Dating Thai Girlfriend Safety Tips

Online Thai Dating services such as are popular among foreign men who are seeking a relationship with Thailand ladies. However before you dive headlong into the Thai dating scene, there are some things you should be aware about some Thai ladies.

Why Thai women likes foreign western men

There are many reasons why a Thai girl would want to date a foreign western men. Here are some common reasons and you can decide whether she really like you as a person or there is some hidden motives.

Some Thai ladies find foreign culture interesting enough to hitch a foreign boyfriend to learn about their culture. Many Thai ladies benefit from exposure to the lifestyle of a foreigner due to his higher spending power. They can go to nice places for dining, entertainment and mix around with higher middle class.


Pitfalls to avoid when dating Thai women

  • Avoid Thai ladies who are looking for a man mainly for financial support, security, material things and an exciting lifestyle
  • Another category of Thai ladies to avoid like a plague: Thai bargirls and freelancers (disguised prostitutes)
  • If you wish to avoid gold diggers, then please do not shower Thai ladies with money and take care of them to the point where they can be lazy. You will be really asking for it.
  • Avoid pretty Thai ladies
    Most of the pretty beautiful Thai women tend to be the worst dating partner. Why? because Life has been easy for them, as people have pampered them favorably over others. Pretty Thai girls are often spoiled child.

In a way, beauty can be a curse as they can have the easy way out and they do not try to learn or develop themselves internally in substantive ways. Beauty is transient and superficial. It is better to find a Thai woman with average looks but with a kind heart rather than a  pretty “trophy wife” which you might regret later in life.

You need to have your head on the ground and the best way is use your common sense.

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