat with you.

You can easily chat online with Thai women with a laptop, a webcam and internet connectivity and you are ready to shoot. After you have login to your member page, you can see at the top left corner with the blinking icon that will show the number of Thai members online.

At time of publishing, there are at least 1752 thai members online, ready to chat with anyone with a ThaiLoveLink account.


To chat with free standard members like those Thailand singles women above, you must first upgrade your membership. Or if you do not want to upgrade now, remember that you can always chat with Gold or Platinum members for free.

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Where To Find A Good Thai Girlfriend

There are many definitions of a “Thai girlfriend” – some are looking to learn Thai by having a Thai girlfriend, some are serious for the traditional Thai girlfriend, others are merely looking for fun and sex pleasure.

What is your definition for a good Thai girlfriend?

Good luck to you if your definition for a good Thai girlfriend is a companion for your business trips cum pleasure, then these so called part time “Thai girlfriends” are available 24/7 in those entertainment districts, Thai discos, Thai bars.

There are plentiful of Thai girls willing to be  in a relationship with you especially if you are a western foreign men. However you have to be on your toes and filter out those who are merely aiming for your money.

If you are serious about committing a relationship with a traditional Thai woman, love happens around every corner in Thailand, so you just need to patient and cast your love magic spell.

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Where is the best place to find a good Thai girlfriend?

Searching online is the best way, many western men have met their Thai girlfriend online. You do not need to speak Thai to meet and get the right Thai girl, as most of Thai women can speak and write simple English.

The most popular website for searching a Thai woman for relationship is ThaiLoveLinks.com. It is highly recommended to upgrade to a platinum membership so that you can chat freely with Thai ladies online.

To increase your response rate from Thai ladies, you must make sure that you post photos up for your online profile. However you need to be careful though, there are some Thai bargirls that use this site strictly to get money from foreigners, but common sense will prevail and you can easily tell the difference between the good Thai girls from the bad ones.

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