Filipino Women Interesting Facts

Did you know that there are some households that are headed by filipino women and they control the family finances rather than man?

Here are some additional facts you might find interesting about filipina women in the Philippines.

Filipino women are highly educated

In the Philippines, there are more highly educated filipino women than men.

Statistics on Filipino women’s education conducted in 2003 survey has shown that filipino women are more literate than filipino men. The completion rate of female in the high school level (secondary level) is higher at 62% compared to male at 48%.

In 2006, the percentage of licensed professional women was higher at 57% than male licensed professional. Most of the filipino women are either in the nursing profession or as professional teachers.


Filipino women can bear more children

The 2003 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) indicated fertility at 3.5 children per woman from 6.0 children per woman in 1970.  Filipino fertility rate is considered relatively high compared with the fertility levels in other Southeast Asian countries.

The wealth index also showed that filipina women in the poorest households bear more children at an average of 5.9 children per woman compared to an average of 2.0 children per woman in the wealthiest households.

Filipino women rights and equality

Since the pre-colonial days, Filipino women have enjoyed equal status with men. Filipino daughters can inherit family properties and they receive the same education as filipino males.

Divorce Filipino women

In the eyes of the filipino society, divorce or separation is not seen as the solution for matrimonial disputes.

There are restrictive divorce laws in the Philippines. Only under limited circumstances, judicial separation is permitted but legal remarriage is not allowed. The Philippines Family Code of 1987 constituted a change to amend the Civil Code.

Although divorce obtained abroad by a foreigner is recognized, many filipina ladies viewed divorce as a protection against abandonment and loss of support by unfaithful husband.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Due to the fact that filipino women have strong English speaking capabilities, they are highly sought after by other countries. United Arab Emirates, Hongkong, and Saudi Arabia are the top three countries that employed filipino workers.

Now that you might have a better understanding of a filipina woman, you might try to date a filipino lady who is working overseas and feeling lonely?


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