How to search for your perfect Filipino girl date

Before you embark on your journey to find your perfect Filipina woman match, you must first understand how Filipina women think and their dating culture. Please erase those misconceptions about Filipino women that you have read over the internet and stories told by expatriates.

Negative misconceptions about Filipina women

  • Filipina Women prefer western men over native filipino men

Almost all Asian women not just Filipina women want to marry a man who can provide for her and a stable long lasting relationship. If you have read about those filipino girls targeting western men, then you have better stay clear of those gold-diggers.


filipino ladies from the the Phillippines

It is true that Filipino ladies perceived western men as more open and loving than native filipino men. However when it comes to marriage, a Filipina woman will seriously contemplate her future whether she is marrying a western man or a filipino man.

  • Filipina women likes older western men

Filipino ladies perceived older western men as more mature, not a “player” or a heartbreaker compared to young hormone raging men. Moreover older western men should be already financially stable with college education. It is not a coincidence that most of foreign western men who are looking for a filipino wife are above the age of forty years old.

  • Filipino girls are exotic submissive sexual partner

In reality, many Filipino women have advanced degrees of education and lead professional lives. With the widespread tales of adventures from some western men, you are misled into believing that a filipina woman’s only purpose in life is to fulfill some man’s wildest sexual fantasies.

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Shortage of Chinese Women in China

During 2000 to 2010, the average gender ratio of newborn babies was 110 males to 118 females. There are 34 million more Chinese men than Chinese women in China. By 2020, 24 million young Chinese men may not find a marriage partner.

Why Chinese male babies are preferred

One of the common reasons why Chinese males are preferred is because of the social culture that having a son can carry on a family’s name. However the cost of bringing up a son in China is very high because Chinese men have to fork out large sum of money (one to two million yuan) to buy a house before they can marry their girlfriends.

Young Chinese women hot in demand

Due to the three decades of China’s one-child policy, the widening gender gap may cause social issues. When there are more young Chinese males, Chinese women in the marriage market have the luxury of picking and choosing the most highly desirable men. This will leave those unwanted Chinese men without any marriage prospects.


young sweet Chinese girls from China

The potential for social tensions may be more rampant since millions of single young Chinese males have no chance of marrying a Chinese woman.

The outcasts single young Chinese males will develop low-self esteem, sexual frustration which may lead to sexual aggression. Cross-cultural evidence shows that young, unmarried low status males are more most likely to commit sexual violence.

Smart beautiful Chinese women

Chinese women in China have proven themselves to be valuable in the society, Chinese females in the cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu now match or even surpass men in their economic contribution to their family and the society.

Young single Chinese women are graduating from university at same rate as men, Chinese women make up nearly 40% of MBA students at top-ranked programmes in prestigious Chinese universities.

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chineselovelinks-girls Review Part 9

In this ThaiLoveLines review, you will learn how to use one on one chat  feature with Thailand women singles and Thai girls in ThaiLoveLines using Instant Messenger. You can expect high quality chat connections with Thailand women.

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ThaiLoveLines Instant Messenger

ThaiLoveLines Instant Messenger is useful to open up your social life and gives you Realtime Chat and Audio/Visual communication. You can access this feature from various list menus such as “Whose Online Now” in the “This Session” panel in your Members Control Centre. However nothing comes for FREE, the opposite party and you must be a Premium Member.

How ThaiLoveLines Instant Messenger works

First you have to upgrade to Premium member in order to enjoy one to one chat with Thailand girls.

  • simply click the flashing “I’m Online/Online” button when you see them
  • It is important that you wait for the other person to ‘connect’ with you on the other side
  • You must type a message into the box to activate the connection to open on the other members side
  • You can chat one to one with the other member, to see their photo and to click a button to view their profile as you are talking with them.

ThaiLoveLines Instant Chat

In your Members Control Centre you can Thai women profiles that are currently online. You can initiate live Instant Chats with any member here by clicking the flasing “Who is Online” IM bubble. Both Standard members and Premium members can access these lists.


