How to communicate with Asian women online

In the online dating arena, it is often guys who are yearning to catch the women’s attention. Whether it is in the instant messaging forum or trying to write an attention grabbing headline in the hope that some Asian women will write you an email.

How do we get hold an Asian woman attention? 

Mystery is the word.

Being mysterious but not to the extreme of showing that you are hiding behind a masked profile.

In the mating game, it is always the male who are doing the chasing part. Now you are going to change the rules.

Let the asian women come to you.

How? you asked? By being different and standing out from the sheep crowd.

You see, many of us fall in the mistakes of complimenting those women that we desire.

WE try to sugar coat and use honeyed words. Those asian women are tired to these lame tricks. In fact they are immune to it.

In the eyes of asian women, these males who uses these tricks are weak and insecure.

The reasons being  the need of approval from them.

That is why you need to be in control and present yourself in an unpredictable , confidant way.

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  1. Dating Sites on May 5th, 2011

    this is one of the best site for dating with Asian girls….Thanks for sharing the information…..

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