How to search for your perfect Filipino girl date

Before you embark on your journey to find your perfect Filipina woman match, you must first understand how Filipina women think and their dating culture. Please erase those misconceptions about Filipino women that you have read over the internet and stories told by expatriates.

Negative misconceptions about Filipina women

  • Filipina Women prefer western men over native filipino men

Almost all Asian women not just Filipina women want to marry a man who can provide for her and a stable long lasting relationship. If you have read about those filipino girls targeting western men, then you have better stay clear of those gold-diggers.


filipino ladies from the the Phillippines

It is true that Filipino ladies perceived western men as more open and loving than native filipino men. However when it comes to marriage, a Filipina woman will seriously contemplate her future whether she is marrying a western man or a filipino man.

  • Filipina women likes older western men

Filipino ladies perceived older western men as more mature, not a “player” or a heartbreaker compared to young hormone raging men. Moreover older western men should be already financially stable with college education. It is not a coincidence that most of foreign western men who are looking for a filipino wife are above the age of forty years old.

  • Filipino girls are exotic submissive sexual partner

In reality, many Filipino women have advanced degrees of education and lead professional lives. With the widespread tales of adventures from some western men, you are misled into believing that a filipina woman’s only purpose in life is to fulfill some man’s wildest sexual fantasies.

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