VietnamCupid Review Part 2

Recently, VietnamCupid has revamped and enhanced its member control panel. Gone are those days where you are busy fumbling around the member control panel. Now the user experience is more intuitive and clear. There are more pictures which are easy to understand and menu items are hide neatly away.

There are some new features for example, you can see VietnamCupid’s recommended matches complete with photos and information. You can also track Vietnamese women members’ recent activity all in one place.

VietnamCupid Recommended Matches

What is amazing about this feature is that it allow you to screen and scan different Vietnamese girls’ profiles without scrolling. The interface will automatically scroll horizontally within certain time span.


VietnamCupid Recent Activity

In the right side of the user control panel, you can know specifically which VietnamCupid member has viewed and read your profile.  This is a new upgraded feature which allow you to have a choice of what action you would like to take since someone has read about you. The best thing about this feature is that it is real time and you can instantly know and strike when the iron is hot.


If one of the VietnamCupid member girls caught your eye, you can either:

  • add her to your favorites
  • show her an interest
  • send email to her
  • chat with her if she is online

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VietnamCupid Review Part 1 is a Vietnamese dating site that specifically cater to listing thousands of Vietnamese girls profiles. Although language is a barrier compare to other Asian girls,  Vietnamese women are known for demure and gentle personality that make them simply alluring. Most of the Vietnamese women listed in VietnamCupid lives in Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh, District 1-4 in Ho Chi Minh city.

Traditionally, Vietnamese males and females are not allowed to date. However with the proliferation of online Asian dating websites, educated Vietnamese women are looking towards foreign shores to find their ideal man for marriage.


Let’s take a look at the registration process at, the registration process for a free membership take only 3 steps: Free Signup Step #1


Please take note that you got to answer all the questions in these section. It is advisable to create another email account specifically for VietnamCupid so that you can be aware of any updates sent from VietnamCupid. It is also more organised as it is separated from your personal email account. Free Signup Step #2


In step 2, you are asked to provide the basic details about yourself.

  • Your attention grabbing headline
  • A little description about yourself
  • What you’re looking for in a partner

It will take you around 5- 10 minutes. In order to get this over quickly, think of an attention grabbing headline and write a short profile of yourself beforehand. This will definitely increase the prospect of getting more members to contact you.

Here are some tips on writing a description about yourself:

  • share something more interesting like your aspirations, dreams, goals
  • write how your friends describe about you ( this increases your social standing in the eyes of Vietnamese girls because you have shown 2 things; 1) you are not a loner 2) you have many friends that are a
  • describe yourself in a positive emotional tone, use words such as energetic, passionate etc

Tips on writing what you are looking for in a Vietnamese woman:

  • don’t write in a condescending manner that reveal you are a male chauvinist
  • avoid what you want, instead write about how you are going to share some hobbies  or activities with your Vietnam girl
  • talk about the type of Vietnamese woman personality, hobbies and interests or personal traits that will greatly interest you Free Signup Step #3


In step 3, you are basically entering the details about your ideal match.

  • What You’re Looking For
  • Their Basic Details like age range
  • Their Appearance

Fortunately, you can skip this step and it is best to leave everything as default as you can explore VietnamCupid as soon as possible. The final step is to click “SUBMIT” button and you are ready to go!

VietnamCupid Features

In the next instalment, we will explore VietnamCupid in greater details and find out what are the cool things that can help you to find your Vietnam woman online dating fun and pleasurable.

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Why Vietnamese Brides Are Popular

There is an increasing number of Southeast Asian men, particularly from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore marrying Vietnamese women bride because fewer women in their homelands are willing to marry and take on the traditional role of a wife.

Why Vietnamese brides are hot in demand

Vietnamese women are renowned for their demure characteristics that conform to an Asian man’s requirement of his ideal woman. Vietnamese brides are:

  • loving and caring wives and excellent homemakers
  • having a great sense of filial piety towards their parents-in-law
  • being fast learners and quick to adapt to her foreign environment
  • endowed with a hardworking and non-demanding attitude


Mail order Vietnamese brides with a twist

There are many so called “international” matchmaking agencies on the web offering tour packages for Asian men. These are typically mail order vietnamese brides with a twist. Men who are looking to marry a Vietnamese woman must go to Vietnam in person to choose his Vietnamese bride among hundreds of young Vietnamese girls from villages aged between 18 to 28 years old.

