Date Iranian Women in Muslim Dating Service

Iranian (Persian) women are the few special Muslim female who would date non-muslim people. Although it remain a personal choice, there are Iranian women who are more open minded than Westerners.  If you are interested in exotic Iranian ladies, there are some things you might find remarkable about Persian women.


Open minded Muslim Women in Iran

Iranian women are more open-minded and highly educated compared to Muslim women in other countries. There is a strong support for women’s education in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many Iranian women joined the civil service and there are 14 Iranian women that were elected to their Islamic parliament. Some of them are even appointed as judges and ministers in the cabinet. This is something unheard of in strict Islamic nations.

Highly educated Persian women

Women in Iran have enjoyed the right to vote since 1963 and many Iranian women are university graduates. They make up 27% of the Iranian workforce. Women in Iran have less traditional attitude compared to other Muslim countries.

“In Iran, you could point a camera at a woman … and she would smile. If you did that in Pakistan, the woman would run away and a Muslim man might throw a rock at you.”

Where to find Persian women?

IranianSinglesConnection is one of  muslim dating service that caters to Persian singles and Muslima singles seeking to meet their soulmate. You can expect to find Iranian women living in foreign countries. However the number of Persian women who are online are so few that you can hear a pin drop.

If you are expecting to find your ideal marriage partner in IranianSinglesConnection then forget it. Female membership are not so targeted and some other nationalities like filipino women found their way through IranianSinglesConnection.

If you want to chat and interact with women in Iran, then chances are very low. It is better to to go to Muslima where choices are much wider and muslim singles are aplenty.

Click picture below to meet Muslim women seeking marriage. Go to Muslima instead of IranianSinglesConnection.


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  1. Stas on September 14th, 2011

    Most of those women are Iranian Azeris (not Persian). Iranian and Persian is not the same thing, that is like American (aka Iranian) and English American (aka Persian). Iran is very multi-ethnic country. But those site is perfect, women are very beautiful. I recommend it.

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