Review Part 3

In this instalment, we will explore tips and tricks to gain more attention from single Chinese woman in You will also discover how to chat with Chinese girls for free. Tips and Tricks

Do you know that you can show your interest in another member with a simple click? When you come across a ChineseLoveLinks member that caught your eye, your can easily initiate contact and let her be known that you are interested in her.

ChineseLoveLink member profile

There is always a “Show Interest” button below every ChineseLoveLink member profile.

How to Chat for FREE in

As you might not know, if you are a FREE standard member in ChineseLoveLinks, there are many constraints regarding online chatting and communicating with other members.

If both of you are FREE Standard members, the opposite member will NOT be able to read the mail message that you have sent unless one of you upgrade to a paid membership.

One way to go around is to search for those ChineseLoveLinks members who have paid memberships. Premium subscriptions are “GOLD” and “Platinum” members. Look for ChineseLoveLink gold member beside their member profile.

ChineseLoveLink chat email

If you are lucky, there are some Chinese ladies who are pretty and have a premium membership. However it is up to your skills of communication to have success chatting with them.

ChineseLoveLink chinese girls01  ChineseLoveLink chinese girls02 ChineseLoveLink chinese girls03

ChineseLoveLink chinese girls04  ChineseLoveLink chinese girls05 ChineseLoveLink chinese girls06

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