Filipino Women 5 True Characteristics Of A Filipino Girl

For those who are interested in dating Filipino girls online, it is better to have a clear understanding and not fall into the trap of  stereotyping a Filipina woman.

Although you can never really typecast any nationality, this article try to shed some light on the distorted information about the general characteristics of Filipino women.  does not seek to highlight the physical aspects of a Filipina girl or references to filipina women living abroad in western countries.

Filipino women of higher education tend to live in the urban areas and they are most likely to migrate because of better job opportunities abroad. There are differences between a filipino woman in the cities and filipina girl in the rural villages. You will need to learn local customs for example looking a rural filipino woman in the eyes is not advisable, it is like undressing her.

Filipino women have very strong interpersonal relationship “Pakikisama” because of their shared beliefs in helping others when they are in need. If you are a foreigner in the Philippines, you will certainly feel very welcome in their companionship.

Marriage as an institution is viewed with high regard in the Philippines, majority (about 85% ) of Filipina marriages are still intact.  On the flip side, divorce is not legal in the country.

Filipino women are deeply religious and their faith in God is very strong. The Roman Catholic influence left by early Spanish colonialist has a lasting effect on Filipina women. They attend church services at least once a week.

Romantic and passionate
Filipino especially filipina girls are known to be passionate lovers and romantics. Filipino ladies  love to watch melodramas and romantic comedies on their tv.

Family values
Kapwa, meaning ‘togetherness’ is strong in the Philippines. Filipino girls live with their parents until the day they are married. When their parents are old enough, they do not send them to old folks home.  Filipino women will strive to take care of their parents even though their economic conditions does not permit it.

Many Filipino women have sacrificed their personal happiness by working overseas  in order to send money home.

While it is very difficult to make assumptions regarding any culture, Filipino women are easier to befriend than most non English speaking cultures.

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  1. 2nd hand cars on July 22nd, 2011

    I think its the only country where its still illegal to divorce

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