Find Desperate Japanese Girls

Japanese girls in Japan have gone wild.

The young Japanese women in their twenties to office ladies in their forties are part of a new fad sweeping Japan: “konkatsu” crazy.

They are marriage-hunting and  seriously focused on finding the love of their life.

hiroko,19,Tokyo, Japan

hiroko,19,Tokyo, Japan

What does konkatsu mean?

“Konkatsu”  is a word play on “job hunting” that means finding their Mr or Mrs Right with solid research and thorough planning.

What makes Japanese women so desperate in finding a marriage partner?

There is an increase of Japanese women working in the society. However being a woman, they are constantly racing against their ticking biological clock  before giving birth.

Japan is currently facing a declining birth rate and Japanese women are encouraged to seek out their Mr Right before it is too late.



Kyoko,23,Tokyo, Japan

Kyoko,23,Tokyo, Japan



Where can I find Japanese women for online chat?

Many Japanese women in their 20s are now looking for men with a stable job and a steady income due to the recession.

This is the best chance for men to sign up for online dating sites like JapanCupid to know more about them.



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