What women want to see in your online dating profile

Let’s be honest with ourselves, when it comes to knowing what women want, aren’t we all a bit clueless? But when it comes to online dating, our confidence levels soar — because we think that we could hide behind the screen and hook up to all our dream partners.

So in order to set things straight and make sure you would not deviate from the correct path, here are some inside secret tips right from the “horses’ mouth” on what women want to see in your online dating profile.

1. Brains
You do not need not write like hemmingway in order to demonstrate a hearty dose of intelligence. Most women won’t admit or notice that they DO care about your level of IQ anyhow. So the best practices is to proofread, do a spell check when writing your online dating profile. You only have to appear to be highly intelligent therefore the words you choose to write in your online dating profile are extremely important. To further enhance, use a online thesaurus.

2. Brawn and muscles
You need not pump iron and train to be like arnold. But it will be to your added advantage if you could write a bit of exercise regime into your profile. Even a walk in the park counts, eh? Everyone loves a healthy person don’t they?

3. Competence
You don’t mean competence in that particular field? Nah, not that. Women like their men to be respectfully employed, not to a drug dealer. You don’t have to offer your full suit resume, but let it be known to the other party that you are not idle and idolent either.

4. Presentable
When you post your profile picture, show only your face with a sincere grin. Avoid shots of your body or generally unkempt.

5. Humor
Preview how charming you’ll be when you first meet face-to-face. Be silly but not absurd. Self-deprecating but not pitiful. Strike that balance between droll and dorky.

6. Originality
Don’t be a cookie-cutter guy. Read other men’s profiles and take note of common, tired turns of phrase. The competition is fierce, so try to stand out in the crowd.

7. Feelings
It’s not necessary to compose an original poem or to paraphrase a Shakespeare sonnet, but it would be nice to let her know you’re not a heartless Neanderthal. Exhibit some warmth and gentleness.

8. Confidence
If you don’t believe in yourself, how can she believe in you? Be proud of your career, your comedy and your cunning.

9. Honesty
Women have radars that is so sensitive that they will sense it when you’re smudging with reality. Don’t lie about your physical asset or your bank account assets. At some point, the truth will be exposed.

10. Brevity
You’ve got summarisea short but in depth profile. Try to write as though you are speaking to ‘her’ and everything will flow from there.

Here are some of comments straight from women who had been asked this question:

“What does women want in men?” 

Generally speaking I think we are looking for the same things.

1. Someone we connect with. The one who gets us and we get them. One who accepts you for who you are and vice versa.

2. Someone who has similar values.

3. Someone with similar goals, a similar view of the future.

4. Someone you can be proud of and who is proud of you also.

5. Someone with whom there is mutual respect.

6. Someone with whom their is mutual trust.

7. Someone you want and who wants you.

8. Someone with whom you have some common interests, hobbies, etc.

9. Someone you love and who loves you.

10. Someone who is a good friend.

So if you are smart to follow along the lines and weave it into your online dating profile, there is a chance that you might be snapped up.

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