Wanted Chinese Women For Chinese Men

Scarcity of Chinese girls are a growing problem for Chinese men.  According to a study published online by the British Medical Journal, by year 2020 China will have increasingly more men than Chinese women of reproductive age.

Why is there a shortage of Chinese women?

There are two main reasons for the growing gender gap. China’s one child policy and the Chinese traditional preference for males are the two reasons why the China population gender balance are skewed. Baby boys  are highly regarded in a Chinese family because only the male can carry on the family name.

available single Chinese girls for dating

available single Chinese girls for dating

Sex selective birth by Chinese women

Parents are biased and in favor of a male offspring and the gender imbalance are caused by couples’ decisions to abort female fetuses. In 2005  census study, births of boys in China exceeded births of girls by more than 1.1 million.

The normal male-female ratio of a country should be between 103-107 for every 100 females.  In China, the figure has reached 116 boys for every 100 Chinese girls with as many as 140 Chinese boys in the rural areas.

Effect of growing numbers of Chinese women

There are two ways you can look at it. There are more choices for Chinese men to choose their dating and marriage partners. Or there are more competitions in the search for Chinese women with the potential surplus of 24 million highly hormones charged Chinese men without mates.

You could imagine the worst case scenarios; rising crimes against Chinese ladies such as kidnapping and rape. However Chinese men are already taking evasive actions. Chinese men are actively looking for foreign brides, marrying much younger Chinese girls or older Chinese women.

Where to find Chinese women online?

There are a number of online dating services that specifically cater to Chinese and Asian women singles. Below are some Chinese online dating websites.

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