  • Chat Online: This list of online members is more selective and can only be accessed by Premium members. These Thailand ladies members are available for Live chat conversations
  • Audio Visual Communications: You can use your webcam to connect to IM easily on
  • Audio Video sessions with all other Thai girls members online

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Why Attractive Filipino Girls Play Hard To Get

In the filipino dating culture, a filipina lady will be term as a “malandi” (flirt), if she go out on a date with several men. This type of  behavior is taboo in Filipino courtship culture

Courting a Filipino lady

In the traditional Filipino courtship, Filipina women are expected to be “pakipot” (playing hard to get) because it is seen as an appropriate behavior. However due to the proliferation of Filipino online dating sites like, many Filipina women have taken the initiative to pursue men.


The main reason of playing hard to get is to subtly hint to the courtier that he has to work hard to win her love. This is also one way measuring a Filipino’s admirer’s honesty and perseverance. Some Filipino courtships may last for several years before the Filipina woman accepts her man’s love.

Difference between Filipino courtship and western dating

In the Philippine dating culture, courting a young Filipino girl is not as direct as walking up to her and asking for her number like in some Western countries.

If you are seen as too aggressive and chauvinistic, you may turn off the filipina woman. Friendly group dates are often the starting point. The courtier should be discreet and friendly before going out with her on individual dates. If the Filipino couple decided to reveal their relationship public, they will then proceed to tell their family and friends.

Modern Filipino courtship

With the expanding internet broadband connections, many Filipino girls could go online to search for her ideal marriage partner.  Modern communication tools like email, mobile phones, text messages, instant chat between two lovers speed up the courtship process. The faster you can connect with her, the faster you can win her heart.

Filipina Mail Order Bride

Although there are some places where you can take part in Philippine marriage tour packages, nothing beats dating a Filipino girl online to get to know her better.

Filipina ladies are often labeled stereotypically as “Filipino Mail Order Bride”. This is grave misconception that insulting to native  Pinay. Please do not harbour mistaken beliefs about Filipina women. Not all Filipino girls are docile and submissive girlfriends as described , they’re only looking for a man who acts like a man and treats them like a lady.

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filipinaheart-sexy-ladies Review Part 8

ThaiLoveLines is a hybrid Thai online dating cum social networking site. There are thousands of young Thai girls looking for relationships, marriage or simply friendship from around the world. ThaiLoveLines also offer instant Thai chat, Skype internet calls, an E mail centre and an innovative match service where you meet Thai singles daily.

In the last ThaiLoveLine Review 7, you were shown steps on how to be popular among Thai ladies in In this review, you will learn how to increase your chances of ThaiLoveLines ladies knocking at your door.

How to add ThaiLoveLines members as your favorite

Now you can efficently manage your own online dating network of young Thailand women friends with “Favorites” list. Favorites is simply a list of member profiles that have caught your attention.


It is also a powerful way to express interest in another members as each time you select a member as your “favorite”, a notification will be sent to that member from you.

How to use ThaiLoveLines Favorite list as a powerful dating tool

You should aim to develop your ThaiLoveLines favorite list of at least 100 members or prospects whom you would like to get to know better.  It is an extremely useful communication tool as it allow you to be instantly show up on their “radar screen”.

Many ThaiLoveLines members who have been successful in their online dating revealed using “Favorites”  as a key feature in helping them to find someone special or simply a new set of friends. This is now available to Standard membership.

  • Click the Add to favorites button to make an addition to your favorites list.
  • In you favorite list you can also view your match selections through “Meet your Match” and who has rated you
  • You can also view a list of other members who have also added your profile to their favorite lists
  • Your interest will be shown in a special favorites e-mail being delivered into the member’s Inbox as well as to their e-mail with a link to your photo and profile
  • Your favorites list will show the other members nationality flag and a flashing icon when they are online so that you can chat or connect with them instantly if you are a Standard member

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