Basically the tour marriage package include:

  • return air ticket to Ho Chi Minh City
  • accommodation inclusive of 3 meals per day for 5 nights/6days
  • transportation by air-con luxury van to villages for matchmaking
  • Vietnamese bride’s health examination.

Most of marriage brokers agency will provide some value-added services like discounted honeymoon package upon marriage.

Order your Vietnamese bride fast-food style

The network of marriage brokers in Ho Chi Minh City and intricate connections between villagers enable the prospective bride hunter to choose a young Vietnamese woman and start marriage formalities in the space of seven to ten days. The processing of all official documentation usually takes approximately 45 days and the Vietnamese bride can join her new husband.

Vietnamese virgin bride guarantee?

There are even some marriage agencies who offer astonishing guarantee. If your chosen Vietnamese bride is found to be not a virgin after the medical checkup, the client can choose another Vietnamese woman at no extra charge.

The whole business of matchmaking is becoming a circus for some. Treating Vietnamese ladies like commodities is absolutely disgusting however as the saying goes ‘it takes two hand to clap’. The potential for a better life and the ability to send money home to her family continue to lead young Vietnamese girls to marry foreign men.

Go slow with Vietnamese dating site VietnamCupid

For those who prefer to avoid the sleazy marriage circus, you can try VietnamCupid for free. is a Vietnamese dating site that list thousands of real Vietnamese girls. Click picture below to sign up for FREE.


Instant Vietnamese Brides For Chinese Men

In recent times, Chinese matchmaking agencies have discovered that Vietnam has become the top destination for Chinese men looking for a Vietnamese bride. This is the reversal of trend where China is seen as an “exporter” of China brides to Asian countries.

Why do Chinese men choose Vietnamese women as their bride?

There are a few major factors that makes Chinese men favor Vietnamese woman over their native born China girls. The biggest consideration is that Vietnamese women are submissive. Below are some of the key advantages:

  • affordability of a Vietnamese wedding
  • Vietnamese women are attentive
  • Chinese male – female sex ratio imbalance -shortage of Chinese women for Chinese men
  • Vietnam is very similar to China lifestyle and culture

A typical Chinese wedding in major China cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are expensive costing more than 100,000 yuan (USD $ 14,600).

Under $5k budget Vietnamese wedding

Vietnamese wedding package only cost up to 30,000 yuan (USD $ 4400) to 50,000 yuan (USD $ 7400).  A typical Vietnamese bride trip takes around 15 days. Expenses include travel, accommodation, betrothal gifts and 80 table wedding banquet.

A Chinese bachelor gets to select and pick one out of over 100 Vietnamese girls to bring home to be his wife.

Marrying a Vietnamese girl is very simple, you only need to obtain the girl’s parent consent and you can proceed to hold the wedding banquet. However marriage certificate process takes a long time.

Vietnamese brides living in China have to renew their visas every year for the first five years before applying to become a China permanent residents.

What makes Vietnamese women attractive to Chinese men?

Some Chinese bachelors have confessed that they cannot stand China women in the city who are materialistic and self serving. Characteristics of a Vietnamese girl are totally opposite and is the perfect ideal women: she is not greedy, lazy, arrogant.


Generalization of a Vietnamese woman

She is young, pretty, hardworking and most important of all submissive. A Vietnamese woman will shower you with attention and care which no man can hardly resist.

A Vietnamese woman will fill up your bowl with rice, peeled the shell off the prawn, put the meat in your bowl and wait for you to begin eating before doing so.

Buying a Vietnamese wife?

Due to the weak economic situation in Vietnam, many Vietnamese women in villages have formed the idea of marrying foreigners to seek a better life for their family. In this case Chinese men are the “foreigners”.

Because of many years of war, Vietnam’s male-to-female ratio is 3:5 and there are many Vietnamese girls willing to marry abroad.

However Vietnam’s “bride economy” is not new as there men from Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan who have already pick Vietnamese women as their bride.

There are many social issues with this kind of marriage and there are too many untold stories.

Will this kind of marriage bring happiness to the couple? Will they live happily ever after? A question not for a third party to judge.

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